Do you prefer the Model S’ new grille-less front fascia or the nosecone?

  • Bobo - 4 years ago

    Tesla with fascia was classy and elegant. New one looks sharp. Two approaches.
    I like classy and elegant just matter of taste. Wish tesla gives an option to order either

  • Craig Randell - 5 years ago

    Looks a lot better now, sleek and futuristic. Love it!!

  • Max - 5 years ago

    I bet nosecone supporters are the actual owner ????

  • G Bains - 5 years ago

    New fascia looks slick, glad Tesla automatically upgraded my model s with this new design during the build phase!

  • A - 5 years ago

    Always hated the front of the old model-s, this is how it should have been from start.

  • Gerardo Checo - 5 years ago

    @ Tim Jagoe ICE Vehicles were not broken, and Tesla still went forward and Innovated the Auto Industry!

    People that say such Sayings are the same people that just take things the way they are without making changes.

    There is always Room for Improvements and that goes for Everything.

    The new Design has it's purpose to better help with Aerodynamics and Grills are for ICE Radiators.

  • Tim Jagoe - 5 years ago

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • G - 5 years ago

    Never liked the original nose cone. I thought it was a smoked clear plastic to hide sensors or cameras and only out necessity. Plenty of nice looking ICE cars without grills so I'm not sure why Tesla Did it in the first place.

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