How much do you miss Bebo IM?

  • Gillian Smith - 11 years ago

    i didnt like it thats what you have msn for

  • Lynn - 12 years ago

    My Bebo IM box has disappeared, does anyone know why or if I can get it back.

  • Saraaaa - 12 years ago

    Awww come on plz put it bakkkkkk PLZ:o

  • samihaim7years old - 12 years ago

    its got crap pictures

  • rochkii - 12 years ago

    i loved i now i cant talk to my frends

  • jasna - 12 years ago

    its because no one new it was there, you should tell ppl wen on the bebo home page and BRING IT BK!! i only got to use it once :(

  • Aqib - 12 years ago

    Omdaizz i just found out right and i couldnt believe it i was like omgyou could chat on bebo
    but the other day it went away
    please could you bring it back please

  • danny - 12 years ago

    bebo im is back now lol but different, what was the one before werent it skype or somet :S

    i saw it ,, but it bebo didnt exactly make it clear enuff to say what it was , what it does, and how to use it n where etc ... the new one is good but it dusnt make a sound when someone talks to you =[

  • Sophie - 12 years ago

    I Liked it! I was waiting for it to come back :(

  • dont worri - 12 years ago


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