Are you going to see Ghost In The Shell?

  • Kyle - 5 years ago

    I think the worst part of all this is how people are actively erasing Asian Americans from this discussion. People in Japan don't care about this because they have entertainment that caters to them. They even have a Ghost In The Shell stage play! So it makes sense that they really don't care about the whitewashing.
    People here care because Hollywood overly caters everything to white people.

    What doesn't make sense is casting a white woman to play the lead when there are Asian actresses here in America. And while you could argue that Scarlett Johansson is a bigger name than them, how are they supposed to get popular if they can't get big roles like this one? If Hollywood can give Kristen Stewart a chance, they can give them a chance.

    Also while I see Asian actors speaking out about this, I don't see white actors saying anything. Is it because they're too busy playing asian characters?

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    Man fuck Hollywood. They are the same as the people doing white remixes of black songs.

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