Who won Thursday's Democratic debate?

Posted 3 years.


  • David - 3 years ago

    This voting process lacks credibility. It allows you to vote as many times as possible. There is no doubt that Bernie's supporters infiltrated the unguarded process togOn the advantage of numerous votes. Bernie at 74 will not last a first term. He has been in congress for over 25 years and has done nothing tangible and for Newyork,where he is boasting birthright just to get votes. Really!!!

    Clinton, hands down won the election.

  • L M - 3 years ago

    People who believe the reason Bernie does well in polling is because his supporters are unemployed, potheads: I am an employed software developer, my spouse is an employed engineer, and we are both in our 30's. Occupations of other close friends and family who are avid Bernie supporters include: CEO, professor, farmer, business analyst, chef, web developer, graphic artist, physicist. I could go on.. The propaganda / lie is that Bernie supporters are ignorant, young, naive. The truth is that his base consists of intelligent, educated, free-thinkers of all ages, who want real change. But keep spouting lies while he continues to baffle naysayers on both sides.

  • Jeremy - 3 years ago

    To say Hillary won the debate b/c all the channels and pundits say so is lacking context and independent thought. They have said she won every debate. Which is about as possible as the one Wyoming caucus goer for HRC that brought 600 surrogate ballots with her. To imply Sanders is winning this poll b/c his supporters don't work is comical. He has won every online poll just as the MSM has given her every win. It's this simple; You either don't care about what she said in her speeches or you do. Either you are fine with the status quo and incremental changes or you are not. You see no problems with the "net negative" that our last two Democratic presidents have provided or you do see problems with it. I voted for both Bill and Barrack, proudly. Fact is, she won't release her speeches b/c it will end her campaign. The realization that she won't release them, should provide enough doubt to voters of her intentions. For those that believe her artful smear of "pie in the sky politics", I give you exhibit S: He has not accepted money from corporate or other big money interests. THAT IS ACTUAL CHANGE! It was not too long ago that the same pundits and MSM that consistently give HRC the debate wins, also said that running a campaign without big money could not be done. They were wrong then and are now. But hey, it's a free country, mostly. If you like pissing away money on endless wars and don't believe in the wealth gap - both which were predicted by Senator Sanders, then vote for HRC. If you're ready for actual change and someone that will actually work for middle-class America - then join us in this political revolution. #NotMeUs

  • Lois Lockhart II - 3 years ago

    Well, we can tell what the Sandernistas do all day on a workday for the rest of us.

  • KB - 3 years ago

    To people saying Bernie is promising things he cant keep or can't make things happen like Hil can... Bernie has gotten a lot more accomplished in his political career as a senator than Hillary has. Please look at their actual records. Hillary has accomplished more AWFUL things, and supported more war and corruption... that's the only way in which she surpasses him. Quit buying into the naysaying that big changes can't happen. Look where our society was a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago... how many changes have come. And there were always people saying "it'll never happen, it's impossible!" But guess what? Change is inevitable! You can't stop it.

  • Kodi green - 3 years ago

    Hillary was far to agrees I've and frantic. She never answered a question directly and I fact checked the best I could after the broadcast and stopped counting her lies after 8 or so. The transcript debacle will end her. Bernie was calm, collective but he drove some huge point across. I also felt the apology for Sandy hook.victims was classless on CNNs part. Moderators need to cut her mic off if she is gonna.continue to be rude my going over time again and again and again. She's done this every debate now.

  • Grazi - 3 years ago

    On one side a honest man, a man of the people, on the other side, a corporate puppet. this poll is simply stating the obvious, people are awakening....

  • Rochelle Baumon - 3 years ago

    Bottom line, eventually this is a Dem vs Rep election. If HC releases transcripts, Trump or Cruz will NEVER release any. It's a marathon, level the field first.

  • Radha Schwaller - 3 years ago

    It was blatantly obvious that CNN was pro H allowing her to speak over her time on many many occasions and not cutting her off like they did Bernie.
    She lied so many times, I cannot keep track and she hushed Bernie for laughing when she was being hypocritical over the gun control conversation... HE WAS LAUGHING BECAUSE H WAS LYING AGAIN! and the irony is, she was condescending and laughed like the JOKER about 1 million times... wow, super professional leader she will make when faced with adversity.
    Bernie tells the truth, like it is... even when it is not popular. He says sure, I can support Obama in the supreme court justice nominee, however, I would pick a different candidate who was opposed to Citizens United... TRUTH.
    HE is the only candidate that can bring this country TRULY FORWARD.

    Oh, and by the way, I am 37 and extremely EDUCATED on the political issues. I choose to get my information from other sources that the main stream media, which is bought and paid for, AND I VOTE at every election, and have since I was 18, NOT ONLY WHEN IT IT POPULAR to vote.


  • Cathy Boyd - 3 years ago

    Unless people are on Facebook Bernie is winning this poll. But Hillary certainly won that debate. Bernie is just trying to attack Hillary rather than talking about the issues. Bernie is sucking in you young voters telling you what you want to hear. And you're all apparently on Facebook so vote away.

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    Hillary won the debate, all news channels, most pundits agree don't know what debate you all were watching.

  • Dave - 3 years ago

    Many young people and minoroties following Bernie Sanders are really not abreast on the political system and how it works. These people only vote in presidential elections. A president can want and say all this he is going to do, however if congress is not for you you are just wasting your time as president getting a paycheck and the ignorant followeres become more pissed off because they will hate to admit they have been had. BErnie is lying and all this free stuff is not going to happen. Free college tuition in public colleges and universities - just lok at it. Who is going to teach free? who is going to clean up free? Who is going to cook free, who is going to do free labor. We are not like the other countries and we have more colleges and universities other than India in the world. Barney talks loud but says othing. He is too old to be President because dementia is setting in. He is upset that he is not getting big bucks from supporters like Clinton. If he were he would be bragging about it. Most of his supporters don't work. They are living off other people BERNIE supporters you are goig to wake up to an illusion. He is an independent candidate that is afraid to take up with te republicans so he wants to use young people and minorities because of their alligience to the Democratic Party. A vote for Sanders will have yopu waking up to an illusion.

  • pj alexander - 3 years ago

    viewer polls suggest Sanders dominated in the debate with a resounding victory, yet CNN spins it on their opinion page into a slight edge for Hillary? Media bias is a shame to anyone who understands it's influence. Bad form, CNN

  • Elaine Silver - 3 years ago

    Here's a suggestion for a NEW RULE for DEBATES: At the end of their time, plus 5 seconds, TURN OFF THE MICROPHONE! This may be the only way to shut Hillary down. She was rude and overbearing, stepping all over his time,and Bernie was mostly such a gentleman. He should be our POTUS! And so IT is!

  • Cydney - 3 years ago

    Hill is running as a democrat and the truth is a real democrat hasn't been on the ballot in about 35 years. The DNC shifted to Third Way Wall Street Reaganite ideals and ceased representing the people. I'm done with the DNC. The hill is what I call flipper lips. She never answers a question, she diverts and can't shut the hell up and moderators let her get away with it. She has done the same thing at every debate from the very beginning. You want a Third Way Wall Street Reaganite, vote for her. She is not a true progressive when she starts out on issues low balling them. This intellegent, educated retiree will not vote for her.

  • Laura Slitt - 3 years ago

    I actually thought the moderators did a very good job for once, asked better and more important questions, and were FAIR in their attempt to get straight answers.
    Sec Clinton is a skilled lawyer who has had much practice skirting truth and manipulating dialect to obfuscate and skirt truth. It's want great lawyers do, including BO.
    What Senator Sanders proposes is a complete narrative change, followed by a complete overhaul of US behavior which is difficult since as human beings who appear to act in our own worst interests, cling to the familiar and comfortable, even as it is causing our own demise as a species.
    I wish agriculture was far more at the fore of these discussions since the spiritual, health and environmental impact of animal agriculture is still under wraps while this system is responsible for every communicable, non communicable, environmental and moral psychosis humans self manifest.
    Bernie's heart is vegan because he desires peace, and wishes to end suffering and oppression. To understand the genesis of violence, resource war, might makes right, environmental degradation, diet related disease and more, he might read Will Tuttle's book, The World Peace Diet, Charles Patterson's book, Eternal Treblinka, Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, Carol J Adams book, The Sexual Politics of Meat, and Jefferey Moussaieff Masson's book, Beasts, What Animals Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil. He might look at www.jewishveg.com/schwartz and take the online course that examines the human/animal relationship and Judaism's teachings on the ideal diet for health, peace, sustainability and moral evolution.
    I know once he learns that human society plagues itself from our assumption that humans can exploit non-humans as we see fit, he'll do the right thing and help transform food production to organic plant based, the healthiest, least violent, least resource intensive, and ideal for repairing the pathology from the human view that animals belong to us to do with what we will.
    See Earthlings See www.mercyforanimals.org/investigations

  • Grant - 3 years ago

    These poll numbers are consistent throughout all of the websites that have polls on who won the debate, not just this one. Bernie was able to get his point across without using vague and ambiguous rhetoric and Hillary often times did not even answer the question she was asked. Her responses seem to be memorized and ingenuine, while Bernie was always honest, up front, and true to himself

  • Hugo - 3 years ago

    Adorable Hillary costume for this debate: THE TRANSFORMER GIRL, copying all points of Bernie Sanders. Since he was a young rebel fighting for equal rights that even the same benefit (African Americans) never taken into account. Now Hillary wants Free College Tuition, Universal Health Care (she called ready SHILLARYCARE), minimum wage $ 15, support unions, punish the bankers, strong law again Benghazi traitors, prohibit fracking, not to deport children of Honduras, closed its private prisons and more and more and more ideas Bernie. She deserve The Oscar dressing the jail custom uniform.

  • Nicole - 3 years ago

    Bernie fans may have an edge on rally sizes and on social media. Hillary fans make it to the ballot box and Hillary has 2 1/2 million more votes and over 200 more pledged delegates. Even if you only count blue states, Hillary still has more votes. The nomination is secured with delegates, not online polls.

  • Taz1 - 3 years ago

    I really can't see how anyone that can think would have thought that Sanders won this debate! Many have said that Hillary talked over him when the hosts clearly let him talk as long as he wanted and when she was making her comments they would cut her off! It was shameful! If you really want to find out which one is the most honest, I would (and have) check with politifact. They check every statement made by every candidate and assign an honest rating to every one. When I check Hillary was the most honest of ALL the candidates. I was kind of stunned! But, there it is and think it is because of all the promises of "free college tuition, free health care cradle to the grave, " and all the other so-called "free stuff" that Sanders is promising, especially to the younger voters. He has not been honest about where and how all the money will come just for the "free college tuition!" He will have to get the program passed with a republican congress because he is NOT helping to fund raise for down ballot demos. So, who will help him pass his legislation? The repubs? This goes for each one of his so-called free programs that he is promising! Then, he will have to get the repub governors to "kick in" 33 1/3% of the funds in all the states that have repub governors (there are quite a few) to get the program funded These same governors would even kick in 10% to expand Medicaid, which would have helped the state to save money by getting all the people that don't have medical ins to stop using hospitals for primary care! If they would help with 10% to save money for their state, they certainly won't help with 331/3% to fund people's 4 year college degree! I guess Bernie could just wave his magic wand and all those repubs will instantly become completely generous and automatically fund all the free programs that Sanders, a Socialist demo, wants to "give" to the people! Republicans hate the WORD Socialist, especially when it is attached to the word "democrat!"

    I was unaware until tonight that Sanders had changed his position on the selling of assault weapons to the general public because of his loss in the 1988 election! Then he changed his position because he would get the backing of the NRA and they followed through with campaign ads against his rival in the next election. He rewarded the NRA by voting against the Brady gun bill which made background checks on people that wanted to buy a gun or guns mandatory. He said the credit for getting elected goes to the NRA and maybe that is why he thinks that everyone is required to vote whatever way it takes to satisfy organizations that donate to your campaign. But, as Hillary has stated and President Obama has shown, when an important vote comes up, you have to vote the moral side, regardless of who and how much has been donated to your campaign! All in All, it was a very good night for Hillary and the polls show it. She's up by 17 points in one poll. But, the average that she leads in the polls by is 12 to 15 points! she's going to win the state and she leads in Pennsylvania, also! She is on her way to the White House! The math proves it.

  • Anne M Hughes - 3 years ago

    what dumb-ass has that kind of time to push a BS bot button 33K times?

  • Keny Widjaja - 3 years ago

    even people from Indonesia know that Bernie won the debate.

  • Nicole - 3 years ago

    Yeah, because it's not possible for Sanders supporters to also vote multiple times on other sites.

    But I'm not necessarily pushing that accusation. Bernie supporters are undoubtedly more vocal online than Hillary supporters, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to how many people actually participate in elections. You can get an accurate estimate from online polls alone.

    Hillary has also been said to be the most honest candidate. Arguments if her being dishonest, corrupt, and a liar are sounding desperate and old. Why don't some of you read those emails that have been released? That money that she's been raising? Goes to charities and downballot to help democrats get elected into other offices. She had the experience, she is progressive, and yes she does change views over time, but who here has never done that before? It's part of growing as a person, and her views have changed for the better. I have never of her campaign as an Us vs. Them campaign, but I sure as hell see it from Sanders supporters, spreading memes as if they were spreading Bernie's stance on foreign policy.

    He is all talk, I rarely hear him apologize for mistakes, his supporters can be incredibly vile, and I'm sick of it. I like Hillary, and I used to like Bernie. But what is his plan to get his policies through congress? Where has he shown unity with other politicians? I hear the same talk of unicorns and rainbow, yet no feasible plan to make any of it a reality. You have faith that he's going to get things passed, where has he proven he's started on the right track? Is he passing down that campaign money to democrats to win seats in Congress? No, he's not really a Democrat. Okay, well is he going to raise money for independents? Oh, we'll see, okay. His speaking skills get people riled up and plays on passion, on emotion and not clear thought. His anger can be off-putting.

    Nothing about him screams leader. He had good ideas, he has morals, but he's not a leader who can give a good prep talk but doesn't strategize or properly train or prepare, and will inevitably lead his army to defeat. He can't take accountability for anything, he let's his supporters hey away with their behavior if the media doesn't say anything, and he let's the average joe walk all over him.

    Sorry. I may have one thought he'd be a good President, but my impression of him has fallen. If he wins the nomination, I'm l'll vote for him. But he's not my first pick m

  • Melody - 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton has a lot of experience as Secretary of State for four years. She has the kind of experience that qualifies her to lead foreign relations in America. Her use of an unsecured e-mail server in her home that was easily hacked by people around the world shows she's committed to an unprecedented level of transparency. Never before has a President of the United States been willing to share all of their secret and top secret documents with other countries in the world. At least if she wants to declare war with somebody again this time, they'll get plenty of warning about where and when we're attacking. Now let's get started on rewarding criminal levels of incompetency with the Presidency!

  • Dylan - 3 years ago

    Some people think the Sanders supporters are voting more than once. Go to the other polls online and you will see these numbers are consistent across the board.

  • REAL DEMOCRAT - 3 years ago

    It is apparent that Sanders voters don't go to school because they can afford the tuition or to work because the wage is too low but they are young with nothing better to do then to try and sell Bernie on the internet, hahaha

  • Joan of Ark - 3 years ago

    Bernie is a communist ! He will make everyone in this country wait in line for eggs , milk and a loaf of bread! Anybody that votes for Bernie is lazy ! Wait until Bernice makes you bend over and work for peanuts ! We need Trump a real leader ! Trump 2016

  • IT'S HILL - 3 years ago

    HaHa it is amazing how deceptive Bernie Sanders followers (cult) get on the internet and try to pretend that they were once Hillary followers until tonight. It's hilarious hahahaha! TRUE TO THE BLUE

  • Monica Solares - 3 years ago

    Id rather vote for Hillary cus I know what I'll be getting. Bernie Sanders is a pot smoking hippie who need to realize he's 74 years old, not 21. Who knows what he'd get us into...NO THANKS!

  • Amer Rizvi - 3 years ago

    Bernie won the debate, hands down! His honesty shines through. Hillary, the liar par excellence, just can't give straight answers. She refuses to disclose the contents of her Wall Street paid speeches. I am 100% sure she is hiding something!

  • Kathy - 3 years ago

    Stupid poll because you can vote as many times as you want!!!

  • Liz - 3 years ago

    Nothing new. Bernie had no responses to intelligent questions. Bernie can't name a particular instance where hillarys integrity was compromised. He's a total joke. And an egotistical maniac. Loves the attention.

  • Jan Higgens - 3 years ago

    I think Hillary won this debate. It appears as though a bunch of the teenagers online and at it again. Anyone with half an education know Hillary did a much better job debating the issues. Bernie is an arrogant and rude old man. I don't quite understand how naive his supporters really are. But then again we are raising a generation of youth who think they are entitled to everything. Therefore, his free education, free medical, and $15.00 minimum wage is whats reeling them in. Unfortunately for all of you it's a promise Bernie himself knows he will never be able to make good on. Bernie has been caught up time and time again for being dishonest.

  • Tabitha Cox - 3 years ago

    I find it amusing that so many say that they're voting for Hillary for foreign policy experience. She is not good on foreign policy, she is an Imperialist. In my opinion, that makes her terrible on Foreign Policy. We do not need another Imperialist, we need someone who is going to get us out of these expensive wars of regime change (save us tons of money, cut the spending), which are actually just wars for resources that backfired on us at the expense of civilians in the Middle East. This is the same case I make for Israel; our alliance with Israel has nothing to do with its Christian influence on our country, it has everything to do with conquering the Middle East so that we can control the resources there. It's Israeli imperialism, and we just happen to have that in common with Israel. We don't need the Middle East's resources if we're going to drastically reduce our dependence on Fossil Fuels.

    Furthermore, her responses to foreign policy questions were awful, and completely unoriginal. The cliché American Imperialism response is, "But we taught them how to have elections." Elections haven't helped the people of the Middle East with their ISIS problem.

    Also, can't get on board with that $15 minimum wage? Why? Is that too much for your corporate donors to pay their employees? You do realize if Free Trade Agreements are going to outsource good paying jobs, and replace them with Corporate jobs, we should AT LEAST establish a decent Federal Minimum Wage, right? Does she really think states like Texas are going to deliberate over maybe, possibly raising a $12 minimum wage to $15? NO. Of course Texas isn't going to do that. They pay the lowest wages allowable in Texas, especially to minorities. It's a FEDERAL Minimum Wage, not a STATE minimum wage. It should be $26, so consider yourself getting a good deal at $15.

    Also, I find it funny that Hillary continues to make remarks about how "Progressive" she is. Free healthcare is Progressive, Tuition free Public Colleges and Universities are Progressive, Reallocation of wealth in any way whatsoever is Progressive, raisin the minimum wage to a living wage is Progressive, focus on advancing technologies for the betterment of the Country is Progressive, focusing on the working class is Progressive. It's funny how she reacts to TRULY Progressive concepts, she backs away quickly and hides in her little shell at Progressive ideals.

    I hope Bernie wins this whole thing. We do not need Hillary.

  • Steve - 3 years ago


  • Kevin cook - 3 years ago

    I wish Bernie would have brought up the bank bill/ credit card bill that effected New York.she flip flopped and passed a BAD bill as soon as she became senator. Im not making this up.research it..she is a snake..and onky about the $$..could care less about the working class people.

  • Tandra Foster - 3 years ago

    Momentum doesn't win campaigns voters and delegates does and Bernie doesn't have a chance it's a wrap. Anyone can sell people a dream like he is doing with all of these free lies he's telling these youngsters voting for him but true blue will remain true blue NOT INDEPENDENT!

  • Tandra Foster - 3 years ago

    I'm true blue and do not care about transcripts on wall street I care about what is happening in my community like guns killing people, women's rights, education for children something Hillary has fought for all of her life

  • Lori Helhowski - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders has been consistent since day 1!! She is hiding something from us!! I'm not sure why she has the Black vote, she is using these poor mothers who lost their children as a political stunt. Bernie Sanders was arrested protesting for Civil Rights, addressed the black population in prisons, poor housing and education, etc. This stumps me!! He was born poor, Hillary Clinton has had a lavish life, all of her life!! He knows how it can be done, because he has lived the story. The debate was very unfair!!! Clinton was given more speaking time acted like Trump, when her time was up, she continued to use that high pitch irritating voice!!! Bernie followed the rules and was not given as many talking minutes Clinton. With Wolf mediating the whole thing, that doesn't shock me! Clinton better be careful, cause if she gets the nomination, she might not get my vote!!!!

  • Tandra Foster - 3 years ago

    It doesn't matter who won the debate when it comes together pull together and keep a democratic president in the white house. On that note Hillary killed it. Bernie looked confused and stubborn. For all of the people on here lying to themselves Democrats will vote democrats. If Bernie is an independent then he should have ran as an independent instead of thinking that the democrats would abandon ship and vote with him. True Blue is going to remain True Blue

  • carrie richards - 3 years ago

    Hate CNN, but Dana Bash really went after her about the transcripts..... excellent. HRC is creepy, like a female Kissinger. how bout when she just out of nowhere leaned on the podium and said, "I just love being in Brooklyn"

  • Raphael - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders appears to be unmindful of Palestine wanting to decimate Israel off the face of the earth.
    Bernie additionally admits to being an independant
    Running on a Democratic ticket. He further openly promotes socialist values in the face of a capitalistic governing country. Bernie has made it his mission to take advantage of the youth by promising free eduation, implying that he would do away with having to be burdened with costly loans.

  • Brenda J> Hairston - 3 years ago

    I don't see how people think Bernie won, he can't hear or seem to understand what the people is talking about. He kept saying she;s not answering the question, what did he want her to say. Berie is the "RUDEST"!!! person. I think he does that because he doesn't know the answer, The reason he has so many young supporter's is because they don't understand that Congress has to pass all these freebee;s he's talking about. The only qualified person running is Hillary R.Clinton.

  • Frederick - 3 years ago

    I was supporting Hillary as a loyal democrat but tonight was an eye opener. She won't release those transcripts until Trump does? Dems are supposed to be better than Republicans. I also felt she was contradictory on things and wouldn't answer questions. I'm unsure still how effective he can be but I am definitely looking into Bernie now. It's too bad because it would be great to have a woman president but Kristen Gillibrand can do that or Elizabeth Warren

  • earl viney - 3 years ago

    hillary clinton you cannot win the stanleycup bernie sanders you can win the stanleycup

  • Nellie Trust - 3 years ago

    Call me pragmatic and a realist, but if President Obama could not break through the Republican wall in the congress and get support, how does this Bernie guy think he can get support for free this and free that paid for by raising taxes? All I can say is "Dream on, Bernie. Wake up to the real world of politics."

  • Liza z h - 3 years ago

    Bernie is gaining more and more momentum. As someone who lived in Europe for 2 years, I have seen exactly how successful some of his ideas are. It is time for corporate welfare reform. Clinton is too tied to corruption and loses all credibility when she won't release those transcripts of all the paid speeches she has given. What is she trying to hide?

  • J - 3 years ago

    @objective observer, her neocon foreign policy decisions, her pro fracking and trade deal decisions, her pro Monsanto decisions...
    Dude, she's not only associated with some of the shadiest ppl on the planet, they're literally running her campaign!!!!

  • MARY OWENS - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders lacks the experience to be President. He spent his life in the comfort of government jobs. He has never created a job and wants to play robin hood at business expense. He is a grumpy old man who hates everything. He should run on a socialist ticket not use the Democratic party.

  • P Watson - 3 years ago

    They ignore the Fact that most. (If not all) Palestinians alive today have never been part of Palestine. The problem will not be managed unti the countries that put Palestinians into refuge camps get real and offer them a path to citizenship in another country. Among those countries are Syria, Jordan, Iran...

  • Bob jordan - 3 years ago

    Regardless of how you feel about either candidate, I cannot for the life of me figure out why Hillary would hold back those transcripts unless she had something to hide. That's not what I want in the president. We had eight years of corruption with George W. We don't need four more with a corrupt liar. I am now with Sanders.

  • Victoria Moreau - 3 years ago

    Its so obvious ,the media is big part of the problem in this country.They spin away our future for a candidate who is either friends of the Clinton's, or part of the culture. IOW Don't give a fig about the rest of US. We are out here working our butts off, just to be talked to like we are sub par (dumb). We have to change course. Bernie Sanders won.

  • Amy - 3 years ago

    Lois Lockhart--completely agree!! HRC blantantly run through time limits, rudely ran over Bernie's response times, and CNN actively participated in facilitating it all! When HRC brought up the right to choose & lack of those questions as though she's THE woman warrior for doing it (when it could just as easily been agreed upon prior to the debate...that she didn't want to begin with) l literally became sick to my stomach! She might be a female, but that means nothing when it comes to actually supporting women! Then to top off with the most sickening thing of all...she used her closing statement time to milk the 9/11 chain?!? What a total lack of substance for her ACTUAL campaign if she has to spend those two minutes trying to get people to think that she played a part in the heroism that so many amazingly common folks during that time showed. She did not round out her own campaign talking points or gave a respectable reason to believe in her---she just took advantage of another tragedy in our history for her own political gain (just like she has with Sandy Hook & other mass shooting victims). It's utterly disgusting, IMO!!

  • Nile Roan - 3 years ago

    @Objective Observer
    Bernie won because he gave straight forward answers that were backed by evidence.
    Hillary gave evasive non-answers to nearly everything. Even when she was asked to say 'Yes' or 'No', she couldn't say either. Asked repeatedly to just give a straight answer on it. She couldn't. She finally gave in and gave a 'yes' but with huge caveats, essentially a 'no', but she didn't even have the guts to actually outright say 'no'.
    Bernie had purpose for the majority of the debate, and remained focused.
    Hillary looked like a fish out of water, especially toward the end of the debate. She was flip-flopping all over the place, self destructing right there on the debate floor in front of everyone.

    To say that Bernie didn't win is to say that you weren't actually paying attention, or were already incredibly biased in favor of Hillary before the debate to the point where what you watched and what everyone else watched were entirely different debates.

  • jim gerstman - 3 years ago

    The choice is clearer than ever.

    Gradual incremental compromising change with clinton
    Tougher more immediate and radical change with Bernie.

    As one of many who are SO frustrated with Obama's lack of follow though on the "CHANGE" he promised,
    The choice is clear that Bernie is our best chance to make real changes that we need.

    By the way I also grew up in NYC and have lived in Vermont the past 20 years, and Bernie is the real deal. We've had nearly 100% healthcare coverage for all children since the 90's and are taking on Monsanto etc. and Bernie has consistently been a more independent and non-compromising force for a long time. If you want a real force for change he is THE answer case closed.

    JIm Gerstman

  • Cris velez - 3 years ago

    Bernie is a fraud... I will vote for the devil I know.

  • Justin Time - 3 years ago

    Oh and Monzell I don't see anyone named Barney running lol

  • Nick - 3 years ago

    I was leaning towards HC but she can't answer a question and the Wall Street transcript thing really bothers me. Part of her "platform" is putting the big banks in their place but she won't reveal what she said to them behind closed doors. Just seems shady

  • Sabra - 3 years ago

    If Sanders is the next president, The US will have the best domestic and foreign policies. Americans are at the crossroad and need real leaders not puppets anymore. The new issues are globalism vs. nationalism, elites vs. populists, neocon establishment vs. progressive newcomers, and so on. The old issues such as gay rights, women choices do not seem as important as big-money corruption in elections, unfair trades, low-paid jobs, etc. in times of economic difficulties caused by the last four administrations in the last three decades. what is your choice between the two: old and corrupted vs. new and risky?

  • Justin Time - 3 years ago

    I have to say if anyone would still vote for Hillary after she was repeatedly pressed for those transcripts and still refused is beyond me. Everything she said from that point on, to me, was just a lie. I've repeatedly said that if she would actually release them and there was nothing bad I would actually consider voting for her if she got the nomination. I will now 100% write in Bernie if he does not get the nomination.

  • Monzell - 3 years ago

    Barney old and out of it did you see his face, been in congress 25 yrs just a parrot waiting to write a book he is history he not even a Dem

  • Calin Riffle - 3 years ago

    Uh, we face off next on Tuesday IN NEW YORK WHEN SANDERS WILL WIN.

  • Dallas Thornley - 3 years ago

    Hey Objective Observer, what exactly is an internet supporter?

  • Cynthia taylor - 3 years ago

    CNN gave stupid Hillary too many minutes, not surprised. Bernie won the debate, CNN S SUCKS.

  • Lorena - 3 years ago

    I'm all set with Clinton. She couldn't give a straight yes or no answer all night. From this point forward I am a Bernie Sanders supporter.

  • Edward McGloin - 3 years ago

    I.m sorry they didn't the part where
    Wolf Blitzer

    I'm sorry I missed the part where Wolf Blitzer lifted Clinton up on his shoulder and carried her around the studio.

  • Peter Souza - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders won the debate by a landslide. HRC Still wont show America her wall street speech transcripts. Obviously, she has a lot to hide. HRC's words copy Sanders ideas, but has no intentions of carrying them out, as she accepts millions from the very corporations that are keeping the American People oppressed. Bernie Cares about We the People. HRC is running for potus for Ego and power,

  • Objective Observer - 3 years ago

    I just love how little Bernie supporters pretend that this poll is an unbiased representation of the opinion of the general public. Newsflash- most internet supporters tend to be Bernie Sanders supporters hence his over representation in the online polls.
    Don't get overexcited for nothing.
    Can anyone give a reasonable explanation as to why they think Bernie won? When asked about what judgments Hillary has made that have been influenced by bank money, the old guy couldn't name one. Isn't that like the only remaining thing left in his dead campaign? And he can't name one- sad.
    Bernie Sanders is unfit to be president.

  • Roy Marino - 3 years ago

    I think sanders won by quite a large margin. Bernie was trying to make this debate more about a national view instead of just for the state of New York. But clearly Clinton was pushing for just the Tuesday primary. If you had a drinking game with a shot for every time Clinton said "New York" you would have diedint he first five minutes.

  • Marcella Stos - 3 years ago

    Yes!!! Laura Zwitter thank you so much. Please look into Bernie more. I beg you to visit his website berniesanders.com to find out the TRUTH about his stance on many issues & the TRUTH about how he plans to pay for things like free healthcare & education as a right for all.

  • Deric - 3 years ago

    we welcome all former clinton supporters to feel the bern. As other people have already said, she spent much of this debate flat out lying and avoiding as many questions as possible while bernie is straight forward, truthful, and sincere

  • Britni SIzemore - 3 years ago

    I watched it on The Young Turks!

  • Margaret Canning - 3 years ago

    I thought Senator Sanders won the debate. I felt that Mrs. Clinton was evasive in many of her answers and not very truthful in her answers. Senator Sanders is quite clear in what he wants for this country and its people. I don't buy what Mrs. Clinton says that single payer and free college will not work in our country. Other countries have done it and so can we. It is quite clear to me that Mr. Sanders is the right person to be President - not Hillary.

  • Laura Zwitter - 3 years ago

    Wow, until tonight I was a Hillary supporter. I liked what Bernie had to say., when Hillary would actually allow him to speak. I'll look more into Bernie, tonight.

  • Mary DeSimone - 3 years ago

    They should have shut off her mic the same way they do at the Oscars!!! She was out of control!
    I don't know how Bernie kept his cool!

  • Lois Lockhart - 3 years ago

    Why is Clinton getting so many more talking minutes than Sanders? Blitzer keeps cutting Sanders off but encourages Clinton going over limit.

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