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  • Vote for Kayes - 8 years ago

    Brian Kayes is definitely the best teacher I have ever had. His lessons are simply the best.

  • OvO - 8 years ago

    Brian Kayes = Groundskeeper Willie (Simpsons) + Gordon Ramsay + Kim Kardashian (Part Scottish).

  • Sebastiaan van Gompel - 8 years ago

    Brian Kayes is, simply put, a genious teacher who not only strives, but realizes a better world, by making his English accessible to everyone. After having had several classes of him, it struck me he is the most eloquent, thoughtful and empathic teacher I have ever had class from. He is incapable of becoming mad. His mutual respect to students make you feel equal. During class, there is no such thing as competition. Brian let's you realise the race is only with yourself and challenges everyone to reach their own potential. Got questions after class? He's up for some small talk. Got more serious issues to discuss? Don't worry, he'll make time for it, doing so in his free time. Brian is the kind of teacher who's there for you, and the world could use a lot more of him. Thanks Brian!

  • Jeroen de Kock - 8 years ago

    You had me at hello!

  • Daniel Le Pair - 8 years ago

    Brian Kayes is the answer. The answer to everything, whenever, wherever. Brian is the epitome of awesomeness. He is the highest of devine beings.
    He can run you over with a parked car. Legend says he once commited suicide, and lived. Someone fired a gun at Brian; The bullet dodged him. Brian doesn't wear a watch, he freakin' decides what time it is.
    He is the ultimate life form, omnipotent and all-powerful. Without him, the world would fall into darkness and despair, without a chance at redemption.
    Humanity needs Brian.

  • Wyatt Earp - 8 years ago

    Mr Kayes is God's gift to all struggling students of English. Taught me everything I know—and then some. The ancient myths and legends speak of such divinely wise men, but to meet one in real life is a thundering miracle. Never puts a foot wrong, does our Laird of Glasgow—always gracious, always smiling, eyes twinkling as he nonchalantly slithers through English grammar like an eel through a barrel of tripe (as aul' Flann O'Brien once said to him), and still he has time to share a bowl of porridge and a rake of pints along the Utrecht canal of a summer's eve. King of gunslingers, so he is! May his laughter echo down the centuries . . .

  • Lolfail - 8 years ago

    @Sergen Demirel

    Zo goed is hij kennelijk niet in Engels geven.... ''Puch up''........

  • Sergen Demirel - 8 years ago

    Bryan kayes is like a buff scottisch jezus. He travels the lands to bestow his knowledge of the english language (wich he invented) to us peasants. He is the one that legends speak of and the one that makes these legends. He is there when you need him. he is the hero that gotham deservers. he could make america great again( he doesnt need to build a wall). he is the light in the dark. he is the prince on the white horse. He has a mad bench press record. when he does a puch up, the earth gets pushed down.

    " He is the new neptune, thor would be jealouse" ~ Rens van den Tillaer

  • Bram Hendriks - 8 years ago

    Bryan Kayes, the most friendly teacher I know. Keeps it interesting, let's you laugh, and best of all, helps you without hesitation when you ask for more knowledge.

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