Do you think the student should face criminal charges for this incident?

  • Jason - 6 years ago

    Students learn things by mistakes.

    Even though he just became an adult, he is still a high school student.

    I agree that he should be punished though, but by school discipline, not by law.

    He must have learnt something. I hope he did.

  • Camilo Alfaro - 6 years ago

    There you go dude on a date great choices can't wait till you grow up as a real adult and someone dares you to do a far more criminal act and then people want to have your charges dropped what's wrong with the world he wanted to be a big boy right show his big stuff right aight champ step up and receive your price

  • Tyga - 6 years ago

    This school has too be outaline, and it shouldn't have been published and if you agree that this child should be punished that shows your charachter, god doesn't like ugly and giving him all them counts is ugl, what's the justice? Exactly I'll wait.. the school should have caught on when the picture was taken.

  • Amanda Davis - 6 years ago

    I'm a God fearing women and although I'm grateful that Eve ate the apple our good lord specifically told her not to eat (may the good lord forgive me... Oh that's right he forgives everyone. I don't know much about the school system there in Hunter Osborne's neck of the woods but here in Alabama our school system's have lost there damn minds as well and as of 2004 it was announced that wearing a shirt that said "GOD" was concitered "gang related" BULLSHIT!!! I'm a firm believer in JESUS!! HALL ALU!
    HUNTER, I might be a believer in Christ but I'm also a sinner. I don't even like seeing myself naked so you my sweet dear youngster need to keep it in your pants until you are married. Lol or at least until you have found someone that might lead you in that direction. I'm soeru , I have 2 boys (one that has Down Syndrome) and if I ever received a call from there principal informing me that one of them did what you did.!!! Oh Jesus better watch over him cause I'm about to tare that ass up. It was a stupid stupid stupid prank. Feel good with your body but do it in the comfort of your closed bedroom door. Most of us have already learned that your school has lost there damn minds. So long as you don't do any pranks that include you showing your pecker at a child or a women (or a guy if your that way. Not saying you are or anything), you are NOT a sex offender. LISTEN TO WHAT I'M TELLING YOU HUNTER. YOU ARE NOT A SEX OFFENDER. DON'T ALLOW ANYONE SAY YOU ARE. JUST IGNORE ALL THIS NEGATIVE BULLSHIT.
    From what I've read HunterOsborne has never been in trouble with the law, he's not the party time, always goes to school, has a job, on the (stupid) schools varsity football team which tells everyone that he makes descent grades. Everyone needs to shut the hell up about Hunter showing his pecker to minors cause he didn't. He didn't run up to a small child and say look at my man hood. HELL YEA, what he did was a very very stupid prank. Maybe even the dumbest EVER. I don't believe we should lock his ass up. However, I do agree that he does need to accept the concquences for his stupid actions. Maybe, probation or community service, including writing an apology letter to his entire school but also to his community as well. This is a 19 year old immature young man who's learning about himself as well as the world we live in. His life hasn't even started yet and some of y'all wanna end it because he's a follower instead of a leader. That's fucked up. Our country USA was found and brought up by religion and now a lot of people wanna condemn a kid who accepted a stupid dear and call him a sex offender and lock his ass up??? Seriously? That's fucked up. I don't judge others too harshly became I do not wanna be judged just as harshly by our lord. Which by the way folks is the only one who's opinion matters to me. I'm just saying give the kid a break and don't fuck his entire life up (all over the dumnist prank in the world). Make him pay for the new edited yearbooks and Ask him to wright an apology letter to his community and (stupid) school (I bet $1000 he'd have no arguments about that. At least not if he's really that sinsear in feeling terrible about his actions) give him community service and allow him and his family a moment to be greatful this isn't going to fuck up his life and then let them move on and put this matter behind them. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire football team new what he was going to do. Hell, we all already know the two kids in front of Hunter was aware of what he was going to do because they are off to the side so Hunter Osborne is in full camera view. Which I'm still having a hard time understanding how in the hell was this not noticed by the photographer, yearbook staff, or a teacher during the photo taking?
    Thanks for letting me share people
    Amanda Davis
    I'll keep you and your family in my pr

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Nudity is not a crime. If this were a woman flashing her breasts we wouldn't even be talking about this. Penises have been taboo for a long time. Nudity is also acceptable in some states and cities. You can openly walk down the street naked as long as you are not aroused. Someone posted that this kid is a future sex offender. You must be out of your mind. This was a prank and the school failed to catch it. Suck it up and move on. Not only that all these guys showered together... 15, 17, 18 years old. Who the hell cares. Get over it and let the guy go have a normal life.

  • George Ellington - 6 years ago

    We all pulled pranks in school I remember being a junior in high school in shop class we made pin hole cameras out of oat mill boxes when the cameras were done two of my friend dropped their pants and let a fellow student take photos of their naked bums all that happened was we all got suspended The two playgirl model wannabes the photographer and me (I refused to snitch) I understand the laws are written to protect children but Hunter is a child himself! He did not intend to harm anyone he is just being a high school senior who is proud of his anatomy

    I have not seen the photo but my opinion is if they did not charge Hunter in the fall they should never have charged Him For several reasons,
    He did not distribute the photo the school did.
    The Yearbook Staff should have done a better job proofreading the photos before they were ever added to Yearbook! Let this kid have a future without a criminal record He has hurt no one! Let him graduate and go to college and let him put this case of judgement behind him!

  • Peter - 6 years ago

    Innocent prank? I don't think so. When has it ever been an innocent prank for an adult male to expose himself on school property? The school district should prosecute.

    The charges being dropped is clearly white privilege. Had it been anyone else parents would have been outraged.

    This kid is a future sex offender.

  • Scott P. - 6 years ago

    This is absolutely absurd! You're going to charge this kid, who was a minor at the time of the offence, with 69 counts of indecent exposure for exposing himself to the other students on the team?? ATTENTION: THESE PLAYERS SAW EACH OTHER EVERYDAY IN THE SHOWERS AND LOCKER ROOM. And then, you want to charge him for providing indecent material to minors? That is RIDICULOUS! Someone probably should be charged with that....... the school system and/or the adult that oversaw the editing of the yearbook. Are you telling me no one proof read that yearbook in enough detail to see that? What a witch hunt!! You people who want to charge this kid should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    Give the guy a break. He didn't hurt anyone, it wasn't a smart choice, but it was a dare and an innocent prank

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    It's an innocent prank. If you think he should be charged for a harmless prank you're a fucking moron. You're old and irrelevant and find no joy in life than to complain about harmless pranksters like this. If you think any high school student looked at their yearbook and instead of laughing, was "mortified" by this indecency, you're so far out of the times. Suspend the kid from school for a week and make him do community service and get that off his record. Let's not ruin someones life and make them struggle to find work because of that? You think that's fair? Fuck you people. You're all a bunch of Pontius Pilates.

  • Joe Mesa - 6 years ago

    He should pay the price for his actions. Otherwise, it sends a message to other adults that it's OK. He is wrong and knows it.

  • Bill - 6 years ago

    You people that wasn't to crucify this kid have issues!!!! What about people that mooned other classmates at games, proms, etc...? It's stupid high school hijinx, that's all!!!! Is anyone scarred for life because they were mooned? And you older folks, up in your 60's and beyond, tell me again how obscene this is? Ya know, while you were all running around during the free live days of the 70's, having orgies, doing nude protests, and so on. ... Before you cast stones, remember, the crap you did would bee frowned upon by today's standards, so stop acting like you're holier than thou!!!!

  • Hector - 6 years ago

    He should be charged. He knew it was wrong. Otherwise it would send a message that it's ok to show your privates like that and not get in trouble. Others might want to do the same. I've heard that if you get caught urinating in public you can be charged and have to register as sex offender. How is this much different. You're showing your privates in public, on purpose, and to take a picture.

  • Stephanie - 6 years ago

    To all the people saying there is no crime in nudity and that the school has naked photos in their books and naked statues etc, there is a big difference. That's like saying it is fine for a grown man to flash his genitals to a child, which is essentially what happened here. However, I think this is insane to charge him with every book that was printed. He shouldn't get jail time for this. That's just way too excessive. And of course they cant charge the kid who dared him. That is freedom of speech you can dare someone to do anything, there is no crime in saying I dare you to flash the camera. I don't know what country you think we live in, but we are free to make dares here in America. And, they shouldn't FIRE the teacher in charge of yearbooks, as some people are saying. There is no way they scrutinize every single photo that carefully. It was a tiny little image and only the tip of his penis was showing. There is no way se should lose her job because of this! The kid should get community service, maybe pay the cost of having to reprint all the yearbooks. That will hurt him a lot, and also help the school and the community. But it won't ruin his future prospects.

  • Steph - 6 years ago

    To all the people saying there is no crime in nudity and that the school has naked photos in their books and naked statues etc, there is a big difference. That's like saying it is fine for a grown man to flash his genitals to a child, which is essentially what happened here. However, I think this is insane to charge him with every book that was printed. He shouldn't get jail time for this. That's just way too excessive. And of course they cant charge the kid who dared him. That is freedom of speech you can dare someone to do anything, there is no crime in saying I dare you to flash the camera. I don't know what country you think we live in, but we are free to make dares here in America. And, they shouldn't FIRE the teacher in charge of yearbooks, as some people are saying. There is no way they scrutinize every single photo that carefully. It was a tiny little image and only the tip of his penis was showing. There is no way se should lose her job because of this! The kid should get community service, maybe pay the cost of having to reprint all the yearbooks!

  • Will - 6 years ago

    Where is the crowd-funding for this boy's defense? I'll help this young man defend against such ridiculous charges -Felony furnishing harmful materials to minors? I thought he was playing football, not selling programs. Really people, save this young man from these nuts!
    Unless Arizona has 69 individual change-rooms with showers at every venue where this team has played or practiced, I'm fairly certain that all of the boys have seen each other's junk. ..And if the sight of a penis is offensive or shocking to them, perhaps the Varsity Football team was not a good choice on their part. So, do the 15 to 17 year old boys have a separate locker room so the older boys won't be exposed to minors? Hopefully, the team staff maintains control in the locker rooms. Should they also be charged with sex crimes for seeing the minor boys naked?
    So what is left is a photograph in a book and flyer. It wasn't anything the participants in the picture hadn't seen before. I'll bet the school library has hundreds of books with pictures of human genitalia,many of them found in art and history books. So who is to say that Hunter Osborne wasn't exercising his own individual artistic expression ? Does it matter what his inspiration was? Is it really indecent exposure when nobody saw his penis at the photo-shoot? Isn't it the publisher that bears the responsibility for what is published? Perhaps Arizona should file charges against the Statue of David for recklessly exposing his penis to the world. It would make as much sense. Instead, they have chosen to announce that they made the young man feel disgusting. Great. Body-shame a young man who was self-confident and secure in his own skin.
    For those who are so outraged by the image of a penis in a small picture: Buy a Sharpie, but you have to actually use it.
    People of Arizona, you had better learn to like peeing in your pants, because you could be facing these charges too if you choose to pee behind a tree, bush, or structure because your body simply won't wait for the next rest stop / restroom. It doesn't matter if nobody can see your privates. You have exposed yourself inappropriately. Will an officer charge you? Maybe, maybe not, but those Draconian laws exist. Have fun on the sex-offenders list

  • jd - 6 years ago

    He knew exactly what he was doing (even smirked for his mug shot). Yes, he should be prosecuted (maybe drop it down to one charge, as long as he names whoever dared him so they can face a charge too). He's a sexual predator, and by NOT prosecuting him is saying this kind of behavior is ok. I would like to know, how did this get by the yearbook editing department/group? How did it get by the photographer? (wouldn't think many schools will be wanting them to work around kids anymore...). And for all those saying this is no big deal (I'm sure there's more truth to that than I want to know...), how would you feel when your 14 year old daughter got this picture? And how DO you feel knowing you're going to have to pay to have this yearbook redone?

  • mike - 6 years ago

    The two in front should face charges as well for being accessories. They clearly separated so he could be seen.

  • joe - 6 years ago

    He is a sex offender. Throw the book at him.
    He showed his junk to hundreds of people who saw the photo. Even small children.
    No different than the others that everyone gets so outraged about when they expose themselves in stores, in parks, or in front of schools.

  • Jane - 6 years ago

    Has anyone noticed that the whole front row are all elbow to elbow except where this kid was. I believe they were all involved and should be dealt with as a,while.

  • Karen - 6 years ago

    The guy most likely to succeed.

  • Josh - 6 years ago

    It almost seems like it was known by more than just a few people. The two players in front of him are separated and are the only two which aren't shoulder to shoulder.

  • Sai - 6 years ago

    J Lee - you are awesome and absolutely correct.

  • Sai - 6 years ago

    Whoever holds this guy against criminal charges- please come see me. I have a bunch of guys exposing all the time in fitness center changing rooms. Why is that different from what he did???

    Sick people- can make issue out of everything!!!

    This is just a prank.Its indecent.. But police being involved is way over reacting to the incident. Any disciplinary action y school should be a fit response.

  • Bert Cundle Sr. - 6 years ago

    Let his Punishment be: LAUGHTER...

  • J. Lee - 6 years ago

    "Approximately 3,400 students received a yearbook with the image"

    So if he is charged so should the school!

    For every one of the 3.400 students that are underage they should be charged with provide 'porn' to them....

  • flek - 6 years ago

    Consider: Humans are the only animals on the planet that cover their natural forms
    and that, to me, seems unnatural. How could anyone be a criminal for being in their natural state?

    To put an electronic 'leash' on someone, put them in a cage, or allow clowns in costumes to steal from them for an 'offense' of revealing their true nature is stupid and a reaction of fear.

    No victim no crime. It's that simple.


  • Jed Marlin - 6 years ago

    his mistake was talking to the police
    (the exposure was deliberate, and stupid, but admitting it was legally naive)

  • Shirls - 6 years ago

    He's a kid, taking a photo. He is not in charge of reviewing or publishing it. Sure, that was not wise thing to do, but its actually funny because stupid high school kids do that sort of thing. But now, so many see it.. its not his fault. The photos should have been reviewed better before hand, not after the fact. I am sure he is remorseful and it was tacky but I think 30 years from now, the class of 2016 will be laughing.

  • Blaine - 6 years ago

    He only exposed himself to the person holding the camera who did not see it. Seems like any charges should be on the publisher and school officials who should be looking for this.

  • Baal - 6 years ago

    Where was this kids LAWYER when the Police questioned him??

    It will be thrown out of court, and if I was this kid, I would sue the school for printing the picture as an accessory to furnish porn to a minor, which they are trying to get this kid on.

  • Barb - 6 years ago

    What about the Editor and year book advisor? It should have been caught before it was published in the year book!

  • jjd - 6 years ago

    This kid has done this for some time. He used to expose himself to my daughter in 7th grade! He deserves what he's getting, and should have thought about the consequences beforehand.

  • Renee - 6 years ago

    I think the punishment is too much. However, if he was black he would be in jail already. Lets be honest.

  • David from MD - 6 years ago

    Misdemeanor plea bargain, 20 hours community service and no sex crime on his record.

    Going for his jugular is a waste of tax payer money.

  • Travis - 6 years ago

    The cops are idiots. He showers with his 69 teammates, correct? They've all seen each other's junk. It's stupid to charge him with 69 crimes, especially since the guys standing behind him couldn't see anything. Hope a judge throws it out and he sues the cops for harassment. #1 and #81 were clearly in on it as well, moving to the side so his crotch was showing, but even then you can't see anything. Stupid cops making a big deal out of nothing

  • Terry hrayson - 6 years ago

    I think expulsion is punishment enough. We have kids who are threatening bodily harm to teachers and kids. Those are the ones that need to be charged with felonies instead of a slap on wrist!

  • Ricardo - 6 years ago

    Our problem is allowing police to take control of our lives. This kid is innocent. I do not see anything so bad that police want to charge him for felony or anything else. Maybe the family should fight back and sue the police department, the city and anybody else for wasting people's time and tax money. I rather forgive that, then bullies killing other kids in school and getting nothing for it. Get this police department to go to work and go after the real criminals. Criminals that will shoot back at you, and leave the kid to be punished by his parents.

  • Thor - 6 years ago

    He needs to learn that there are consequences to his actions... all you slimy, permissive cowards saying he should be left alone will be the first ones crying when he rapes your daughter or breaks into your house in the future.....

  • Mike M. - 6 years ago

    To Everyone Here Saying "He's an Adult!" and "This is Sick!" and "That'll Show Him!":

    You are stupid, stupid people, and your idiocy is the reason our country is in shambles.

  • j. valentino - 6 years ago

    He's an adult, not a child, not a minor. He's old enough to vote. He should be held accountable for his actions. It's quite sick and disturbing. People like this determine who runs our government.

  • Bucci - 6 years ago

    Forgive and Forget its that simple! ????✌????️

  • Ashley - 6 years ago

    With how many staff members was there they should have caught on. Also when a photographer usually wants group pictures with everybody close together and in the picture there is an open area between the students. Yes he should get something being he went through with it but nothing major if he isn't trouble or makes problems.

  • Laura - 6 years ago

    We had a Senior to,put on motorcycle helmet, and run naked theprough the high school halls, during classes! The teachers ran to close the doors, and giggled. All the kids laughed. No charges and EVERYONE KNEW HE WAS, EVERYONE. there comes a time when people let their ignorance to humanity prevail. A little reality check:
    In the day when it is legal to abort a full term baby, the dr snip it's spinal cord, then pull the head out so mother will not hear it cry. Then, let the child die, tart takes days sometimes.,.
    And it's illegal to do something that requires superman vision to,see.
    Something is tragically wrong with this society.
    See it your own house.
    Leave this young man alone.

  • StratusJupiter - 6 years ago

    In all honesty the boy seems to be innocent. He should be innocent. A simple prank shouldn't have gone this far trouble wise for him to most likely have his life destroyed over a little fun. Administration in schooling has gotten ridiculous over the course of two to three decades. I myself am only seventeen, however, it's okay to have a little fun. As human beings, we tend to make mistakes. How do we get past those mistakes? We see we screwed up and we make sure we take measures to not have it happen again. The pursuit of learning. Authorities shouldn't have been notified. Nobody was harmed. Nobody was injured. No bombs were planted and no guns were fired. They should have, as school and district administration, handled this situation MUCH better than they have displayed to the public. As a senior in a already crippling school district and school as a general whole, I can say as I say so because what he experienced is what we experience everyday. Granted authorities are not called for exposure of shoulder, but students nowadays if they expose shoulder are liable for In School Suspension. Student actually confronts a teacher about how something is taught because the teacher is teaching it wrong. After School Detention. High fives are a result of rough housing and should be tolerated by After School or Kitchen Patrol. Hence my examples, schooling in the publics eyes should be recognized as flawed and corrupted in all sides of the United States of America.

  • CJ - 6 years ago

    Now I agree this is a bit much. But. A felony and criminal charges at 19?!?!?! Come on. This is embarrassment. There should be a fine, some community service, maybe even 30 days in jail. But this young man clearly pulled a dumb prank without intention or knowledge of what would happen. He probably thought the photo editors would catch it

  • Tonya - 6 years ago

    Being the mother of 2 boys, 1 of which is the same age and football player, they all have done dumb things, the coach would have handled something like this internally and it would be over with. I think the yearbook staff printed it on purpose just to see what would happen. Let the boy apologize and get on with his life, and if I was the school I would go after the editors for their lack of job fulfillment. I agree with above statements, waste of tax payer $, we have all done stupid things, and the people who think this is a crime need their heads examine. I send my support to the young man and his family.

  • Jessie Olison - 6 years ago


  • Della - 6 years ago

    This is the dumbest bunch of crap. Wasting tax payer's dollars to prosecute a teenager caught in a prank instead of going after rapists and murderers. Nice job, Mesa, Arizona. You almost make this look as idiotic as the Washington jerk-off suing for too much ice in Starbucks iced drinks. WTH is this country coming to? Full of offended, crybaby wussies, that's for sure.

  • Luis - 6 years ago

    Question the District should be asking themselves is, who edited the yearbook and why wasn't it caught then. Charging him for indecent exposure because there were other people around won't stand up because it wasn't seen then. If nobody saw anything then nobody was exposed or offended. Charges filed just to hold him, he will walk free.

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    How many of you didn't do a senior prank!?? Or a dare? I'm sure he has learn from this already.

  • Linda - 6 years ago

    Why not simply show the police, principal, lawyers, judge etc., pictures of the original Olympics!!!! Plenty of penises there, doncha know? If any children have been educated properly or been to museums (a necessity!) they all must have seen them. Did their parents or teachers make them close their eyes............ Shock horror! Historic porn! How ridiculous this world is! We've all got some interesting 'parts' and most of us have seen them at various times in ouir lives. Let it GO for earth's sake!

  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    The people here who voted for this young boy to receive felony criminal charges all belong in an insane asylum. How many dumb mistakes have you people made at that naive age? Get over yourselves. Government run amuck!

  • Cindy - 6 years ago

    In life there are choices we all face. At his age he should know when he makes a choice there may be consequences. This one was an innocent prank. But as he goes off to college the next prank he does may not have a happy ending . Sorry this is life. He wo t make the same mistake again , I hope he stops and thinks next time. It's hell growing up. But like I said no one forced him to do it. Sorry kid. Now face the consequences.

  • Matthew Wettlaufer - 6 years ago

    Oh my sweet Jesus, call out the National Guard, a boy exposed his penis in a year book!!!
    The boy isn't the real idiot in this story, the police are, for committing overkill over a non-issue. What a waste of tax payer's money.

  • Scott Boan - 6 years ago

    Should he face charges? "Hardly" !! lol!

  • Andy - 6 years ago

    Harmless pranks sometimes have horrible endings. At some point in time, a person needs to accept responsibility for their actions regardless of who they are or how old they may be. Maybe they'll have a good laugh about it in the future....after all, if that's all the dick he has to expose maybe someone can start a GoFundMe account for him for a pecker extension.

  • Jody McMullen - 6 years ago

    This happened at my school in '99 , in our senior yearbook a girl in a skirt had her photo taken in a way that made her underwear visible. Instead of being charged her family had to pay for the year book to be reprinted. The majority of parents, staff and students found that to be a just punishment and I agree.

  • Heather - 6 years ago

    This is a good kid! It was a prank, maybe not the best on to pull!! Yes he should be punished. However to be charged for 69 counts and a class 4 felony and ruin his life is ridiculous! They used a private photographer for these photos, so basically the photographer, the yearbook teacher, the yearbook editor and the student who put the yearbook page together and the administration didn't catch it. As no one caught it in the football program either! I'm calling BS! I never would have known had my daughter not pointed it out and you still can't tell what your looking at. A good attorney will have a field day with this!!

  • Lynn - 6 years ago

    Not sure about charges, but the two boys in front of him should get the same charges (or non charges), since they knew he was doing it and left a gap for the exposure to be visible. No other person in the second tier is visible in the waist area. They are shielded by the row in front of them.
    Why is only this young man visible from the waist down????

  • Daniel Thornton - 6 years ago

    Is the yearbook company and school going to be charged as well for circulating porn to minors? (sarc)

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    Big Deal. Another Anthony Wiener? give him the same punishment. You can't even see anything in the picture as normally viewed. Charges of this magnitude and nature are ridiculous!

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    HS kids have pulled dumb stunts forever. This one was certainly dumber than most, but a felony charge and a sex offender tag for life? Puh-leeeze!
    If the young gang members who commit murders each week in Chicago were prosecuted with this kind of zeal, that city might be a decent place to live.

  • Beth C. - 6 years ago

    This student has a history of doing this. He was given 69 charges because of the other people present during the photo (his teammates) and in fact he has exposed himself to them on a regular basis every single time he took a shower with them in the gym.

    They need to charge him WAY more than 69 times since he used the showers in the gym after practice for several weeks.

  • toni - 6 years ago

    yes he should be held accountable. If not it'll be just another sexual predator out there. Especially if you cant determine whats a good prank and whats a bad one. That something he wanted to do anyway...cant blame that on anyone else.

  • Concerned - 6 years ago

    He should definitely receive charges..if an African American 17 year old can receive charges from "sexting" than why can't he? It's been exposed to the whole school where as the "sext message" was sent to one direct person..where is the fairness?

  • Ruth Darcangelo - 6 years ago

    I am a 76 year old great grandmother and I find the charges ridiculous. I have seen more highly exposed breasts on so many teen girls these days and butt cracks from low rider pants on guys that I find the tip of a penis that no one can even see, not that big of a deal. Poor judgment, maybe, but criminal, no way.
    To slap these kind of charges on a basically decent kid I find ludicrous. This should never have been in the news. Jeeeez, give the kid a pass on this one. Not graduating with his class
    Is punishment enough. Besides this will haunt him the rest of his adult life.

  • Rodney - 6 years ago

    He did a criminal act of showing himself. So u r saying it's ok to show ur penis. In public. That is a sex crime. U took the dare and got caught. U were a man when u dis it so be a man and accept the punishment. U made ur choice to do good or bad u choose bad.

  • Paula - 6 years ago

    Guy made a stupid mistake. Give him some community service hours to do and move on. I am more insulted and offended by the prosecutors and seeing how they are wasting our tax dollars on something like this.

  • Beth - 6 years ago

    Kids make stupid decision at times, this is one. I feel that no charges should be filed but his punishment should be that he does not get to walk for graduation and any scholarships or grants that he would of gotten should be taken away.

  • Darleen - 6 years ago

    I do not agree with what this student did...however, the adult faculty member who edited the yearbook should be held responsible for the picture appearing in the year book...they should be charged with dispersing pornographic pictures to minors...

  • Judy - 6 years ago

    Absolutely it was a stupid thing to do! This will effect him for the rest of his life and does not need to be criminally charged to learn a very valuable lesson!

  • rene fitzgerald - 6 years ago

    F.Y.I. He has been expelled from school which in turn prevents him from graduating this year.

    He exposed his ding-a-ling because some other ding-a-lings dared him to act like a ding-a-ling.
    No wonder Red Mountain didn't make it to the playoffs this year.

    Tough call....I'm glad that it's not a decision that I have to make.

  • pax - 6 years ago

    Hey prosecutors--GROW UP. What a misguided waste of time/money. Suspend or expel him.

  • Sara - 6 years ago

    Yes that was a stupid dare to do but he should not be charged as a sex offender. That will be on his record for the rest of his life for a tiny prank that he did.

  • Von - 6 years ago

    If this kid is charged for a childish prank then his life will forever be altered! Should he be punished? YES! Should law enforcement be involved? NO! Although he did a stupid stupid thing, I feel sorry for him and his family! Once again people are acting as the judge and jury and crucifying this poor kid! Back off and suspend him from school and yes somehow get him to pay for the recall of the yearbooks but come on if this pictured was plastered on hundreds of programs sold months ago then why isn't the school facing charges for distributing and selling pornograhpy? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it!

  • Law4me&u - 6 years ago

    Many things to consider here. First of all did anybody see his penis when he allegedly had it above his waist band when the picture was taken? Did he purposely put the head of his penis or genitals above his waistband? Could his athletic supporter or an injury or an erection caused his penis to extrude above his waistband? Is he being framed? Was he forced to admit without Miranda rights being read and without an attorney present to his act? What are the possibilities that somebody - whether they are a minor or not - reacted quickly and in a shocking manner when viewing the photograph? If nobody brought this to the Mesa police's attention would anyone have ever noticed? Proving Criminal Intent will be a very tough Thing by the prosecutor. If anything teach him a lesson by paying restitution to have the yearbook picture professionally removed and he should have to pay the expense of the investigation. So community service, find, restitution, and probation are all that is needed no permanent misdemeanor or felony charges on this young man's record this is more of a prank than a criminal act

  • Concerned parent - 6 years ago

    Yes, the student and the student (s) who put him up to the prank should be reprimanded. There was no criminal intent. Also, where are the adults? The adults who worked for the company who took the photo and developed the picture and sold to the players as part of the football picture packets. Also, the school staff and yearbook supervisor who should be editing the book. There are a lot more people involved that should be reprimanded with the student. He didn't do it alone.

  • Carol J. - 6 years ago

    Maybe punish him with some community service, but certainly not a record that will follow him the rest of his life. Also, no way should he have to be on a sex offender list!! I'm sure the young man is feeling more than his share of remorse over this stunt.....

  • Jim Buckley - 6 years ago

    no criminal charges, but he and the buddy who dared him should be sent back to Jr High.

  • adam - 6 years ago

    harmless prank. People take stuff way to serious. Like nobody ever chucked a moon in school? You know showing your azz to whoever. let it go.

  • Tora Williams - 6 years ago

    This was a very misguided prank this kid does not deserve to be labeled a sex offender. There was no criminal intent...this will be an absolute waste if resources and tax payers money if pursued.

  • Dayne - 6 years ago

    he's just like any other teenager, dumb. he made a mistake doing a joke in front of friends. he obviously wasn't thinking this is gonna be in a yearbook in 5 months. criminal charges goes WAY to far with this.

  • Doug - 6 years ago

    He is an adult and therefore accountable for his actions. Great life lesson even if it is painful.

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