SPEAK UP: Is it possible to reduce the tick population? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you plan to attend Tuesday's Bernie Sanders event? 57 YES, 288 NO (Poll Closed)

  • No
    69 votes

  • Yes
    97 votes


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  • Bob Talk - 4 years ago

    OK, RalphieJ. we'll start by spraying your mom's basement. Let us know how it works out for you.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    What stupid people we have become.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Think about it people we never had this growing up. It was a man made disease, google it

  • MOL - 4 years ago

    Send the ticks to Vermont, they seem to like creepy things, they elected Bernie.
    Liberal socialist EPA says no to pesticides, so, live with the ticks.

  • Russell williams - 4 years ago

    I think that ticks this year will be bad the winter no cold weather to kill them

  • Nick - 4 years ago

    Not with all these empty homes in Duthcess!Most have grass never cut anyway,ticks breed like crazy.
    County answer,more money for tick control,more money for research and study!
    So many empty homes squirrell infested,rat infested,and if live by a swamp or waterway,snakes too!
    County has no property maintence laws,most towns have none too!And when grass gets high in summer and drought,becomes swail,cigarrette butt out a car window burns the place down too,after brush fire anyway
    Feel free to ask any fire chief on that one too here in Duthcess or better yet,our Board of Health too!

  • Lisa - 4 years ago

    Reduce the deer population, give out more permits. Allow archery at prisons with enough property and feed venison to the inmates, allow workers to take some home or give to food banks.

  • Colleen - 4 years ago

    Woah now, Ralphie - hold back! Leave us the birds and the bees, C'mon now. Think outside the box.

    We can try encouraging fox (they eat mice which are transmitters) and opossum (they'll eat half their weight in ticks) populations. We can keep chickens/other fowl where we can get away with it, they'll keep the tick populations down (I haven't had a tick bite in a few years, myself). We can set up 'tick traps': using dry ice in a cooler and tape on cardboard sticky-side-up that lure ticks from all around to be stuck and then burn them all to Heck. Apply anti-tick spray that has some geranium oil in it onto your feet/ankles/socks and be vigilant about checking yourself daily.

  • Walter - 4 years ago

    Use the same method used against flees.

  • RalphieJ - 4 years ago

    Bring back DDT. The hell with the phony voo-doo scientist Rachael Carson and her disputed birds study. What's more important? Humans or a few birds? START SPRAYING DDT AGAIN TO SAVE HUMAN LIVES. It ain't rocket science.

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