Rate your level of confidence in Dededo Vice Mayor Andrew Peter Benavente. (Poll Closed)

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  • Lamlamb - 5 years ago

    My vote of very confident he'd shoot that violator's ass... The VM should be allowed to enforce the law. If a man is truly fearful for his family's safety --- then slow down !!! especially when you are driving with passengers in the car!

  • Tony Leon Guerrero - 5 years ago

    So VM Benavente thought he's above the law. The judge, police and I don't think so. Calm down primo, relax, stay healthy, and when this is all over, have one on me!

  • Thanksnothanks - 5 years ago

    These comments are a joke. The vice mayor's probably praising himself, or his family's doing it for him. What a laugh.

  • Lucy gusuel - 5 years ago

    Yes run again he is the best mayor.He should run again.Thank you

  • dsantos - 5 years ago

    This is a hard working VM... As mentioned previously, it's evident when you see him getting his hands dirty to take care of his community and his constituents. There ARE better ways to handle situations than the way he chose to, but otherwise he is awesome.

  • Tank - 5 years ago

    1BADASS Vice Mayor!!! Run again and you got my vote!!

  • Tank - 5 years ago

    1BADASS Vice Mayor!!! Run again and you got my vote!!

  • Kiko - 5 years ago

    In reference to B, how about the legislature and the governor, they get away with things we don not like. Some senators don not show up so they do not have to vote and some have to go on diet.

  • B - 5 years ago

    I can't believe people are actually defending him. How many times has he been charged with a crime since taking office? I understand that nobody's perfect, but do you see any other mayor or vice mayor on Guam getting arrested as much as he has? It's not about being perfect; part of holding an official position in the government is being a good role model.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    He made a mistake, but for the most part he is the only one out in the village with his crew cleaning up the village, can't say that for the Mayor.
    He should run again if possible.

  • Mel - 5 years ago

    I think we all have our own moments and he jst happens to be noticed because he's the vice mayor! But honestly... Nobody is perfect & I actually can't believe I'm on his side for this one! Lol I pretty much understand his frustration with all these people who drive over the speed limit and drive wrecklessly. Smdh ???? And I agree w/Rob Sablan, he's the vice mayor on island that I see working his ass off!

  • Bout Time - 5 years ago

    With all these home invasions, theft, reckless driving, going on in our island, I'll do the same what VM Benavente did, & protect my own. Now a days, gun protection is the only way to go if you want to prove a point. Yes he's a public figure but you got to care for your own some time. I think his sentence was fair. Good job VM !!

  • Rob Sablan - 5 years ago

    Vice Mayor Benavente has done a lot of Hard work cutting trees,shrubs,bushes on the roadways of Dededo. He is the only Vice Mayor I see doing the work himself.Everyone has a little problems in life,no one is perfect. Kudos to Vice Mayor Benavente.

  • Ryan Blas - 5 years ago

    The police don't seem to care when you report speeding in the villages. So he took matters into his own hands.. His actions probably saved a life. 15MPH is 15MPH unless you're on Guam.

  • wake up - 5 years ago

    Probation... is that a pop quiz or a joke. I think the Mayor should reduced he's pay, good vice mayor do not threatened people. Get help and wake up, you'r not 25 years old. PTSD

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