If the election were held today, who would get your vote for delegate? (Poll Closed)

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  • George - 5 years ago

    @johnny. most of those accomplishments where assisted by federal funds, aka Madeleine worked to secure those funds that helped Camacho do those things. Congress holds the power of the purse.

  • White Snake - 5 years ago

    Madeline is too young to lead Guam...

  • Matt Q - 5 years ago

    Thank you Madeleine for your hard work. Its time again for change Camacho will provide and fight . Once again Biba Camacho

  • Will Smith - 5 years ago

    Vote for Felix because he's my Friends Dad:)

  • johnny - 5 years ago

    It's time for a new leadership! Nothing personal with the Congresswoman. Former Governor Felix Camacho has done a lot for our island since he took office. No Governor has gone through what he inherited when he took office in 2003. Guam was slammed by Super typhoon Pongsonga on December 8 2003, shortly after he took office. They opted not to have a formal inaugural celebration, due to the state of the island. Than another typhoon hit our island, typhoon Chata'an. many buildings were damage by this strong typhoon. it was a long road to recovery. the administration worked hard on getting power, water, communications and transportation system running again, and also the schools, damaged homes, and businesses. Tourism was down and the government was essentially bankrupt. The Governor let the effort to restore the island to normalcy. He has built five new schools using Compact Impact money that the federal approve. he also floated a bond to rebuilt the aging J.F.K. High School. built Senior Citizens Center, The New Guam Museum, The affordable Housing for the low income familes, new UOG Building, GCC, and the New Civil Defense building. Forensic Lab, New youth centers in Agat and Santa Rita, Skate Park and swimming pool and soccer fileds, etc. GMH our hospital was accredited after 26years. Many Foreign investment grew and more and more companies became bullish on Camacho's leadership. He was a trusted Governor with integrity and humbleness. The Federal government trusted and had faith in him and that's why he had a lot of federal monies come into our island during his administration. There were no corruption during his administration. this the right man to represent us in Congress! Not someone who has been gone for over thirty years!

  • 111666 - 5 years ago

    Former Governor Felix Camacho has my vote for Congress!

  • Auntie Pudding - 5 years ago

    Auntie Pudding has been working for Governor Eddie Calvo since January of this year... Almost 4 months of public service qualifies her to be Guam's congresswoman.

  • Buenas - 5 years ago

    I think Former Governor Camacho should just remain retired. Nothing much was done in his term of office, what more as a Congressman. Madeleine, I think you should step down, enjoy your life and let someone else continue your job and maybe Metcalfe will be the one to do just that. A new perspective, new prospect, new ideas and most of all, a new face. Good Luck!

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    Where has Felix been for the past 6 years? I thought he went into hiding after being governor. lol We should vote for someone who's actually been trying to help our people these past few years. Metcalfe all the way!

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Whatever CHRIS FLORES!!!!

  • Chris Flores - 5 years ago

    Kudos Congresswoman Bordallo for all you have done for the people of Guam! The time is right for new leadership with a proven track record in public service to represent the people of Guam and that is former Governor Felix P. Camacho!

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Umbre sa Madeline Bordallo is getting too old. Leche she needs to retire sa it seems like shes getting too moody.

  • Wish And Really Wish I Can Vote; - 5 years ago

    I Am The List To Vote And I Really Like To Vote And That I Am Off Island And The Guam Election Commission Never/ never Send Me A Thing So I Could Vote By The Way I am Still Waiting To Do That Is To Vote Thank You All For Your Time Adios.

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