Were you surprised Ted Cruz dropped out after losing in Indiana?

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  • Derek - 4 years ago

    Ted Cruz was the LAST GOP candidate capable of shutting down trump & now he quit!! I wish people weren't so ignorant of the fact that Trump (or Hilary for that matter) in the Oval Office will be utterly disastrous for this country. Supporting either one of those candidates just is NOT POSSIBLE for me!! Hilary is only the front runner, I'm sorry to say, because she pees sitting down. Trump it because he says what people think they want to hear. Yes I said that correctly. The majority of people are followers not leaders. So when someone in a leadership position says things in a certain way people think that's the truth, that that's the way it is or the way it should be. They are very easily swayed. Well NOT ME!! Trump is a business man. Business men among other things, take advantage of the situation, of people to benefit themselves. That's their job. That's how they make billions. I don't want that in my president do you?? Hillary, well simply put, hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL!!! She is responsible for 4 American senseless deaths in Bengazi. Then of course the email bulls***. She has threatened women her husband basically raped!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The abyss is getting deeper & these 2 people are going to take us all down with them!!! Every civilization eventually falls I just don't want to be here when it does!!!!

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