How often do you use your mobile telephone while driving?

Posted 3 years.


  • DJR - 3 years ago

    Forgot to mention that whist collecting Wagga Wagga's garbage bins on Monday morning the driver was having a chat on his phone, school time, kids walking to school, Mums dropping kids off, etc etc, he was caught and reported. To make matters worse the truck was being driven via left hand controls.

  • DJR - 3 years ago

    I get very sick of seeing drivers sometimes over three or more a day, truck drivers included, driving about Wagga Wagga with a phone stuck to their ear. It costs bugger all for a hands free kit, all newer vehicles have a hands free Bluetooth system, but no drivers have to not only break the road rules but endanger others whilst doing so.
    Our Police try their best to catch these clowns but they can't be everywhere. It's no good informing the Police because they won't do anything unless they catch the law breaking driver.
    Can't wait till car manufacturers block the use of phones unless they are hands free.

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