Is former 'NCIS' agent Ziva actually dead?

  • Sharon Wimmer - 5 years ago

    I didn't when Siva left, but I had hope she would drop in sometime. Now Tony is gone. Now Tony has to be replaced. If it were left to me,or if my being a fan counts I think the red head Coast Gaurd name Abby should take Tonys place. Tony and Ziva always had a spark, Gibbs and Abby (the red head) has always had a spark when she was on the show. The lady who was on the last 2 epasodes would not be my choice. I still don't like the blond yet.

  • Adelle Gilmartin - 5 years ago

    I was hoping that Ziva had escaped the fire. But then I realized that Ziva would NEVER leave her daughter in a burning building. I really wish she was still alive and she and Tony find each other, but I don't see that happening.

  • bethvdv - 5 years ago

    I am also hoping that Ziva is still alive and Tony finds her. He said he was going to Israel to find answers. Maybe we will hear via the rest of the team that he did find her and they are settling down. I am angry that CBS didn't give fans that closure. I feel strung along for 10 years and cheated. Not nice CBS.

  • Linda - 5 years ago

    The episode where Tony(Michael Weatherly) leaves was very touching and emotional. But, I am hoping that when he does take his new daughter on his travels that he finds Ziva and they can live as a family. I always thought or wished that they would be a couple.
    Will I continue to watch NCIS? You bet I will. This is one of the best shows that is being televised on CBS.

  • Deloris Robertson-santos - 5 years ago

    I don't think that ziva is dead, I think that she wanted to flush out those bad guys,and she did a good job,now maybe she and tony can retire and raise there daughter together.

  • Pinkk - 5 years ago

    I can agree that Tony couldn't stay number 2 forever. I thought the same thing with Riker on ST:TNG. So if his reason is that reason, I can totally understand it. I just hope he returns for a guest appearance every now and again. Maybe as an agent again.

    As for the loss of main characters. I think people forget, it hasn't been the show writers who wanted to take them out. It was the actors themselves.

  • Joanna F Bishop - 5 years ago

    I read an interview where Michael Weatherly said there are 2 main reasons for his leaving NCIS: 1) he wants to spend more time with his family; and 2) his character couldn't remain in the #2 slot forever.

    If reason #1 is so important, why turn around and book another TV show? #2: the character of Tony had a chance to have his own team earlier in the show; he would not have needed to remain in the #2 slot.

  • Douglas Andres - 5 years ago

    I disagree & so do the ratings. Since (Emily Wickersham) has joined the cast NCIS is going on to the Worlds #! Program for 3 years in a row. We will wait until Seasons 14 & 15 to see how things develop.

  • NCIS Fan - 5 years ago

    The actress that played Ziva assured fans she is not returning for the departure of Tony. NCIS is losing fans big time.. NCIS does not feel like NCIS anymore.. No offence to wickersham but Tiva (Tony+Ziva) were at the heart of the show. I could deal with Jenny's death, then slowly got over Ziva leaving, but now Tony is leaving? Tony started the show.. Why would he leave the show as it's become the most popular show on Tv.. Ridiculous decision by Michael Weatherly that will have a massive ramifications on the show. My name is tony too and I think it's time I leave NCIS as well.. Used to be amazing, now you never know if a main character is leaving next episode.. Who's next? McGee? Abby? Ducky? RIP Tiva

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