RS Prelims 2016 - Your Score (AD's IAS Academy Nashik) (Poll Closed)

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  • ananta pardhi - 4 years ago

    Psi 2017 expected cut off?

  • Nilesh d - 5 years ago

    Sir 135 score obc catagory any chance to qualify pre exam

  • Nilesh d - 5 years ago

    sir cut off kiti asel

  • 3g - 5 years ago

    Getting 117 sc at per 1st key....

  • Sandip Makode - 5 years ago

    sir 2/3 prshn g.s che ani csat che 1/2 change hotil ......maza score 161 ahe s.c. mdhun qulify hoil ka final key mdhe 3/4 marks vadhtil ase watate :

  • Ajinkya - 5 years ago

    Paper 1 was tough considering no straight questions were asked from any of the subject except for politics. I think scoring marks in the range of 42 to 60 was possible in paper 1 if ones study was up to the mark.

    For paper 2 , not everyone was able to solve all the questions. So students in general have solved around 45 to 60 questions from paper 2 out of 80. Also if someone has solved passages more, then there is ample chance of getting low score. Moreover many people were not able to secure more marks in decision making part of paper 2, some even got zero marks in some questions of decision making. Also the non passage questions were from moderate to hard difficulty level. So overall highest marks in general are around 75 marks in paper 2.

  • srk - 5 years ago

    according to me
    p1 though
    p2 less though

    compare to last year...

    but here I saw that people r scoring more than 220 that means more than 100 in single paper


  • Ajay - 5 years ago

    My humble request to all please don't post cut off by yourself it is work of Anil sir let him do that , he has asked us only to post comments regarding hardness level of question paper so discuss regarding its hardness and doubtful question answers so that before 20 April we can claim it before Mpsc .

  • sandip k - 5 years ago

    Passages in paper 2 is lengthy.very difficult to draw out the correct answer but most of the guys have good score so I think cut off ll be no less than 140

  • shruti - 5 years ago

    sir please post your expected cut off ...waiting for it !!!

  • laxmikant - 5 years ago

    300 votes were put on 1st day of exam so it is really suprisable and regarding answer key i also thoght that comission gaved wrong answer in key but i directly typed question on google and found comission is right at most of quest. and almost asked from previous yr exam paper of UPSC. So guys to study is our work what should asked or not is left to them

  • shailesh - 5 years ago

    sir expected cutt off kadhi declaire karnar ahat

  • pravin - 5 years ago

    tough ness vadhavne mhanje sandigdh prashn takne hyala kay arth ahe????

  • pravin - 5 years ago

    tough ness vadhavne mhanje sandigdh prashn takne hyala kay arth ahe????

  • Sagar k - 5 years ago

    Is there any chances of increasing number of vacancy for mpsc rajyaseva 2016?

  • Priya - 5 years ago

    Is compulsory for all to send MPSC the mail/letter regarding wrong answers in key ?
    Or if Someone sends it and MPSC changes that answer, will be applied to all other Question Paper sets and answer sheets ? So, Should I send it or if someone sends it will be fine ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Priya - 5 years ago

    I am also thinking that there are many wrong answers in key.

  • Ajay - 5 years ago

    Sir poll cha result kadhi declare honar ahe , sadharan 300 votes key yenya agodarche ahet tyanche kahi vegle prayojan ? We are waiting for your response eagerly sir please reply and thanks in advance.

  • Prasenjeet - 5 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    My pre score is 140 but there are definitely some wrong answers by MPSC. couple of which i came across are:

    Paper 1:
    Carnivores have: a) pointed teeth b) shorter intestines.
    MPSC says only a is right whereas both of them are right.

    Paper 2: English para:
    Q: It is no comfort to be assured....
    Ans is given as: The assurance does not help
    whereas i think it should be: Assurance is not honest (Though i have marked assurance does not help :) )

  • Mohan - 5 years ago

    this poll is now not at all useful . around 300 had voted before official answer key get published.

  • hemant - 5 years ago

    guys there are many mistakes in mpsc answer keys.. so plz find out right answers & send to mpsc asap..! in paper 2- answer key-A question-53,55,56,59,43,44,38,39 In paper 1-answerkey-A question-18,28,39,41,58,76,88 Sir plz help on above questions..

  • arvind - 5 years ago

    Sir I got 120,marks, is there any chance. Last time 142 marks

  • ajay - 5 years ago

    Sir please survey parat chalu kara Mpsc chi key alyanantar marks vary zalet

  • chetan - 5 years ago

    Sir, OBC 146 .any chance.. as this year vacancies are almost 1/3 of last time..

  • ajay - 5 years ago

    Sir 136 open category any chances last time 150 marks

  • suraj - 5 years ago

    sir any chance

  • suraj - 5 years ago

    it is unexpected i got only 114 i give two time mains n one time interview

  • fiza - 5 years ago

    mpsc release answer key check it

  • Shubhangi - 5 years ago

    Answer Key kevha display honar??

  • Ravi - 5 years ago

    Sir please reset the poll after answer keys are declared and take fresh polls and then please calculate cut offs .Otherwise there will be with errors.

  • Sarthak - 5 years ago

    Paper - 2 chi answer key kuthe milel?

  • dipak koktare - 5 years ago

    its vry hard to calculate exct score that we got before mpsc declaire answer key but definately level of hardness is more than ladt one

  • Faiyaz - 5 years ago

    Paper I was definitely tough as compare to previous papers. Paper II was looking easier but if you look deeply then those questions were confusing. Let's wait for official answer key before guess anything.

  • Mohan - 5 years ago

    Sir Instead of this poll please start poll on difficulty level of paper. And after publication of official answer key again star current poll.

  • Mohan - 5 years ago

    Hello Sir
    Please reset poll before official answer key is published.Else it will carry error in calculation of cut off.

  • vishal pichad - 5 years ago

    as cmpare to lst yr papre gs papre was too tough but second csat papre was little bit easier than last yr,but post are low i think cutt off for open should be betn 125-130

  • akash - 5 years ago

    Sir where is the answer key how these aspirants are calculating their marks because Mpsc has not uploaded it yet.

  • Raj Mhatre - 5 years ago

    Hello Sir. How do u think were these year's papers compared to last year? Im confused. Actually when i tallied d answers on net im getting more marks dan the last year's cutoff . Nobody is telling clearly whether this years difficulty level was more or less than last years . so wheter its jst me or anybdy else thinks this years papers were easier?

  • Raj Ghodke - 5 years ago

    thanks sir. blog vril cut off pahun confidance vadhala ahe. mpsc chi ans key kdhi pryant yeyil..?

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