Do you think medical marijuana rules will ever be successfully implemented in Guam? (Poll Closed)

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  • Jimmy - 5 years ago

    Marijuana should be legalized everywhere on earth it's not a drug it's a medicinal herb and should be free to those who grow and be bought for those who don't grow, and you shouldn't have to have any sort of disorder or decease to smoke or consume any type of marijuana, they should define the word drugs before they categorize anything!!

  • jbmuna - 5 years ago

    marijuana is almost entirely DECRIMINALIZED in Washington D.C.. - what's the hold up..

  • HeadHunter - 5 years ago

    The success of the MJ program depends on the effectiveness of the MJ law and how it is implemented. Thus, many suffering people will never get to see the light of day to enjoy what life they have left if compassion is not given to them. Stop politicizing the medical issue... and let them live.

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    When our government has no compassion for the people, medical marijuana will continue to be delayed. When they get to the pearly gates, I hope their is more compassion shown for them than they have shown for those who suffer!

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Guam is so NOT READY for legal marijuana, medical or other. Having seen many years of medical marijuana up close in California (I'm a retired officer), the business and culture is naturally violent, full of sneaky accounting, and is a magnet for both criminals and even licensed doctors who are otherwise not successful, but then "recommend" marijuana for fee as a new business. When people voted for medical MJ, they thought they would be helping suffering people with serious ailments. What will quickly evolve is many times the expected "patients" and multiple schemes to avoid paying for the regulatory system.

    Yes Guam is different from California in many ways. We will be ready when we can do well at trash disposal, recycling, public transportation, traffic enforcement by police, green energy, and a much longer list.

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Why buy when you can grow your own ? Why pay $500 an ounce that Senator Barnes wants to charge the sick and I'll ? An ounce will only last a week of normal use . That's $2000 a month for medicinal marijuana you can grow in your home for fraction of that price . Stealing from the sick and dying ! Pathetic ... Laws should be created to let those with cancer or other serious illnesses be permitted to grow their own and that alone would help in lowering the cost of medical treatment that every patient struggles with . Where's the compassion in this program ? Who will have a monopoly on distribution and sales ? I hear Barnes's family /Relatives will be one of them . Pathetic ! Lol !! Thanks Gov Guam !

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