Grade the performance of the Guam Judiciary. (Poll Closed)

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  • Concerned Citizen - 4 years ago

    To Another Concerned Citizen: The Feds opened the floodgates to Compact Impact, directly contributing to our on-going issues. Funny, they're pumping additional dollars for Immigration officers' OT to deal with FestFac influx, yet can't find the resource to expedite deporting the derelicts. Maybe it's time to get a new Congressional Delegate who can walk the talk that can get results. I don't see the current, nor those running for the seat, to be decisive in taking on the Feds, though. I like your opinion on liquidating the offender's assets to buy a one-way ticket to where they came from. Why not hold their own government accountable for the airfare and restitution to their victims. Let their own government seize their own citizen's assets to keep our's clean. Perhaps the Gov, Senators and highly paid staffers read our opinions and implement them. It's sad I have to stay anonymous as the backlash would be swift, and there's nothing I can do to protect a lowly concerned citizen against our BIG GOVERNMENT.

  • jon - 4 years ago

    Some judges practice judicial bullying by demanding restitution payees to pay much much more than they can afford on a monthly basis. It seems like they don't really care about the payees' well being as well as his/her family's.

  • john - 4 years ago

    Don't know who the supervisor is for probation, but the probation office is a clear reflection on their unprofessionalism, poor customer service and compassion towards others. everyone's talking loud like they're at a bar-b-que, laughing and talking to people checking in for probation like they're GOD. belittling them and yelling at them. treat people like how you would like to be treated too.

  • Another Concerned Citizen - 4 years ago

    Deporting immigrants falls under the jurisdiction of ICE/US DOJ and is a Federal (U.S. District Court) issue, not a local one, so...?

    The answer could prove to be more elusive than it seems. Deporting citizens is a burden on the Federal Government; Incarcerating immigrants is a burden on the local government and thus, the taxpayers. They don't even deport [repeat] offenders in the mainland. That's what you get with Obama! Our local Judiciary is doing great, considering that the local lawmakers and Governor have not done enough to pressure the United States into reanalyzing the current Compact Association agreement.

    Once any immigrant commits a crime, and most especially is a repeat offender, my opinion is that they should incarcerate them meanwhile liquidate their current assets and use the proceeds to buy them a one way ticket back to from wherever they came.

  • Concerned Citizen - 4 years ago

    Slow in deporting immigrants that commit felony or heinous crimes. It's disturbing to know that repeat offenders continue to roam free or incarcerated for prolong period at taxpayer expense.

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