Did This Dad Go Too Far

  • Shatoria Veasey - 5 years ago

    He went to far! First off you never beat your children when you are mad, clearly he was tense. Second, when you trying to teach your kid a lesson i agree with discipline but when you humiliate them the lesson is lost they just going to remember what you did not why. Third, why does social media need to know you being a parent or trying so say

  • thasia - 5 years ago

    Discipline is discipline there should be no blood resulting from discipline.....naw he took that too far

  • csport88 - 5 years ago

    The dad was grandstanding at his son's expense.....I think dad had some deep routed issues.

  • Short - 5 years ago

    His dad has no hands. So he can hit on a defenseless young boy. Set to me and I'll have him looking like his son.. The Youngin could of gotten some good guys in. He was just scared. What a bitch ni***

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