Does eating chocolate affect your acid reflux symptoms?


  • Linda - 2 years ago

    I couldn’t bear to give up eating chocolate. But I only eat small amounts of very dark or extremely dark chocolate (about a third of a “serving” of a candy bar for instance), for lunch and usually dinner, every day. It doesn’t seem to bother my GERD.

  • Sylvia - 2 years ago

    Eating chocolate makes Gerd worse. I get heartburn, acid mouth, heart palpitations, irritated throat sometimes I feel breathless. I consult all these symptoms with my gastroenterologist, and I recently had an upper endoscopy, thank God it wasn’t anything bad, just the same Chronic GERD, I have to watch what a I eat and reduced my anxiety & depression, because there’s a Gut brain connection.❤️

  • Amy Chaplin - 3 years ago

    ive always had gerd and now im in my forties ive had stomach ulcer and teeth prob from the acid and themin i eat chocolate at all it sets my stomach pain and heart burn off immediately!

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