Who's your NCT U bias?


  • Nizu - 6 years ago

    Is NCT a group or just a group of people in training?

  • Taelee Meghan - 6 years ago

    Mark oppa is so talented for his young age!!! NCT fighting!

  • Kauthar Ally - 6 years ago

    Taeyong ur the best oppa, NCT FIGHTING!!!

  • Mina taeil - 6 years ago

    Taeil is soo cute...nice

  • Mina taeil - 6 years ago

    Taeil live you

  • jovelyn ababa - 6 years ago

    taeyong is so cute :)

  • HAHAHA - 7 years ago

    Taeyong is Main Dancer, Main Rapper, and Vocalist. I'm not sure with visual/face cause they are in a sub-unit

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