Wamberal War Memorial Hall and the park should be preserved for future generations?

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  • Richard Abrahams - 6 years ago

    Shame on GCC Councillors excluding Councillors Morris and Scott, the remainder and Mayor should hang their heads in shame, the park was vested in Council on behalf of the Community, and Messrs McKinna, Doyle, Bowles, Strickson, Macfadyen, Bourke, Bocking and Ward should seek a mandate from the community in support of their current actions. They notwithstanding current Liberal Legislation and their on selfish agendas to meet and satisfy the demands of developers should be thoroughly investigated by the NSW Ombudsman's Office to test he voracity and probity of their [proposed actions. Gosord is soon to be a vertical wasteland, devoid of free usable green spaces with traffic grid blockages and inadequate public transport. They should be collectively condemed

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