Do you plan to attend the Liberation Carnival? (Poll Closed)

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  • Joe - 5 years ago

    It will be better at will bring more tourist

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Having it at ypao would be a disaster . Hell no ! Keep it a Tiyan but rearrange the booths and rides like what Kim Cruz has stated below.
    Just look at how the Japanese festival was set up in a circle / oval / square and the stage in the center . Everyone walks around bumping into friends and not missing any action that's going on . That's how you should set up the carnival but with no Casino's ! These Mayors are idiots and only concentrate on the money and not the family festive atmosphere . Lol ! That's why they lose money it's absolutely lacking any fun .

  • Mikaela - 5 years ago

    If they have it at Tiyan for sure I won't be going. It's too far away. May I suggest to have it at Ypao. At Ypao beach the place is much bigger so more booths. During the day families can have their picnics and then go to the carnival. More tourist will come since it will be closer to the hotels and they can just walk to the carnival grounds. Parking in Ypao is no problem since you can park anywhere and walk to the carnival. It will be good excercise for everyone....Why would the mayor of Tamuning oppose it being at Ypao? Is it because its too much of a hassle for her to handle? Lol!!!

  • Kim Cruz - 5 years ago

    The carnival in Tiyan is lacking the festive atmosphere as one would expect in a carnival environment.
    My kids went to the carnival and have no desire to return after one trip They said it was boring, there is no excitement !
    In my own opinion, "People go to the carnival mainly is to meet up with family, friends and relatives!" We're human and will always need interaction. That's the fun of enjoying the carnival.
    The current arrangement of the concessions set up at Tiyan is the main problem why it's failing . I suggest that if they arrange the concession and game booths and in an oval layout with the kids rides in the center similar to the set up at Paseo they will be successful. This allows anyone who enters the carnival grounds from any direction a virtual view the entire area . Walking in an oval layout will allow people to constantly run into friends and family. This gives people the joyful feelings.
    Lastly, Place the the food and beverage stands closer the the Entertainment stage.
    We all know Food, Drinks, and entertainment go well together.
    I do not plan on attending this year, but I certainly will if the carnival set up is similar to the Paseo.
    I hope one the Mayor's council will read this.

  • Adam S. Cruz - 5 years ago

    I only went to the Carnival once. I like it though that its not in Chamorro Village anymore. I got stuck in the mud so much, all muddy because of the water from the dunk booth.

  • Connie - 5 years ago

    Better if it was in Ypao. Bigger place so more booths. I will check-in in one of the hotels and walk to the carnival.

  • Connie - 5 years ago

    Better if it was in Ypao. Bigger place so more booths. I will check-in in one of the hotels and walk to the carnival.

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