Should Conrad Schools of Science drop the Redskins nickname?

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  • Tom Bullen - 4 years ago

    My apologizes, Conradians also excelled in scholastic competition, civic projects and well, the Band's performance speaks for itself as did the drama department. Awards in scholastic's, sports, and the arts, music, drama and art (all in the same years). Match that today in the Red Clay district. Don't forget to remove James Fenimore Cooper from next years read list, bad image for Native Americans. Perhaps Marx or Mein Kamp to foster censorship as a good thing.

  • Tom Bullen - 4 years ago

    I've read all of the opinions, so lets talk facts: Yes Conrad sits on what was once Native American campgrounds. It isn't now and hasn't been for over 300 years and unless they flew in, their land encompassed far more territory from Stanton to Wilmington and served mostly during summer months for fishing and trapping before moving to winter hunting ground. Do we now insist Minquas Fire Company change it's name. Carl Simpson would speak with pride of the use of our Native American heritage to praise the courage and valor of the volunteer firemen. It is this pride and respect that caused the choosing of our mascot. A 'Mascot' is a totem and is used to evoke these attributes and instill them in than clan; attributes such as bravery, strength, and nobility. For any of us in this ancient clan of 'Red men' to denigrate that sacred trust would be to deny our families. We are Redskins, we have carried our totem high on the football field, basketball court and battle fields of Europe, Korea, Vietnam, and now the Mideast.
    In a symposium held in December 1915 it was stated that the the earliest settlers viewed the White Minquas as the strongest, bravest and noblest of the Indians.
    *see 'History of the State of Delaware', by H. C. Conrad, pub. 1908

  • Bryan Tracy - 4 years ago

    I'll reiterate what I have written previously, but first I'd like to suggest the followings. There appears to be a community of Conrad alum that are too outspoken, and neglect to consider how much harm they bring to the whole Conrad community. There is a handful of cyber bullies on this venue and others that are leading this emotional resistance, and who are ignorant to present day human respect. You are entitled to your opinion, but not justified in harassing, threatening, and degrading others. I urge readers to separate emotion from rational thought.

    My previous comments:
    I'm very happy to see that rational thought and respect for human dignity prevailed at Monday night's committee meeting vote. This issue has nothing to do with political correctness, liberals, denial of heritage, etc. This matter has everything to do with respect for humans regardless of race, sex, age, political affiliation or what have you. I would hope that all News Journal readers would practice such respect and refrain from criticizing individuals who equally care and respect the Conrad community, but view the interpretation of Redskin differently.

    I share the opinion of the majority, which is that Redskin is an offensive term and has no place in our current vernacular. Conrad is embracing a future that will continue the legacy of the old Conrad regardless of mascot name. In fact, I'm shocked that the alumni are not leading the effort to change the name to symbolize how Conrad is a leader in Delaware if not the nation. Change is inevitable and a consequence of history. Affecting and leading positive change creates legacies and makes individuals and organizations history makers. I encourage this proud community of alumni to be legacy builders as opposed to consequences of history.

  • Jackie Borkowski Case 65 - 4 years ago

    Leave the Redskins name alone. My mother and her siblings and several of my cousins went to Conrad.Don't mess with the tradition.

  • Steve " Warhawk" Moffett - 4 years ago

    Who is this "So Call Chief Daisy of the Nanticoke Tribe, I'm from lower De, and someone better get thing straight I never heard of '2" Cheifs of a Indian Nation , The only one I know of is a WOMAN, the first female of the Nanticoke Tribe, I went to Krebs and Conrad , I'm a proud Conrad Redskin, People get your facts right and do your "Research " back it up with solid Documentation not hear says, That means Publication, date, paragraph ,'Quotes , References etc..etc.. just like you did in collage..... . and make a 'Informative logical decision based on FACT ! not anyone's Opinions ...Remember ! Opinions are like ASSHOLES everyone has one,and most of them STINK!

  • Larry Thomas - 4 years ago

    Hail to our Conrad Redskins!!

  • Fran (Smith) Miller - 4 years ago

    I am honored to be a Conrad graduate!
    Think about the following---
    Is this madness going to stop with Conrad and other schools and/or sports teams?
    Are all western movies going to be taken away?
    Are all war movies going to stop because we might offend the Germans, Korean, Japanese, etc.?
    I could go on and on but I think that you get my drift.

  • Joey Hernandez - 4 years ago

    It's ok to honor Native Americans with the Buffalo head nickel which is the same logo Redskins are associated with. How is one ok, but not the other. Let's not forget about the helos in the military with Native names such as the Apache and tomahawk. I stand by the Redskins name and will proudly support it

  • shelby benallie - 4 years ago

    As a 100% native American Dine' tribe. Keeping the name is an honor to me.letting evryone know that we will never die. We will never let our pride ,tradition, and culture n taken away from us. I support the name and the imagery.
    Thank you.

  • Jerry Skelly - 1968 graduate - 4 years ago

    KEEP THE MASCOT. Context and intent is what can words hurtful or hateful. Conrad Redskins has never been used in a context that is insulting, hurtful, hateful, or bigoted. Many other racial nicknames are universally inappropriate - Wop, Wetback, Kike, the N word. The intent of those words is hateful. Have any teams or schools used them as mascots? The Wilmington Wops? Westside Wetbacks? Northside N _ _ _ _ _ _? Of course not. Using this logic as a reason the dump Conrad Redskins mascot is unconvincing. What about the Baltimore Orioles? Surely, someone could find reason for offense. Boston Celtics? Washington Senators? Miami Dolphins? Minnesota Vikings? No matter what the word, someone could find reason for offense. Gimme a break - KEEP THE MASCOT.

  • Jim Matthews - 4 years ago

    I attended the Red Clay Board meeting back in May, 2015 and gave the school board a new suggestion. First of all I lived across the street from Conrad for 41 years, 1960 -2001. Grew up with the proud tradition. All of those years growing up I always attended the football and basketball games home and away games. Conrad had great sports teams and the band was the best in Delaware. To call Conrad by another nickname just would not sound right. Pleeease! If the name Redskins cannot be associated with Conrad then change the name of the school altogether. My suggestion to the board was as follows. Conrad is now a school of science, therefore it should be named for a scientist. The name, Dr. Carl Sagan, and the mascot name to become "The Cosmos". There was a professional soccer team "The Cosmos" and Pele played for them. There could be references to Star Trek, Lost in Space, Star Wars, as well as many other Sci-Fi references to this new name and "The Cosmos" refers to the heavens. Just think of the creative ideas that could be dreamed up here like Dr. Leonard Spock ears, "May the force be with you", and "Danger Will Robinson"! Oh! by the way this is looking into the future and it will last for "Light Years"!. Lets not that nobody could be offended because there is nothing racial about it. Now, take up this idea or keep the Conrad Redskins name intact.

  • Jackie Murphy - 4 years ago

    Although I never attended Conrad, the Redskin Mascot is not in any way meant to be offensive. If you who are so ignorant and don't get it, the Redskin Mascot was a tribute to the American Indian. The mascot was NEVER desecrated, but revered. Really, if this is all a bunch of narrow minded people have to worry about, they need to get real lives and worry about our country. Go Conrad Redskins!. At one time I-95 was called the John F. Kennedy Highway - was that derogatory to the JFK or his family. Come on you negative people, get a life.

  • Gray Warrington - 4 years ago

    The people of Lancaster, NY is supporting you guys in a similar fight we are in right now. Stay strong!

  • John Humphrey - 4 years ago

    This headline is total CRAP! For decades, it has been the Conrad Redskins. The Redskins and school song always supported our teams fighting for victory; nothing more, nothing less! The entire Conrad community has always supported the Redskins. The community is NOT divided. Now, because a few people are offended by the Redskins name, that may change. I thought we lived in a democratic society. If you don't like the Redskins, there are plenty of other schools to attend. I will not infringe on your right to choose a school, but leave our Conrad Redskins alone!

  • Brenda - 4 years ago

    I went to Conrad from 6th to 8th grade and I loved it redskins all the way I love the mascot name !! Don't change it please

  • Karlyn Moffett - 4 years ago

    Truly sad to see the few negative & vulgar comments regarding our beloved Conrad School & Redskins name/logo. Would be wonderful if any one that wants to have an opinion would educate themselves on the history of the school, & the Indian grounds the school is built on, not to mention history of Banning Park, within a mile of Conrad. It's a great history lesson. You may then understand a small portion of what the connection is. The Conrad Redskins have many thousands of Native American Redskins supporters, of which many are voting in this poll. They are proud that Conrad recognizes the Redskins, & had not, up until this point, wiped them out again, as if they never existed. This action to wipe out all Native American names is not by accident, or due to being is a clearly laid out plan across the country by a specific group of a few people. Conrad Redskins is not a mascot, never has been......the logo is an English C, with feathers, not even a face. How offensive can that be?? I also want to add that the Conrad Alumni, many of us out of school for over 50 years, continue to be active in supporting the school/students with our time & money all these years. The Alumni continues to raise money for grants, scholarships, student trips, School sign ($6,000), & we hold approx 5 events each & every year. The Conrad Alumni has a lovely & educational museum within the school, which has been visited by true Native Americans, which do not find anything to be offensive, but an ongoing honor. Yes, there are a small few that find the word Redskins to be offensive, but not because it originated as such, the world has made it this way. Any word, can be twisted & turned to appear to be something it is not. Members of my family, approx 30, have proudly walked the halls of Conrad since the 1950's, we continue to walk the halls as proud Redskins Alumni. I honestly cannot think of another school in our area that has the support of such an active & devoted Alumni. The school, students, & the community will lose a lot more than the name of Redskins if the change takes place. The cost to change the logos, gym floor, sports wear, football field & signs, etc will be a very large number. Guess where that money will come from???
    Karlyn Moffett - Class of '68

  • Anonymous - 4 years ago

    PC gone too far!
    Truth be known, it is a form of an infringement on our First Amendment right!
    Don't let it happen folks -- read your history. It is a well known FACT, that 'those who don't know past history are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past.'

  • JACOB YAZZIE - 4 years ago

    A Smithsonian historian actually refers to Indians of Delaware and their vermilion dyed skin color. " Based on this source, the OLD ENGLISH DICTIONARY suggests the term was specifically applied to the Delaware Indians and "referred not to the natural skin color of the Delaware, but to their use of vermilion face paint and body paint." Smithsonian linguistics scholar Ives Goddard.

    So modern Americans are the source for trying to make the Term Redskins a racial slur. It clearly is not and many of native Americans believe it isn't a racial slur.

  • William hopkins - 4 years ago

    My school. Tewksbury high just won our case to keep the redmen name. Wish you guys luck Go redmen

  • Kiki - 4 years ago

    "Tradition", like "religion", is a grand excuse for justifying racism. Times change. Native people are telling you it is offensive--because it is.

  • SpoiledBrat - 4 years ago

    When did Conrad High School close? In 1978? When did the Conrad Schools of Science open? They became the new innovated magnet school of sciences in 2010! The mascot name should have been changed in 2010 to reflect the NEW Conrad Schools of Science. Why is the community divided over this? Conrad High School is in the PAST... Let's move forward now. For those of you still stuck in the past, you probably are aware that this country, thank you God, is more accepting of differences in all people! It's OK to be something other than a upper class white male who rules the world! We teach our children to be respectful of others and sensitive to their differences; that behavior is what makes them 'good people'. The name 'Redskins' was an acceptable name back in 'The Olden Days'(circa 1935) just as white folks would call their Irish neighbors 'Micks', the Italians 'Wops', the Polish 'Pollocks' and of course let's not forget 'Negros'. No nationality wants to be associated with those old nicknames of the past. Whatever the term 'Redskins' means to you, it still makes most of us turn our noses up and leaves a bad taste in our mouths. It's just a name, term, definition or what ever label you want on it, but in THESE days, the days of tolerance, anti-bullying and like it or not, political correctness, the name 'Redskins' needs to be tucked away in a time capsule, filed away with the archives and called PAST HISTORY. archives!

  • Joe T - 4 years ago

    What if Conrad (in the 1930s) had named it's mascot the Conrad Negroes. Would you still be worried about preserving it's tradition? You can't hang on to stuff because "that's how it's always been". Because in this case, it's always been wrong....we're just now coming to realize it.

  • bbl - 4 years ago

    you get to decide which is offensive when it is just a bunch of mamby pamby liberal bullshit//if you don't change the name of the state of indiana-which i am told offends some/then you don't get to stick your mother fuckin nose where it doesn't belong//i can't believe how far this bullshit has spread-but it has run it's coarse!!

  • George Wilkins - 4 years ago

    This name change thing is absolute foolishness. My dad went to Conrad, my brother, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins. There was never an offense with the Redskin name. Conrad was a school with incredible spirit.
    Now there seems to be a move around the world to abolish any and everything that has anything to do with family values and tradition. This attempt to change history for the sake of someone supposedly being offended is a quite the crock! You would think that our tax dollars could be better spent by hiring more competent people to oversee our school districts. Apparently, what seems important to those few in charge currently need to realize, is that though they are on the inside looking out and have the power of oversight, their position needs to change. Maybe one of outside looking in. Rather keep the name.

  • Joe Trainor - 4 years ago

    I'm not sure the 1st amendment applies when it's a state funded school with a mascot that some deem offensive. You can run around all day yelling "redskin", but when it's the state, that's a different ballgame.

    Also, (those of you complaining about political correctness), you don't get to decide if someone else is offended.

  • larry deery - 4 years ago

    daisey is getting paid our tax dollars to decide for us///i don't think chief jay strongbow would concor

  • larry deery - 4 years ago

    william daisey has enough problems tryin to stay out of trouble with denrec/he's at the opposite end of the state he should worry about sussex county(indian river)//if you are an indian and you don't like being called a redskin there IS ANOTHER name for you_PUSSY(OR ASSHOLE)!!!!!!!take all this politically correct stuff and shove them where the great white fathers can't see them.who's place is it to decide if warrior or chief or redskin are offesive?these jerkoffs just want publicity from the liberal press.i guess he has a problem thinkin that the papooses going to the wigwam are indian wrastlin.or that the elders are drinkin that fire water!the world is on "self implode"and they actually take time to rename mascotts

  • joe d - 4 years ago

    First amendment. Period.

  • Joe Trainor - 4 years ago

    - I went to Conrad Middle School and grew up living across the street from it. In addition to being a student, I used to go to football games and we loved when the alumni band would march through the neighborhood. It’s a huge part of my childhood.
    - I am a professional musician, and the seeds for that were sowed at Conrad. I love that school.

    They should change the name and here's why:
    - You cannot appropriate a race as a mascot. Period. 'Redskin' is a term used to refer to Native Americans. It's the only race where this seems to be a practice. If you wouldn't change the name of Conrad to the "Chinamen' or the 'Negros' or the 'Eskimos'....then you shouldn't call it the 'Redskins' either.
    - This name was given in the 30s, in a time when it wasn't considered inappropriate. It is inappropriate now.
    - "Why didn't the Native Americans complain at the time?" They did. We would not listen. It took well into the 90s for enough white people to listen to them to start a debate.
    - White men still hold the majority of the power. Gay rights and even women's rights did not change until enough white men would listen. Same applies to the above. Native Americans weren't afraid to talk....they've been talking...we just wouldn't listen.
    - We don't get to decide what's offensive. If people with learning disabilities feel that using the term "retarded" is inappropriate, then we shouldn't use it. Just because we used to use the terms 'retarded' or 'gay' to talk about something we didn't like doesn't mean that we should get to keep saying it. It is offensive.
    - Just because African Americans use the N word among themselves doesn't mean it's OK for us to do it. If Native Americans refer to each other as 'redskins' it doesn't mean that we can or should.
    - They are not "just words". If I used a string of obscenities to describe you, you would be offended, and rightly so. And if I said "they're just words", you wouldn't be any less upset by it.
    - There's a good reason why we don't use the terms 'dame' or 'broad' to speak of women. Because it's demeaning. We had to learn this over time. The same thing goes for 'redskin'.
    - As a white person, we should never argue FOR keeping this name. If it doesn't offend us, we barely have a right to an opinion. If they are offended, change it.

    There is nothing wrong with being politically correct. I find that most of the people who claim we are too politically correct are white, straight and able. So when they get called out for using terms like 'retarded' or 'gay' NOT in the way they were intended, they feel the PC Police are out to get them. No. They are out to educate them that in 2016 some things are no longer appropriate and should not be acceptable.

    If you are white. you cannot truly decide what's inappropriate to the Native American community. If they think the Redskins is offensive (or Braves or Seminoles), then we should change it...because it's just a stupid mascot...and it's not worth making people feel bad because of our misguided history.

  • John Ciancio - 4 years ago

    Why should we let the liberal cry babies destroy what we have been proud of since Conrad opened in 1936....I am the class of 1961 and will ALWAYS be a REDSKIN....screw the liberals who are destroying our great country

  • Darlynn Knight - 4 years ago

    I am a Conrad Alumni Class of 73. I am forever a Proud Conrad Redskin. As were my children and grandchildren, sister, nieces and nephews and great nephews. All this political correctness is what's tearing this country apart. Tradition is what we have lived for. What next. We must put a stop to this now. I have many Native American friends who love the Conrad Redskins. We are a proud Indian nation. there is nothing derogatory about a word unless the few that have nothing better to do keep trying to make it a demeaning word. Get over yourselves people find a better cause to fight for like cancer or heart disease or anything that needs fighting for. A word is not derogatory unless you make it so. And the Native Americans that lived on these lands called themselves Redskins. Listen to the words of our song Cherokee its a beautiful display of time honored love devotion and respect and pride for a people that started this Nation. . Conrad Redskins Forever

  • Kathy - 4 years ago

    So who started this Change the Mascot? Someone who did not attend Conrad? Conrad Redskins will live forever in our hearts! Will you try to change that also? Vote NO!!

  • Cathy Clymer Matzuras - 4 years ago

    I am a 1969 graduate of Conrad and the name and mascot should not be changed. I have my sweatshirt that I wear a lot and let me tell you I meet more people wearing this shirt and say how great this school is. I am proud to say I went there and when ever chercokee is played I'm right there like I was 46 years ago. This school has more recogination that a lot of others not only teachers, but also the teams and what they say it was always a great game and how respectful we were even if we lost. We would still be proud because they tried their hardest and the best won that day. I don't hear about too many other schools as much as I hear about Conrad and how much people respect us. Keep everything.

  • Irv Brown - 4 years ago

    Always the REDSKINS!

  • Tim Laushey - 4 years ago

    As a person that was in Conrad from the fall of 1963 to the spring of 1978, first as a student,then as an assistant to our beloved band director,Dave Casto, I have lived and breathed Conrad High School for most of my life. Along with the late Mark Alexander, and Rob Fernandes, we founded an alumni band second to none. As we marched down the streets of Dublin Ireland , on our way to winning the St Patrick's day parade in 1985, I never felt more pride and the feeling of family as I did that day. 100 plus conradians, in a foreign country, bringing a spirt of a school that we all attended at different times. As we played Cherokee and the Saint Louis Blues March in front of the reviewing stand, the Lord Mayor of Dublin said in the news paper the next day that the group from Conrad epitomized the spirit of America , by playing American Jazz , and honoring the Native American heritage. Taking this name and logo is more that just making a change. It is dishonoring the over 10,000 graduates from that school. If you didn't attend, you really don't understand. I've been the director of the alumni band since March of 1983, and we are still at it. We may not March as far or as fast, but when Cherokee starts we are all 16 again

  • Cherie Dunn Schwander - 4 years ago

    Conrad redskins n headress are a long standing tradition. Stop trying to remove our history.. Be proud to remember the pride of con radians and native Americans.

  • Steven Gawczynski - 4 years ago

    As a Conrad alumni 1964 I must vote NO. i have seen nothing that convinces me or even leads me to believe that shameful, derogatory and demeaning behavior is being carried out by those who promote the Native American Indian for sports teams. What I am actually witnessing is the demise of the American Indian. It's been happening for a very long time. As the new world settled into this new land they pushed the Indians out of their way as they built cities and towns. Finally when they reached the western coasts they decided to round up the tribes and put them on reservations. As the Indians population died off from disease and hunger they simply forgot about them. Out of sight, out mind. All the treaties and written agreements were ignored. Today we hear and see nothing of these brave humans who inhabited our nation long before we were a nation. The values and moral character the American Indian possessed was truly remarkable. I know our Conrad experience passed on those honored values during my time there and I know it was present both before and after my time there. The community, all school districts, rival schools and their student bodies and faculties had the utmost respect for Conrads academic and sports achievements. When they saw a student wearing a lettermans sweater or jacket or saw the band or majorettes and cheer leaders wearing the Indian dress they respected and admired the tradition being carried on with sincere pride! I vote NO because I want this tradition to be available to today's young Conradians to embrace and cherish and make a part of their lives forever.

  • BringThaNoize - 4 years ago

    Racism....under the guise of tradition lies.....imperialism + colonialism + capitalism =s racism/classism...

  • Raul Garza - 4 years ago


  • Lane Tokarski - 4 years ago

    I am a proud "68" graduate of Conrad. I was not active in anything to speak of in school, but I did go to all the games we had. If you had brought this conflict up back then I can't say how I would react, but I am older now and have learned a lot of history of how Conrad came to be and the Native American history that it was based on. I look back on the school and the respect that was given to it and feel nothing but pride for 80 years of superb teaching, ethics, appreciation, and respect. This is a name, a mascot that was developed from the knowledge of the Lenape Indians that lived and worked in our area. A name that was born to show respect and honor to people who lived on this land our school was built on. Our cheerleaders and honor guard never danced in a dishonest or demeaning way, it was always with respect and pride for the school and the attire they were wearing. They never used hatchets or tomahawks or war danced to act like they were at war. Although the Lenapes were here, the school song was called Cherokee. I can't tell you the honor that was bestowed when the band would play that song and everyone would stand and sing. History and knowledge is what needs to be done here, to the students and to the people who don't know what it's about. Education is the key to our "Redskin" name.

  • Molly krywopusk - 4 years ago

    Educate don't eradicate.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    I am an alumni of Conrad and was very proud to represent the Redskins. That school was built on Indian land and was named to honor them. Who ever said that this was done for negative reasons? Why are we spending the taxpayers money on something so ridiculous when they just had a referendum to get more tax dollars and this is how they spend them. If you change the name, I will
    personally lead a crusade to make you will never get another tax increase.

  • Larry Thomas - 4 years ago

    My brother in law is 100% Native American Indian and his favorite football team is The Washington there you are..and yes I am a proud Conrad Redskin graduate

  • Pat - 4 years ago

    I went to Dickinson and I believe Conrad's mascot should stay as is. Why now after 80 years it needs to change. Always something to b-----h about. There are more important things to fix in this world.

  • Carol Burnett - 4 years ago

    Conrad Redskins the name should stay the same as it always has been. I was an honor to be a Conrad Redskin ' As others said in there comments Conrad is part of history & should remain that. So everyone please vote NO!!!! keep the Conrad name & honor.

  • Carol kosinski - 4 years ago


  • Harry R - 4 years ago

    Amy B., talking about offending someone - you offend me with your offensive language. Sounds like you have a lot of anger built up within you. I wonder who may be encouraging you?
    Also, my background is German and English. There are a lot of terms you can use on me. You know what? It would not bother me unless I wanted to make something of it, which is what this is all about.
    Just don't call me "Late for a meal".

  • Amy B. - 4 years ago

    Deb shut your old ass up! Natives have expressed their disappointment countless times over this deragatory "nickname" like I said dumbass

  • William Persinger - 4 years ago

    As a Native American, I must say that this is not a new issue. This issue goes all the way back to the 1960s when AIM, the American Indian Movement was asked to join the protest, by other Native People who had been moved off their land and forced into the cities in hopes of assimilating, peoples who were met with great prejudice as well as racial attacks. AIM came to help protest the offensive image of Chief Wahoo. Native people were standing up for the first time in modern history against the negative images perpetuated in society. A non indian person in red face or dancing around in a head dress does not honor my culture.
    The effort has grown larger over the years. Perhaps there has not been that great of a response from the Native Community because this is Delaware, and the community is small compared to Middle America and the Plains states. Mocking history is not honoring history. As Chief Coker said, "I'm having trouble imagining that history ... that you're striving to maintain. I'm having trouble with that concept, explaining that many impressions of Native American life aren't necessarily true.

  • Ron - 4 years ago

    Jessica above obviously knows nothing about History of the American Indian , maybe she needs to take a course in American history to learn something

  • Deb Baxter Franey - 4 years ago

    First of all it is NOT a "nickname" it IS OUR MASCOT. I want to see ONE Native American that is offended by OUR MASCOT. This political correctness is way out of hand in this country. The Conrad Redskins has been the mascot of Conrad High School for more than 80 years, it is OUR history and OUR legacy so why does it have to be changed? Because a handful of people seem to THINK it is offensive. Get over yourselves people. I am offended by YOU can I make that an issue? Frankly, I don't have enough time to even care. Please read what Mike Broaddus says above because he is RIGHT!!!!!

  • Jessica Rutger - 4 years ago

    You Conrad grads are disappointing. This issue is bigger than a damn tradition! I would hate if you guys taught your children to be just as dumb

  • Amy B. - 4 years ago

    If the NATIVE AMERICAN COMMUNITY, has stepped forward to show that they DO NOT support this derogatory "nickname" I don't understand why everyone cannot see this. This is not about tradition it is about what is right. YOU WOULD NOT WANT A DEROGATORY NAME FOR YOUR CULTURE TO BE USED!

  • Bobbie Merrill - 4 years ago

    I grew up and graduated from Conrad as one of the Redskins. We respected our mascot and had nothing but pride when the drums began to beat the start of our beloved "Cherokee".

    In this day, we should be about teaching the history and respect of our heritage to the kids that follow in our foot steps. As my mother and sister before me, I am proud to be a Conrad Redskin. May the tradition continue with the respect it deserves.

  • TMDH - 4 years ago

    It must not be bothering the Indians or this would have been an issue many many years ago. My husband was part Indian and he was proud to go to and graduate from Conrad he was in the band and was proud to play Conrads theme song "Cherokee"

  • Mike Broaddus - 4 years ago


    This is a political agenda that comes from the highest places in government and uses the Federal Department of Education (which happens to be an unConstitutional organization) to strong-arm political correctness while holding federal $$$ hostage. Do you really thing the school board would care otherwise? The problem is the school board lacks to intestinal fortitude to stand up to the feds. Solution: replace the school board.

    The disinformation perpetrated upon the ignorant seeks to erase American History of anything that might make some panty waste libtard dweeb uncomfortable. If history is erased, we can never learn from the good bad and the ugly that made our country what it is.

    If you don't like American history or do not see the benefit of it, perhaps Mr. Obama can speak to Castro and you can relocate your SoComm butt there!

  • Mariann fox - 4 years ago

    .tell the truth. A rush to change an 80 year history has an
    80 year legacy . ""the field where Conrad High School now stands was also an. Indian Camp". Sports reporters referenced Conrad's teams as Indians or Redskins," p 4. teach our history to the students first, not the juxtaposed and biased individuated opinions. Facts please. See C A Weslager, The Ricardsons of Delaware". The recognition was to honor not dishonor.

  • JoAnn Maiorano - 4 years ago

    The former Cheif of the Nanticoke Indians, Chief Daisey, approved the logo for the Indian River School district!
    He has voted "NO" to Conrad keeping their logo and imagery! WHY??

  • Jim Kelley - 4 years ago

    Although offensive to some, many believe the Conrad Redskins Name and corresponding logos are a proud symbol of history, heritage, and tradition. Someone is always going to be offended by something, but their opinion should not weigh more than those who love tradition and history.

  • Jim Burdett - 4 years ago

    The Lenape themselves called "Indians" mèxkeòhkësichik, which literally means "red-skinned people." The word is used to this day in Lenape stories and language lessons. Why would they use it if it is a derogatory word?

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