The Whitecaps highest paid player is Pedro Morales
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  • Gerry Knutsen-Gooch - 4 years ago

    It is now seemingly becoming pretty obvious that the 2 highest-paid players on the Whitecaps, while costing "bargain" salaries compared to that spent by other teams who are serious about being successful, are, regrettably, not proving to be of good value. Octavio Rivero, for obvious reasons, has been in a scoring slump that seems, despite our great expectation that he would snap out of such this year, to go on and on. Great energy during a game but, when receiving the ball in a scoring position, seems to unfailingly direct it right at the Goalkeeper (a la Darren Mattocks).
    As for Pedro Morales, we know how good he is or can be. Unfortunately, we need him for most games, not merely for cameo appearances. Sadly, his' ongoing "glass" lower body/legs/knees, despite his' good intentions and best efforts to improve, are proving unable to withstand the rigors of being the high-endurance MLS player that is required at that position. For a Fact, these are both good, decent, family-oriented men. Unfortunately, in these cases, this does not help the team in the success and/or good business department. What the team needs is/are tenacious, rugged and determined players at these positions (like a Robbie Keane-type) who can handle the uniqueness of the North American league, namely our geographical size for long distance travel, the climatic changes, together with the (sometimes) intense heat and humidity of Summer and the adjustment needed for the 5 pitches in MLS that currently have artificial surfaces. There are players out there and available (although the Summer Transfer period may have to come first) who will do well in this environment. Unfortunately, in Vancouver's case, it doesn't appear to be these present 2 most high profile players on the team. It would also mean that, much to Whitecaps' Ownership's fear... more (and serious) money may have to be spent! Indeed, they may have to look for more than cast-offs or charitable "Free Transfers" to strengthen these positions. The question then becomes, how serious are Whitecaps' Ownership at really wanting to be truly successful? This is a great time and opportunity to grab the Vancouver market by the horns.

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