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  • Candace Coates - 5 years ago

    I am strongly opposed to the Continental Commons . The area is the final resting place of many who gave up their lives help this great country be born. This sort of thing does not belong in Fishkill period. There has not been enough studies done of the area in question. I am a charter member of the Fishkill Historical Society and this so called development is disgrace! These newcomers to the area have no idea of what is at risk of being lost forever.

  • Marcia Case - 5 years ago

    NO!!! I live in Westchester Co., where many Pre-Revolutionary historic buildings have been overlooked and continue to disappear, the Elijah Miller House in White Plains, it was General George Washington's headquarters... The Revolutionary War had many remarkable battles, in and around the Hudson Valley. Think what little remains of Pre-Revolutionary Manhattan, once these sites are lost, they are gone forever. Our children, grandchildren and the many generations to come, need to see, hear and learn first hand about our Nations history. We memorialize our soldiers, the hero's and civilians of Shanksville, PA and World Trade Center victims. A local perspective, on the value of Our Nation's soldiers lives, given to make and keep America a Land of the Free, requires us and our government to preserve our history!

  • Marsha Mayes - 5 years ago

    NO! For us to find an archeological site in our area and bull-doze it over to make anything is horrendous. Our country wouldn't be our country (as it is) if not for those who fought and/or died here. The fear, the courage, and the sacrifices given to stand up to another so much bigger than us and to be able to say, "We are the United States of America" because of these people. They should be honored as should other properties like this. These are those who made us what we are today.

  • Martin B Byster - 5 years ago

    NO! Do not build Continental Commons preserve the Fishkill Supply Depot as a national monument in memorial to the patriots that won the American War for Independence.

  • Rich DiGregorio - 5 years ago

    To whom this will concern, Sadly there is nothing in my power to change what has been happening since the mall across the street was built and the recent efforts which found many U.S.A soldiers remains. Looking at the problem from a distance I can only assume that the proper channels within U.S.Military have not been involved. I applaud the efforts of those within the Re-enacting community but at this point You, the people that have been doing the work need to lean on your connections at West Point' as an example', You do have connections within your Re-enacting community that may be able to get the help I'm referring to. Again, I am very proud of all the effort you have put into the Site, and hope that my few words will ' trip the trigger ' and launch newer successful efforts.

    Yr Svt

    Rich DiGregorio

  • Jane Apuzzo - 5 years ago


  • Martin Byster - 5 years ago

    "I 100% feel Mr. Broccoli should build on his site. If you actually read his proposal and understand the facts you would know that there have been countless archaeological studies on that particular property all turning up little to nothing."--- History Guy

    Sir your are WRONG. You certainly have not read the archaeology reports especially the 2007-2009 Greenhouse Report and 1974 Temple University Report.

    Take your own advice..."before you vote or give your imput, please read all of the facts".

    You have been bamboozaled by Mr Broccoli's failures to put all the facts on the table.

  • LeRoy Hogan - 5 years ago

    I am an American Veteran retired from service who would hate the thought of a place like Arlington Cemetery become private property 200 hundred plus years later to become a strip mall on top of my fallen comrades' graves.

  • Theresa Kraft - 5 years ago

    Never. Dutchess County touts this as the historic Hudson Valley while our local municipalities continue to encourage commercial development on land that's a federal and state mandated historic site, shortsighted for sure...

  • Not bamboozled - 5 years ago

    Don't be fooled by a slick PR campaign.

    People thought that Troy and Pompeii were myths until someone decided to dig them up - and from their foundations put together the real story.

    There are over 50 archaeological studies on the site between the mid-1950's and today. They are all public. The latest ground penetrating radar study completed in 2012 by the owners' own team conlcudes that there are many foundation remains still there to be analyzed. All of them, as well as contemporary accounts, point to structures which were built to supply the army as well as hospitals and barracks.

    A Disneyland version of the Revolutionary War certainly does not provide any insight into the Fishkill Supply Depot or the reason that it existed. It is not educational nor is it accurate - especially bulldozing away the evidence of the infrastructure of the depot.

    Sad day for the Town - sadder day for patriotic people who believe there is a real intrinsic value in our heritage that is greater than the entrance fee to the local Disneyland mini mall

  • History Gal - 5 years ago

    I know of no one in the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot group who is out for personal glory. The Depot site has never been thoroughly and completely surveyed and it cannot be certain at this point that there are not further burials on the site - so drop the History Guy Handle, be a patriot and get with the program..

  • Fern Sunday - 5 years ago

    Please enough building. How about using some of the empty buildings around Fishkill and other areas in Dutchess County. All we see anymore is land being bulldozed to erect another building. The traffic is terrible here. This construction is another useless idea that is being proposed on our historic sight. I use to attend the meetings at the Fishkill Town board but found it to be sad that not many Fishkill residents attended on critical issues. This is why so many issues get approval. Wake up Fishkill, start fighting some of these issues that is not needed or wanted.

  • Stephanie R. - 5 years ago

    I'm not entirely convinced that the Town of Fishkill needs yet another hotel or business complex. Look further north just a bit and there are more than a sufficient number of lodgings for travelers, several restaurants too! Just travel north on Route 9 from Fishkill Supply Depot, turn left onto Route 52 and you will find a lovely shopping area with several vacancies...ready made homes for businesses right in the heart of the Village of Fishkill. I would be interested in knowing the timing of the property owner's decision to put a historical "spin" on his proposed development. Was it before or after he realized that those interested in preserving the historic nature of the site would not back down quietly? Just curious.

  • j & a miller - 5 years ago

    Please, enough with businesses around Dutchess County. Let's get it together and have this site declared a National Historical Park. More people would travel here for this reason rather than some business sites for someone's personal profit.

  • Liz Colbert - 5 years ago

    There is already enough empty retail space in and around Fishkill, promote new occupants for those current empty eye sores. Fishkill should be respectful of its history and start preserving that history for future generations.

  • Allan Zellnock - 5 years ago

    No Way! There has already way to much destruction of historic sites in this country.

  • ralph - 5 years ago

    About fiqures!Nothing sacred anymore,history tossed aside as usual,even history founding our nation yet!
    Same story in Hyde Park and its waterfront,Rhinebecks too and Poughkeepsie when the British burned Kingston and what happened there too!And yes those patriots too,trying to repel it also,but sadly forgotten,
    history erased,not taught anymore anyway,and buried in our towns yet too as Patriots also,Revolution founding our nation.And as usual,come July 4th,no fireworks anyway,even a presidential town like Hyde Park yet,so maybe next thing ya know,strip mall on the Island too,right under the Statue of Liberty too,and Levi Morton,(google it)from Rhinebeck and buried today too,and former Vice President too,as ambassador to France yet,riveted the first rivet on toe when being built in France as ambassador to France and played a major part having it in NYC too as a gift from France.
    About fiqures,its now come to this too with our history here,revolutionary history yet also founding our nation too!

  • Theresa Kraft - 5 years ago

    NO!!! We need to advocate for the protection & preservation of our Hudson Valley and American History connection and resources and prevent Continental Commons from eradicating any trace of this designated National Register of Historic Places site and turn it into another strip mall along Route 9. Building faux replicas in the style of 18th century is not the same as building a historic reconstruction like Jamestown Settlement / Yorktown Victory Center.

    Just this week The New York State Historic Preservation Office / SHPO, issued a letter dated April 21, 2016 to the Town of Fishkill Planning Board declaring that the proposed commercial construction on an undeveloped section of the historic Fishkill Supply Depot lands could "negatively impact" the site’s archaeological cultural resources.

    I've been attending TOF Board and Planning Board meetings following this CC development and have voiced my concerns at every opportunity to prevent the destruction of this important American Revolutionary War site.

  • History Guy - 5 years ago

    I 100% feel Mr. Broccoli should build on his site. If you actually read his proposal and understand the facts you would know that there have been countless archaeological studies on that particular property all turning up little to nothing. The site of the actual cemetery has already been preserved by Broccoli with his own money. The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot have some good intentions but the are now a few bad apples who are only in it for personal glory. As a volunteer for many not-for-profits based in Southern Dutchess, I have seen the FoFSD group only can for personal vendettas and not for the main goal, to provide an educational and historical destination to forever recognize the history of the Fishkill Supply Depot, which is what is being proposed. So I ask before you vote or give your imput, please read all of the facts, I usually am against development but Continental Commons is an exception

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