How much do you think about composition before taking a photo? (Poll Closed)

  • I usually carefully apply the rules of composition before pressing the shutter.
    61 votes

  • I tend to follow the rules but sub-consciously, as they’re second nature to me.
    228 votes

  • I don’t follow them as I disagree with having ‘rules’ in photography
    63 votes

  • Rules – what rules?
    55 votes


Posted 3 years.

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  • Chester - 3 years ago

    I suspect one has to know about the 'rules' before safely breaking them. Picasso had mastered traditional portraiture before developing his own 'style', and the most interesting photographers appear to do this too. My only rules are that if there is a visible horizon it must be level, and verticals must be vertical, lest the shot be mistaken for a still from a third-rate video (but Orson Welles could break this rule without looking like an amateur).

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