How Long Do You Believe YOU Have Maintained A State of Grace

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  • Lion&Lamb - 6 years ago

    If we are reading this website because we were Web surfing Catholic news, chances are we are practising Catholics who not only love our faith but do have a personal relationship with the Lord. The other relevant question should be "How often do we spend time at Eucharistic Adoration?" If we do, we do talk to/with the Lord & have not felt a need to talk about a "personal relationship with Christ " which I consider is a Protestant concept born from not having received the real Eucharistic Lord. Frankly, my Protestant friends who are "proud of" their personal relationship with the Lord pick & choose who & what they believe in. Their "personal relationship with the Lord" excludes others - it's a vertical one on one relationship with Jesus - no need for saints or angels or joy in belonging to a vast community of believers. I have discreetly questioned Catholics who don't receive the Lord at Communion. I m often impressed that they feel unworthy, or know that some condition (personal & private) make them choose not to receive Holy Communion.

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