Who Won The 2016 Brooklyn Democratic Debate?

  • James - 6 years ago

    Hillary all the way and Gigi I can operate a computer

  • William Mann - 6 years ago

    One of the best moderated debates to date. I think Hillary encapsulated the difference between she and Bernie Sanders when she said (and I paraphrase): 'It's easy to diagnose a problem, it's hard to actually do something about it...' clearly delineating the difference between an Independent Senator from Vermont and a Democratic Senator, Secretary of State, former First Lady of a State and then a former First Lady of a Nation. If for no other reason (and there were many others) she clearly won the debate and should win the nomination and the Presidency. There is simply no one more insightful or more qualified than this stateswoman.

  • Rena J - 6 years ago

    Give me a break...Hillary won hands down

  • susan - 6 years ago

    I take offense at Gigi's comment that baby boomers such as myself have no idea how to work a computer. When I went to college it was affordable, when I went into the workforce my starting pay was 4 times higher then the minimum wage is today. I support Sanders big dream because as a baby boomer, I have seen how great this nation can be and what it has become now.

  • Stephen Verges - 6 years ago

    Watched all of it. Can not understand lopsided results. They both forgot to answer the odd question. Sanders, have to like him, when asked how to implement plans he sounds like Trump. Not a good thing.
    Tell people what they want to hear and you gain a following.
    Take a good look at Europe the first half of the worth century.
    Before you get yout knickers in a twist, I'm not referring to Uncle Wolfie. Change will not come fast or easy, Clinton understands that.
    I'm 1968 we, friends and myself voted against the incumbents. Now you have some idea how long I've been voting.
    I know bulls#^! when I hear it.
    Ideals are wonderful necessary things. Who can implement them, well as much as I like him, Clinton is the person to do the job.
    Most important is (1 vote (2 keep the obstructions out of the White House.
    (3 flip the Senate.
    Thanks for tha read.


  • Robert - 6 years ago

    First things first . Hillary's popular vote count is only for primary's it does not take into account caucuses votes because the DNC doesn't allow Caucasus info out its their property.

    Every Democratic voter has been disenfranchised by Hillary, establishment elites and the DNC.

    Hillary has a few hundred people in Seattle to a $27OO a plate dinner with a $50,000 personal meet and great
    Across town Bernie Sanders has 38,000 people pack a Stadium.
    Bernie Sanders will represent the people who come to his rallies
    And Hillary will represent the people that comes to hers.
    Now tell me Hillary isn't a establishment entitled elite.

    Look up when Hillary was anointed by the DNC to be the nominee, in march 2015 in Mpls Mn months before the primary started where the DNC, Hillary and very rich folks created the Hillary Victory Fund to funnel money to her presidential campaign. So the primary has been bullshit before it started because they already picked Hillary. For everyone who contribute to any other democratic primary candidate THAT'S CALLED FRAUD!!!!!!!!
    Every American should be protesting this theft of time and money supporting in your supporting other democrat candidates to no end because the DNC elites and Hillary already made the choice for you in March 2015 and YOUR VOTE DONT MATTER OR COUNT.

    Oh ya how much money has the DNC contributed to Bernie Sanders campaign..... - 0 - but they have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to Hillary's campaign.

    Help save our middle-class and the nation vote for and elect Bernie Sanders for President!

  • manashir adinyayev - 6 years ago

    just because sanders couldn't think examples of how big money influenced clinton doesn't mean it doesn't happen

    the following examples prove she is influenced by big money

    clinton voted for the wall-street bailout and clinton supports fracking

    . . . . . . .

    clinton claims she will unite the democratic party because sanders is "not really a democrat", even though sanders votes with democrats 98% of the time which is probably more than some democrats; if clinton votes with democrats 100% of the time, that means she is a hard-line democrat and republicans and independents wouldn't vote for her (especially when republicans bring up the more than 17 scandals associated with the clintons over the years); it also shows that she doesn't use her own judgment, whereas sanders attracts and unites most americans

    . . . . . . . .

    the public fallaciously associates qualification with experience without judging the quality of one's experience, which is what sanders must publicly state; clinton's record shows that the quality of her experience is not valuable to americans

    . . . . . . . .

    clinton's borrowed ideas include:
    criminal justice reform, raising the minimum wage, infrastructure investment, paid family and medical leave, minimum wage, social security

    clinton' mistakes include:
    war in iraq, support of fracking, fundraising strategies, failure to address stop and frisk in ny, supporting doma legislation, supporting 1994 crime bill

    clinton's inconsistencies include:
    once supporting single-payer health-care system, supporting tpp, supporting keystone pipeline,

    differences include:
    campaign finance reform, wall street and bank campaign contributions, regime change, minimum wage, free tuition at public universities, medicare for all, clinton supports allowing victims of gun violence to gun-shop owners, legalizing marijuana, criminal justice reform, expanding social security, glass-steagall legislation, no-fly zone over syria, troops in afganistan,

  • memmo - 6 years ago

    Secretary Clinton keeps talking about what a great job she and President Obama have done in the Middle East. I don't understand what she means; the place is in ruins, millions of lives ruined, Russian airplanes, bombings in Europe and Israel threatened more than ever. This is not my idea of a great job.

  • memmo - 6 years ago

    He spoke too slowly and she was too noisy

  • Marsha - 6 years ago

    Alan, I think you have it wrong. It's just that Bernie supporters are most likely to be looking for information on the Internet, and found the "Who won the debate?" poll, while Hillary supporters are still watching their televisions.

  • Gigi - 6 years ago

    Alan, don't be salty. Hillary's voter base is comprised of Baby Boomers, most of which still have no idea how to work a computer, let alone vote in an online poll.

  • Alan Smith - 6 years ago

    Clearly Bernie has 10s of thousands of campaign workers making entries picking Sanders on this poll. Nobody ever wins debates by this kind of margin.

  • Kenneth Gilliam - 6 years ago

    Bernie is really for the people all the people

  • nancy - 6 years ago

    Definitely Bernie Sanders won

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