SPEAK UP: Did Sheldon Silver receive a fair sentence? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you ever attended Marist's Silver Needle fashion show? 22 YES, 268 NO

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  • Jack - 4 years ago

    He should have received the maximum. He violated a trust. He was not a public servant but rather a greedy individual who abused his position for personal financial gain. His age should not have been a factor in giving him only 12 years.

  • Lesley - 4 years ago

    I voted no as the sentence was too light. It's about time we round up all these crooked politicians & throw them in jail. Great work Mr. Bharara. Keep looking as there are plenty more that deserve what Silver is getting.

  • TomB - 4 years ago

    This man should have received the maximum for all the corruption. Now he will cry that he has a medical condition to keep him from prison. He lived the life of luxury on the backs of the taxpayers and now should live his life in a 6X9X12 prison cell.

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    I replied in the negative because I thought that the sentence was too lenient.

  • Bob R - 4 years ago

    Typical liberal PJ question when it comes to a democrat.. He should be in jail for the rest of his life in a State Prison.. Pay back all money he took and lose his Pay, Pension, and Health Care for his corruption of the New York Residents. Time to make a statement to all politicians. we need to take this State and Country Back from the lying thieving Politicians. Preet Bharara, keep up the good work. and when you're done with NY go grt Hillary....

  • Emma - 4 years ago

    Very bad way to phrase the question. I answered 'no' because the sentence should have been more severe. Arrogance, greed, callousness, extortion---all in the name of public service. An outrage.

  • bb - 4 years ago

    This is not a yes or no question because NO can mean 2 different things. Not enough or too much. Can't wait for the poll after Cuomo and DiBlasio get sentenced.

  • John - 4 years ago

    No,not fair enough!Should have gotten 20 years,and yes keeps his pension too!
    Now lets move on to the republicans too,both partys in Albany so corrupt,and so crooked,when they pass you have to screw them in the ground as so crooked!

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Yes very fair he got off easy I hope he rots in prison. Next up Cuomo and the mayor of the cesspool go Preet Bharara, keep up the good work.

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