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  • A very upset viewer - 3 years ago

    Why did you have to cancel Nashville it was such a great show I'm sad now

  • SUE - 3 years ago

    bring castle back without Beckett and Laney. A lot of us will watch it without them. I have all the seasons on dvd and watch them over and over. It was the best show on abc. There is no other show on that network that I watch. You cancelled a show called Forever that was also very good. BRING BACK CASTLE!!!

  • Dee S. - 3 years ago

    I should have known it was just a matter of time before Nashville would be cancelled...the one show I would not miss watching.Seems like only the best shows bite the dust,remember I'll Fly Away or A Year In The Life?I guess I will have to be satisfied watching NBC's Blacklist as I won't be watching ABC fake reality shows or the many trashy shows they have to offer!!!!!Think ABC will regret their decision,so sorry for the talented cast of Nashville,and I never even liked Country music...until their show!So bye-bye ABC I'm done with you.

  • Angie C - 3 years ago

    Bring Castle back some how. It was a great show. Even like the reruns. Its a shame when they take off good shows people like to watch. And put on stupid reality shows that don't even need to be on the air.Nothing fit for a family to watch together anymore.

  • Bonnie - 3 years ago

    Nashville is the best show on tv & can't believe it's been cancelled. It's the only show I never missed & looked forward to every week.
    It not only had great acting but terrific country musicians. What a huge loss for abc & its viewers.

  • Mary Green - 3 years ago

    I love Nashville there is so much talent on that show. I knew Castle was going to be cancelled but I was prepared for that but I was not prepared for Nashville, Grandfathered, The Family, Mysteries of Laura, Game of Silence and Rush Hour. These are great shows and deserve to be on tv. get rid of some of these singing shows and food shows go back to the original reality shows that are good like Amazing Race, Survivor And So you think you can dance. I know everyone don't have the same taste so if I don't like it I just don't watch it. thanks

  • Heidi Brunell - 3 years ago

    BRING BACK NASHVILLE!!! This show is the best on TV!!! It showcases talented musicians and a well written story-line.

  • Sharon - 3 years ago

    There goes ABC again taking a favorite show of mine off the air. Nashville was currently one of my favorite shows against a list from CBS (you know the top rated network).

    CBS doesn't try to continuously reinvent itself to focus on just one group but rather appreciates what their audience wants. CBS PLEASE pickup Nashville.

    Nashville is one of those rare shows that weaves great talent (actors/actresses with singing ability, writers, producers, director, etc.) and makes it one heck of an enjoyable show.
    There is such great chemistry on and off the stage with these talented group of people, a rare thing anymore. This show somehow pulls you into it and you feel like you are there and a part of it.

    I do hope that the decision to take a show like this off the air was not influenced by the rise of banishing anything related to the South.

    CBS again I ask you, please pick up NASHVILLE.

  • acr396 - 3 years ago

    loved the music and all the cast . i thought they tried to put to much in each episode . usually went back to characters but liked when they had a concert in full . thought they would bring will back up has a good voice and great performer . loved john jackson he was on general hospital when he was young so cute . he left to try to get into other movies or other . thought he was great also very talented . he did very well with his character and music . wish they could bring it back with a little less in each episode . will miss it .

  • Lindsay - 3 years ago

    #BringBackNashville #Nashville . I love this show !!!. Please Please Please Bring it Back !!!!

  • Jen - 3 years ago

    Nashville is a huge loss, love the music and all the characters, Maddie's storyline was getting me upset and that is when you realize that you have bonded with the characters, when you are invested and yell at your TV, you care. Huge loss, will miss Scarlett, Gunnar, and Juliet the most.

  • Dawn - 3 years ago

    #BringBackNashville pleeeeaassseee

  • LaRue Boenig - 3 years ago

    I gave up on Nashville this season because it became very redundant. The love stories were something like musical chairs. Everyone falling in love with everyone.

  • Tracey Basford - 3 years ago

    How can you cancel a show with such a following? They have sold out concert venues across the US and UK (within a couple of hours of being released) and this is in spite of a late night slot rather than prime time which they deserved. Fabulous show with a wonderful talented cast. Unbelievable decision.

  • Mer - 3 years ago

    Bring back Nashville! I have never been a country music or a soap opera fan, but this show is amazing and full of talented people!

  • JJ in NJ - 3 years ago

    I voted for Agent Carter, since it was the only one I watched. Even it needed a rest, so none of these cancellations really hurt. Good luck to Haley in her future endeavors.

  • Regina - 3 years ago

    You guys should take these polls BEFORE you make your decisions this way you'd DEFINITELY KNOW which shows to cancel!!! Castle and Nashville were not the right choices! I am really ticked off right now. Hey, do you guys even know when we DVR a show or when it's really playing on our TVs? The people you select for those Nielsen ratings obviously have lousy taste in good TV!!

  • Gini - 3 years ago

    Nashville, best TV show on air. Music incredible!!!

  • Gini - 3 years ago

    Cannot believe you cancelled Nashville, best show on tv. Guess will have to watch Netflix.

  • Vilma - 3 years ago

    Don't cancel Nashville. My favorite program. Love the actors and the music.

  • MCR98 - 3 years ago

    So upset that Nashville is being canceled! It's one of my favorite shows!!! I've bought many songs of the soundtracks on iTunes! Please bring it back! Also upset that CSI: Cyber was canceled! I really loved all the cast and the interesting cyber scares that are out there. Very disappointed!!!!!!

  • Mary - 3 years ago

    Can't believe you cancelled nashville, such a great show, cancel the view and the bachelor or other stupid shows and bring back nashville..

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    You're not very popular at my house if you deprive us of Nashville. It's what Wednesday night is all about. Please reconsider.

  • soonertoad - 3 years ago

    The Grinder is well acted, well written and damn funny. It is a shame that it never found enough viewers.

  • anonTV - 3 years ago


    #SaveAgentCarter #Netflix

  • Whitey - 3 years ago

    I liked Nashville for the first few years but it was getting stale. They started to lose me when they went all liberal parenting with Maddy and acting like Deacons reactions to things was wrong vs normal.

    Too bad. Had good music for the most part. Wills character had good upbeat stuff. Lot of it was getting too sappy. I think they're just running out of ideas.

  • Amanda - 3 years ago

    Bring back Nashville, love that show, cancel the VIEW and all the other talk show

  • Susan Fiano - 3 years ago

    I absolutely love CSI Cyber. Great cast and interesting topics that everyone these days can relate to. Loved that they brought in Ted Danson too. Can't believe they're going to cancel it. It was on Sunday night at 10 and I don't think it was given half a chance in that time slot, given the football games. It should have another timeslot and given another chance! Such a shame.

  • Lee - 3 years ago

    Nashville was a show FULL of talented actors and great music....and I don't really listen to country music. You leave us with stupid sophomoric sitcoms that are not funny or blood curdling fairy tales and/or vampires and reality TV--the worst thing ever. Really? You obviously don't care about the folks home watching TV vs the youth who are not staying at home but are out and about living youthful lives. And Agent Carter. I liked that too. And your survey shows that the public preferred both of those shows. But, why would you keep what we like?! What a waste. Why do you think people watch cable and Netflix shows?

  • Annette - 3 years ago does not work for me - guess they really don't want feedback from audience. and great country music. Not much left on ABC to watch anymore

  • Tuta - 3 years ago

    Why Castle????? So entertaining................great acting great stories.......................Gr8 for Monday Nights

  • Grumpy - 3 years ago

    Sorry, even Nashville had lost my loyalty with the irrational relationships. Love the music but the story line finally lost me. None of the others are a surprise and maybe add one more button to the survey - none were painful...

  • Helen - 3 years ago

    Even my husband watched Nashville. You guys have got to be crazy. Hoping another network takes over with this fantastic cast! Will be sorely missed. Kept their music programs so I can keep enjoying them as long as my tv stays intact.

  • Nicole - 3 years ago

    So upset over the cancellation of Nashville they always have great music and a great story to watch why why why?

  • Nicole - 3 years ago

    So upset over the cancellation of Nashville they always have great music and a great story to watch why why why?

  • Ken - 3 years ago

    Any of the cancelled shows would have been a much better choice than to keep "The Real O'Neals". One can only speculate "The Real O'Neals" must be in line with ABC's political agenda to justify it not being cancelled. Especially with its lame sophomoric, poorly written sitcom who's ratings in the 18 - 49 demographic has fallen 8 out of 10 weeks this season and stands at .90 (Castle - 1.13, Nashville -1.05, even the Muppets was even higher 1.46).

  • Kelly Scott - 3 years ago

    You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! Taking Nashville off is so wrong. That show gives many of us an idea of what the music is like in Nashville in some way... it was nice to sit later in the evening and enjoy this show. I won't be watching ABC anymore. In my opinion, there is nothing else worth watching on that channel. What a big mistake ABC.

  • Toni - 3 years ago

    Cancelling Nashville is a TERRIBLE choice. Best show on ABC. You keep shows like Grey's on that should have been cancelled years ago and let go of this diamond in the rough. So sad. ABC should be ashamed of themselves with this one.

  • Loretta Balter - 3 years ago

    Noooo, not Castle.

  • Loretta Balter - 3 years ago

    Noooo, not Castle.

  • Maria - 3 years ago

    WHY???????????????????????????? Love Nashville!! Please change your mind and bring it back!!!

  • Lazlo - 3 years ago

    Nashville - Best all around entertainment show on broadcast network TV. Interesting characters and story lines (although it was getting a bit syrupy as of late) and great country music. For those of us who live in, near or visit Nashville, it's fun to recognize landmarks and skyline of Nashville - - a destination for many vacationers. Apparently, none of this matters when it comes to ratings ($$$). Perhaps a cable network will pick up the show (not in reruns but to continue the franchise).

  • Joanne - 3 years ago

    No loss, I didn't watch any of these.

  • ABC Gone to Hell - 3 years ago

    Send feedback to ABC in regards to cancelling Nashville and Agent Carter and others.

  • ReelGuy - 3 years ago

    While the ratings may not have been there, I think it was still too early to give up on a show like Agent Carter. It was different, well-acted, tied into a popular movie character, and had wonderful story possibilities in front of it. The real issue was how far afield the showrunners went with season 2 from the back story heavy season 1. This was supposed to be the show that revealed the early days of SHIELD, could have potentially showed Armin Zola and Hydra's insidious infiltration of the organization, introduced a young rookie named Nick Fury to the organization, played with the timeline with the young and old Howard Stark, and finally revealed Peggy's contributions to the organization AND who her husband ultimately was. While season 2 was good in its own way, it lacked the close connection to the movie verse that made season 1 both good and continuity heavy. I had hope for season 3, but it looks like ABC's patience has run short. It really is too bad, Peggy Carter is a great, female lead and her relationship with Edwin Jarvis was one of the best aspects of the show. And now its over.

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