What issue is most important to you in the upcoming election? (Poll Closed)

  • Economy
    83 votes

  • Education
    28 votes

  • Environment
    13 votes

  • Public health
    12 votes

  • Public safety
    35 votes

  • Welfare and social issues
    29 votes


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  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    Electing people with Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, and Protecting the Public's Purse Strings are the most important things this election season. This means no Rodriguez, Morrison, Barnes, Respicio, and Tony Ada as a start. This means, electing people who are running to better the island versus the pockets of themselves, their friends, their family or the governor. This also means that no one from this administration is deserving to win because we need leaders and not puppets of the administration.

  • C - 4 years ago

    Of course all of the issues listed in the poll are obviously important, but I think that the number one issue people care about are the ROADS. Second would be downsizing of the legislature in addition to mayors and vice mayors.

  • Paradise Island - 4 years ago

    This survey is so vague. It is so generic like those generic medicines you buy over the counter. Anyhow, all the people of voted to keep their pay increase while Guam is continued to be buried in debt must be voted out. San Nicolas, BJ Cruz and Underwood should be re-elected and the rests should be new faces in the block.

  • Something to think about - 4 years ago

    All the issues above are of concern and important to the well being of our island, however one important issue that no one seems to want to address is the impact that the continued migration of migrants to our island has on our natural resources and infrastructure. I known that the migrants are just trying to make a better life for their families and we should lend a helping hand, but when do we say enough is enough. Our leaders seem to think that more money is the solution that will cure all. When the wells run dry ! I guess we can import bottle water.

  • y? - 4 years ago

    Why would you not make education your priority? We continue to struggle with illiterate job applicants. Educate those that can become contributors to our society. It doesn't matter if it is an academic or technical education path.

    We are so caught up in so MANY "distractions" that we tend to loose our way in terms of where we will be 5 to 10 years down the road. We have MANY health issues, MANY financial and government funding issues. It doesn't help that the Governor's office refers to their SCAM of $800,000.00 as a "DISTRACTION". How STUPID IS THAT?! A $800,000.00 GovGuam "BONUS", RETRO-PAY (call it what you will) but this just really taints Calvo's administration. The MILLIONS of dollars that was awarded to YTK just screams SCANDAL!...More corruption from this Administration. I best change parties so I can be with the REAL CONSERVATIVES!


  • wake up - 4 years ago

    Most important for me is senator's, senator's need to do there role has a senator. When our voice is spoken to you, senator's rather argued among each other. I and the people of Guam put this corrupted people in the seat, true colors of this senator are coming out. I agreed with islander @ Joe rag, thank you for noticing what's happening. Question is what is more important ((SENATOR'S) some needs to wake up.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    I agree with @joe rag 100% . My family and relatives will not be voting for The 3 corrupt amigos Barnes , Respicio and Rodriguez and their idiot sidekicks the ADA's , Morrison and McCreadie . Bj Cruz And SanNicholas has our votes for sure , everyone of m friends and relatives agree .
    I can't wait to cast my vote ! Calvo and his greedy , selfish agenda is steering this island towards the same fate as Puerto Rico , all debt and not enough income to pay anything off except their salaries . Thanks a lot Gov Guam ! Lol !!

  • joe Rag - 4 years ago

    None of these are my top priorities! The most important priority that is on everyones mind is ensure that only 2 maybe 3 Senators get re-elected. B J Cruz, San Nicholas, and the other Senator that initially voted against the salary increases!


    At the top of the list of who has to go are:

    Rodriguez, Muna Barnes, All of the ADA's, Respicio, Augon, MCstupid Mcreedy!

    If i had the time to be more upset and pissed off I would name the rest, So just get rid of them all except B J Cruz and Guam will become a much better place!

    Oh and PLEASE make darn sure that WIL CASTRO does not get a seat ever again. He's running after he's been out since the last election!

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