SPEAK UP: Do you plan on attending Sunday's Donald Trump event in Poughkeepsie? YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: Are you registered with a political party? YES 1 (Poll Closed)

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Poll posted 4 years ago.

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  • Some Guy - 4 years ago

    Does it matter who is president? It'll be the same cast of characters in Congress taking bribes from the same bunch of corporate lobbyists. What's the approval rating of those do-nothing lawmakers?

  • Earl Greene - 4 years ago

    Are you kidding?

    The man is a complete BOOB....a vicious one at that...The other candidates are not much better....Hillary---AWFUL.......Bernie---Go back to Brooklyn...Ted---Yikes! Kasich has my vote!!

    God Bless America.....We are all going to need it come January 1, 2017

    What a choice....

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    I never realized the amount of stupid people that are here in the Hudson Valley that would even consider voting for someone as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary Clinton, I just don't get it. Everything that comes out of her mouth is B.S. I don't mention Bernie because he is just a waste of time and does not have a snowballs chance in hell of being nominated.

  • Anita - 4 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. This country was built on the backs of immigrants. Everyone one came from a foreign country, only natives were the Indians.

  • Jonesy - 4 years ago

    He's making America grate again.

  • Felice Manzi - 4 years ago

    Want to know what America will look like under Sanders, look at Venezuela. Two hour line to purchase toilet paper, electricity is rationed .............wow great place. Socialism is shared poverty. The people who appear very presidential have the deficient at 20 trillion dollars. Vote Trump!!!!!!!!

  • Nick - 4 years ago

    How can you support a guy who wants to lower our standards to those other countrys bringing us down to their levels instead of lifting them up to ours?Wages especially !And of course by doing such,keeping labor cheap,creates his fortune too,just like Wall St.has now done too!(and so much more on top of that too)ruined
    this country,its housing market,trade,created nothing but depressed areas,mass layoffs,and they made billions too,all on us as taxpayers too,footing the bill anyway for it all!
    Wake up America,a chicken in every pot,not Top Ramen,2 for a buck at Dollar General!Now we eat the equiveleant of a bowl of rice a day too,just like China with cheap labor too,brought down to their level now to compete also!Bring them up to our level,not vise versa,as was once the policy too,but new world today,
    different world,changing world,and yes if by doing such,sure would make America great again too,not just great for Billionairres using cheap labor for profits and greed,Wall Street standings,at the expense of us all
    in our labors too,then balk on a livable wage,$15.00 an hour too,which is barely liveable today too,after taxes and such also.Kind of reminds many of the Marie Antoinnette syndrome,"Let them Eat cake"
    were the rich,we rule,we take,and we all know what happened over that one when elite do rule!Billionaire or Monarch,no different,elite and those with the moneys make the rules every time anyway!For them,not us!
    Funny how you hear nothing from the unions now too,ya know,40 hour work week,good pay,no need of want,decent living,enough to survive,own a house,retire someday,pay bills,time with familys,no need of want,guess the unions bought off too!Under a rock now too,sadly how come?

  • bill tolli - 4 years ago

    I can`t make it but he`s got my vote

  • A.B - 4 years ago

    Donald Trump, presidential interloper, has no genuine interest or deep commitment for the welfare of American citizens.

    Trump spews vitriol against our own American people and is critical of racial diversity, he seeks to incite public unrest and exploit unfounded fears and ignorance.

    Trumps tall tales and childish antics may be entertaining to some folks, but truth be told, astute voters are not impressed.

    Trump is strategically undermining relationships and good-will among a variety of Americans who simply wish to live, work, play and raise their families as peaceful friends and neighbors.

    The fact that the Dutchess County Sheriff is involved and BFF's with this bigot is embarrassing and disturbing enough. And, they wonder why race relations in Dutchess County are strained.

    Please​ let us try to put things in perspective during this trying presidential election season.

    America is built on freedom​ and diversity, values that Trump undermines and abhors.​
    Trump does'nt deserve your vote.

    Will I attend the Trump rally in Poughkeepsie? Absolutely not. Those with strength of character and good morals will forgo the Trump-train-freak-show.

    Frankly, I pity Trump's followers. As Alexander Hamilton once said, "​If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything"

    ....or anyone.

  • Glenn Bluford Jackson - 4 years ago

    Snake charming no account ignorant bigot preying on the ignorant and misinformed. Never served this country, never once and only self serving now. No I will not attend. NO TRUMP 2016.

  • Mickey Starzyk - 4 years ago

    Possibly the very last chance to take the country back from the elites. If killary gets in, The U.S of A. is history.
    Time for the generals to take a stand.

  • MTD - 4 years ago

    Looking for the "Hell NO" button :)

  • Dak - 4 years ago

    It's time to put our good country back together again - Donald Trump is the only one who can do this and do it well! God bless you Mr Trump and thank you!!

  • Brud - 4 years ago

    Time to set priorities. Arguabla Social Moderate, and a Fiscal Conservative. Need to get the Economy fixed, get rid of the debt. Then go after the Social issues. Social issues are moot if the Country is Broke from giving away money and jobs. Nothing will move until the economic engine runs. US became Great because it became Rich, it needs to be Rich again. For everyone not just the Political Hacks whom are simply Career Politicians. Like him or not, he's the only one in the race that can fix the Engine. Four mores of the same and Right to Life, Roe v Wade, Immigration, Global Warming will be the least of our worries. IMHO

  • Lynn Sloan - 4 years ago

    Love the Don

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