SPEAK UP: Have you rode a horse in the past year? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Did you hear Tuesday's food truck explosion? 47 YES, 129 NO

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Roger - 3 years ago

    Interestingly enough, the newspaper version was grammatically correct. Non-subscribers rode the wrong pony.

  • marty warren - 3 years ago

    The question should read, as others have pointed out, have you ridden a horse. Apparently there is little proofreading going on at PJ any more. Only certain reporters even reply to questions posed in the comment section of articles.

    This question demonstrates the real downhill road of the Journal. Where are the editors? Don't you read your own paper?

  • JH - 3 years ago

    Save a horse, ride a cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bb - 3 years ago

    Apparently knowledge of english isn't required to work for the PJ.

  • J - 3 years ago

    The question should read, have you ridden a horse in the last year? What is happening to using correct English?

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