Do you think state government should receive notice any time a refugee from Syria, Sudan or Iran relocates here?

  • IDonTKnow - 5 years ago

    Since the federal government already knows the information, why would they not automatically share it with the state government? Information itself is not intrinsically evil, only the use of it may be. Demographic information is vital for effective planning of services - this is good. That same information used for the purposes of rounding up people and shooting them is evil.

  • steve - 5 years ago

    yes, we should be notified 100%,
    you'll say " oh, such nice hard working people etc. etc." then you'll say "oh, I never would have thought it would be my neighbor". act now before its too late!

  • Tom - 5 years ago

    These are people *fleeing* terror! Should states have been notified when refugees from communist oppression in the Soviet block or when one of the (pathetically few permitted) Jewish refugees from Nazi murder relocated to Delaware or another state? Even asking the question is a disgrace.

  • sally - 5 years ago

    Refugees already go through a tremendously long, arduous, and complete vetting process. It is embarrassing how few we accept considering George Bush started this entire fiasco. Refugees from those countries are folks attempting to avoid terrorism and fear, and all they want is to live in a place that is safe and secure. Remember that many of us had ancestors who were refugees who were fleeing persecution. Let's show the world the compassionate side of our nation.

  • Anna - 5 years ago

    No refugees should come in here without proper documents and criminal background check. It should take years before they are entitle to go to USA.
    Our government stinks, they do not protect the US citizens first but outsiders and illegals is fine with them.
    This must change no one is allowed to reside here illegally

  • Ryan fender - 5 years ago

    The fact that we are even asking this question is an embarrassment of our government at a state and national level. Time will show that allowing them coming here will be a huge mistake.

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