How safe is Guam for pedestrians? (Poll Closed)

  • Very safe
    5 votes

  • Safe
    23 votes

  • Somewhat safe
    58 votes

  • Not safe
    198 votes


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  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    Jay walking is a part of life on our island . The best way to cross is to sprint blindly across the road and at night wear black so your invisible and that invisibility will protect you . It's sad it happened but when you don't use the crosswalk or sidewalk anything is fair game. Stay off the road or sprint across wearing black at night . Lol! Thanks Gov Guam !

  • Sofa - 4 years ago

    Although I do agree that there should be more crosswalks and sidewalks on Guam, the fact is there is no enforcement. Prime example, just look at the area between Shirley's and the courthouse in Hagatna, people just cross the street not far from the crosswalk, and I have yet to see any law citations.

  • carleen remotigue - 4 years ago

    Our govenor pls help the people of putting a small crosswalk for people that cant walk far......i kniw we talling about lots of money....but theres already alot of people getting hit by cars we need to do something.....and i do agree with "wake up" I do see police officers on their cell phone or some times even no wonder some of my family is leaving island... Just saying

  • wake up - 4 years ago

    roadrunner l agreed with you about what is our chief of police doing about he's police officer. But honestly.. (Some) police officer drive worst or turn their head the other way. I have seen almost 90% police on cell phone or no patrol car on the road, chief of police wake up.

  • Safe Driver - 4 years ago

    Too many pedestrians/runners are in dark clothing. I have almost hit them several times because I could not see them crossing the street in unlit areas. There are a number of pedestrians who are drunk when they cross the road. I recall one drunk pedestrian who crossed the street just down the street from a cross walk and caused a crash with a car, breaking the car's windshield with his body. He was crossing the street to buy more beer at a store across from the party he was at.

  • joe Rag - 4 years ago

    I wish we could spell HELP in the sand here on Guam to help get eradicate these type mournful avoidable losses!

    God Bless You Ma'ma!

  • joe Rag - 4 years ago

    Are you kidding me? No one is safe. The witness at the scene says he saw that truck driving at 40 MPH. Are they Superman? Were they trying to lie for the person driving the truck? There are Big Riggs that drive 45 to 50 MPH on that road every day. Government trucks run the red light at least 6 to 8 times per day. Mondays and Fridays are usually the worst. Then in a school zone almost NO ONE stops before making a right or coming to a complete stop before making any right, either!
    Who is running for Police Chief this year? The current guy that was appointed is not doing his job, oh wait Governor Calvo appointed him, go figure!

  • B - 4 years ago

    GPD should enforce the law and give citations to those who don't file the law, in that note, govguam needs to provide cross walks in areas that don't have

  • roadrunner - 4 years ago

    I agree with rosary, I know to stay off the road until traffic is clear. i don't cross half the road, then wait in the middle lane, to cross. waiting at the crosswalk is important and safe. your life is worth the time it takes to walk down the road to the crosswalk.
    When I arrived in Guam, I was shocked to see families crossing the road (2 and 3 lane roads), when there was a crosswalk 20-30 feet away. this is illegal in the states...and on Guam but it is not enforced by the police.

  • rosary - 4 years ago

    it's a shame that there are marked crosswalk at the traffic lights. I was thought by my parents to take the time to walk to the crosswalks and use it for my safety. drivers can see you a lot better if they are stopped at the traffic light and not traveling down the road.

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