Did Shocking Y&R Sage Death Cheat Viewers?

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  • Sheila Spahr - 4 years ago

    I agree with all of the above comments. I was so upset about Sage being killed off, it was as though I was living in Genoa City. I have watched the Y & R for yrs. and I just loved Sage! She is the best! Was it your idea to write her out or did she have another opportunity? The writers need to brush up on their story which has lead to a hit percentage of discontent from viewers. Where did Sage go so I can watch her on another show, movie or whatever? We deserve to know! You need to crack down on Sharon!!!

  • Shorty Sporty - 4 years ago

    Why did u get rid of Sage anyway I can think of some others that there time is up.
    I don't want to watch the any more because its not fair to the viewers or Sage.

  • Shorty Sporty - 4 years ago

    I think u should bring Sage back, that's not fair that she didn't get to spend mother hood with her son.

  • Annette Hazley - 4 years ago

    I think Sharon gets away with so much,its time for her to be held accountable for her action,so why take Sage,Sharon is very conniving ,I wanted the baby issue to come on out for her(Sage&Nick).She deserved to be happy with her family.Not happy with the young&restless.

  • Annette Hazley - 4 years ago

    I'm going to stop looking at young and restless

  • Annette Hazley - 4 years ago

    I think Sharon gets away with so much,its time for her to be held accountable for her action,so why take Sage,Sharon is very conniving ,I wanted the baby issue to come on out for her(Sage&Nick).She deserved to be happy with her family.Now happy with the young&restless.

  • Sirena - 4 years ago

    Yes we were robbed of Sage, first she goes thru the most with Adam, then she finds happiness with Nick, then there is a child Christian, she lost after she was told she could never have kids, then he us taken from her from a ruthless woman from Nick & Sharon's past which totally wasn't fair,she fights her loss of her son, tries to find answers then she does,when ppl should have listened to Patti in the beginning..., So her and the crazy Sharon come together to get answers, which They both find on the same day, Sage goes to Sharon with the truth that her child lives (which is Adam's not Nick's) she will never get the chance to find the out...Sad!!! Sharon Ass need to be locked down she does so much and never has to pay for anything like burning down ranch, pushing Pyhllis down the stairs putting her in A Coma for a year, Lost Dylan baby,lied ,sneaked till her mind just said Hey your pregnant , try to destroy Nick and Sage using Faith... Sharon has done her share just like Victor.. She needs to sit in a cell for a while with no one in her corner... I don't like her.. I guess she will use the excuse of not taking meds to get out of it like she always does,, and all the sneakness she does hurts so many pplwhen the truth is revealed... I want Sage to come back as a ghost and Haunt the Hell out of her... But the truth will still come out Cuz Sulley is going to be blind or something for the truth to come out ... Or the Nurse will break again or My man Paul will put it all together that Sharon is hiding something, or Adam ... Dylan is blinded by Sharon due to his feelings....I could say alot been watching this all my life ... The writers have really pissed me off seriously

  • sarah - 4 years ago

    Bring Sage back-let it only be a dream. Her performance was great with the baby- really started liking her character evolve.

  • LAURA - 4 years ago

    VERY SAD that Sage was just coming into her own on the show and BANG
    you get rid of her. Very very bad mistake. The viewers WANTED to see her
    raise her child by bringing some happiness to this show. Y and R is going
    down fast and you producers are doing it!!!

  • Jeanette Burns - 4 years ago

    I know this is just a soap opera, but you messed up big time. If you think anything of your viewers, Sage is really not dead. It won't be the first time they brought someone back. Because of you killing Sage, I WILL NO LONGER BE WATCHING.

  • Theatrebill - 4 years ago

    I was so hoping that for once, the writers would right a wrong!! Instead, they are just rerunning the old stolen baby story lines used for years. No creativity in the writing???? How about we make Sage's death an illusions in Sharon's wild drugged imagination. Bring back Sage and let Sharon deal with Dylan on her own.

  • lee - 4 years ago

    Hate that Sage died I was looking forward to her reunion with Christian. Too many good actors are killed off this show and the storyline about all the DNA's is getting boring. Give us some more Adam being a good guy, he can slip every now and then but he is great.

  • Amanda - 4 years ago

    I am extremely disappointed in the killing off of Sage. The writers have been building us up to see Christian reunited with his "real" mom and then they kill her off. I have watched y&r since I was a kid, but sadly I can say I am no longer a viewer. This has really put the icing on the cake for me. Hope the writers realize how bad the ratings are going to drop!!

  • Marilyn Frisbie - 4 years ago

    Please bring Sage back..I've been watching The Young and the Restless every since it first aired.. writers have really messed up this time.. Sage finally found out about her baby and then the writer's kill her off.. WHAT A MISTAKE !!!

  • Marilyn Frisbie - 4 years ago

    I think somehow they need to write Sage back into the show.. If it was her decision to leave the show, then change her with another actress, like they did with Billy..I don't really like it when they change people but I'd rather see that than Sage being gone. Sharon needs to get what's coming her.I want Sage to finally get her baby back.

  • Janet - 4 years ago

    Kelly Sullivan (Sage) one of the few decent actors with talent on The Young and the Restless and they kill off her character. The writing has been just terrible lately and they are on the verge of a monumental battle between Sharon and Sage and poof, it's over! They writers really need to change and get some decent story lines. This was a terrible move. I feel that same when they wrote off Jessica Collins (Avery) another talented actor. The producers and writers have no respect for the viewers. This one might just turn me off for good.

  • Sandy Waldrep - 4 years ago

    I think Sage should be written back in the Young And the Restless. WHY was she taken off?? If someone should leave, it should be Sharon. Sage could come alive in the Morgue!! After all, how many times did Shelia re-appear. It is not unheard of that some people are not really dead even after they go to the morgue. I am HOPING that Sage will be back!! Will not be the same without Sage. She is the breath of fresh air that we all needed and enjoyed!! PLEASE bring her back!!

  • Stephanie Marshall - 4 years ago

    It is a terrible loss to the viewers and that precious baby, please bring her back! Nick will never be the same, and Sharon will once again get away with her evil ways! I loved Sage!

  • Ruthie Williams - 4 years ago

    Bring Sage back. It is a soap opera and people are brought back from death all the time. Paramedics and doctors made a mistake. She was just mistakenly pronounced DOA. We as loyal viewers deserve to see her with her son.

  • Mindi Nichols - 4 years ago

    Sage dying is all I can think about since watching yesterday's (4/29) episode. I know it's not real life but when you watch Young and the Restless everyday like I do, and look so forward to watching it, it becomes like real life. I am so upset about this. Like everyone else I want to know how the writers could do that to viewers. I loved Sage and I was finally overjoyed about her getting Christian back. Why, why did that have to happen? Now, I feel very cheated out of the many scenarios I pictured would play out with Sage and Christian. I'm just very bothered by this, just saying. Could you please tell us why she had to die?

  • Victoria Thompson - 4 years ago

    Sage was robbed of her child as were the viewers. Writers can be more creative than that! Sharon is now left to be a thorn in our side. Dr. Anderson was not to blame for this because if Sharon had told Dylan about the miscarriage before she went to Fairview, there would've been no baby issue. This is the result of Sharon's lieing and we're sick of it. Sharon was driving too fast & admitted it. Why couldn't SHE have been in the wreck? See writers, you have options you don't use. Bring in a substitute for Sage was an option you didn't use. This was a horrible thing the writers did to us all.

  • Sandie - 4 years ago

    So sick of these morbid storylines! If anyone was going to die it should have been Sharon. Writers are supposed to be creative but the best they seem to be able to come up with is killing off characters including innocent children...they should be writing for "Dark Shadows" not the Young & Restless! I know it's just a soap opera but today's episode made it really easy...I deleted it from my series DVR recordings. I stopped watching Bold & Beautiful years ago because I was sick of Brooke sleeping with every man in the show. I have been a fan of Y&R since the beginning but will no longer be watching this morbid garbage either!

  • Teresa Bohannon - 4 years ago

    I bend watching The Young and the Restless sent 1974 That Really broke my heart when sage die today I got anger an turn my tv off I was so upset I told my husband I done please bring her back a live an let her raise her baby boy she been through a lot get redid of Sharon I don't care just please fix this ok I love you forever PLEASE

  • Reddick - 4 years ago

    Take a leap, let Sage not be dead...you finally bring in another character you kill off..it is getting old....we are left with Neumans and Abbotts forever feuding...and not much else to exciting...change up people......

  • Deborah - 4 years ago

    Letting Sage die was very unfair to the viewers. Because if this the show will lose a lot if longtime viewers. I no longer have any interest in watching!!!!

  • Deborah Boyd - 4 years ago

    Letting Sage die was very unfair to the viewers. Because if this the show will lose a lot if longtime viewers. I no longer have any interest in watching!!!!

  • Gia - 4 years ago

    This was a very morbid move on the part of the writers. The show took a definite turn to the dark side.

  • Vicki Bruni - 4 years ago

    Sharon is the one who should have been eliminated!! She's not paying for anything she does!! Now we will probably have to deal with another of her stupid nutso storylines and once again she will not admit her faults!! Yes it was the Doctor who treated her that switched the babies but now is the time for Sharon to come clean and then a new storyline can start!!! I am just sick and tired of her!!

  • Deb B - 4 years ago

    I have been watching Y&R since day one & I find this story line with sage & Sharon really sucks Sharon always gets away with all her ugly doings this show could & would survive without this character since Y&R has already killed off Sage I sure hope that Sharon gets busted & hopefully loses everything that would be AWESOME

  • Shirley S. - 4 years ago

    All I can say is it should have Sharon and not Sage. Sharon is someone who thinks she should have everything she wants. No matter what it costs. She will get hers.

  • ruthie - 4 years ago

    She should have been able to get her baby back

  • Debbie Poutre - 4 years ago

    This was a horrible exit for Sage. Just as she found out her son was still alive? You guys could have had her leave town for a while then when she is done with her project, come back to GC. Shame.

  • Annie Logan - 4 years ago

    She never had a chance to be with her son,Life goes on we never know what tomorrow brings.

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