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Posted 3 years.


  • Rita Morelli - 11 months ago

    I also am shocked that Chuck Lorre would cancel one of the three best sitcoms on tv today solely b/c Molly lost weight. What a ridiculous absurd line of reasoning. Then he comes out with a few more sitcoms of which have to be the biggest waste of money, taking up spots on our tv schedules namely Two stupid Broke Girls a show with no storyline, so much yelling, and simply a stupid show insulting the intelligence of viewers..... The next also ridiculous waste of air time, money and so much yelling is Ta-Da.... “The (stupid) Goldbergs. What a lame untalented bunch of idiots, can’t call them actors. Where in hell did you find these lame brain picks to do a useless show?? To think what winners you had in Big Bang, Two n Half Men with great talent and now look at what you, Mr. Chuck Lorre have produced!! CRAP! Maybe it’s time to throw in the Proverbial “Towel”, as time past, you’re gettin on in years and have lost sight of what a good/great production sitcom should look like. Shame on you, for cancelling a great show... MIKE AND MOLLY, what is/would have been right up there with Big Bang and Two n Half Men! FYI: Kutchner as good as he is didn’t reach the impact that Charlie Sheen made.

  • Tomiko Lewis - 2 years ago

    I think it's stupid for producers to cancel show for 2 people making major changes in there life. I think it's great they lost weight everyone loved the show and still would've watched the show then losing weight having 2 kids keeping active for family values inspiring over weight people whom find it hard to loss weight. I think the producers mad big mistake people still watch show til this very day but want to see more we the audience love Mike & Molly & the rest of the cast on the show please reconsider bring them back bring them back bring them back they brought joy to everyone's living room.

  • Joe sampedro - 2 years ago

    What a shame to cancel such a great show. I heard they were canceling the show because Molly and Mike both had a tremendous weight loss. Hard to believe that people trying to get healthy maybe said the trend for everybody else that's overweight in this country to start eating better and experience better help because of it. It was a great show and it was funny because of the people not because they were fat. I hope the powers-that-be have a change of heart and bring it back let it play itself out. When people get sick of it they will let you guys know. I think that might take quite a while before it happens thank you call sampedro and wife Sherry sampedro.

  • Gerda perry - 2 years ago

    I love like and Molly would love to see the family grow together

  • jenae heavilin - 2 years ago

    I hate to see the show over. I want more of Mike and Molly and see her give birth to there second baby, not to far off from the adopted baby. The show would be even better with the two new babies in it. It was already a fabulous sitcom, but made even better with them being parents to two toddlers. Bring Mike and Molly back. ????

  • jenae heavilin - 2 years ago

    I hate to see the show over. I want more of Mike and Molly and see her give birth to there second baby, not to far off from the adopted baby. The show would be even better with the two new babies in it. It was already a fabulous sitcom, but made even better with them being parents to two toddlers. Bring Mike and Molly back. ????

  • Saylor - 2 years ago

    Get original already!!!
    Coping Rules of Engagement and King of Queens as a final episode is just sad!!!! Not to mention an insult to a great show!!

  • Tanya - 2 years ago

    Bring back Mike and Molly now

  • Nina - 2 years ago

    I want to see more of Mike and Molly and there new family

  • Mike and Molly - 2 years ago

    It should have not ended a great show...I don't watch many sitcoms but this was a great one hate to see it go...

  • vixin - 2 years ago

    I'm really sad. I'm gonna miss them it was a great show. But I would have like to see them parent together. Oh well maybe some other station might pick it up again that would be awesome! :-)

  • vixin - 2 years ago

    I'm really sad in gonna miss them it was a great show

  • Marybell Ramirez - 2 years ago

    I was very sad and heartbroken when I found out about the last season. I am a heavy person who looked up to the show. It made me believe that I will find my love of my life one day (and when I did found my Mike who I like to call him by that ). He was amazing because we love the same show. We would watch it together and never missed an episode. We also reacted all the episodes together with our friends helping us. We both love watching the show together, it has made us laugh , cry (mostly me) , smile and think about the future what holds for me and my beloved boyfriend . Who I love very much. When we have challenges , we thought what will Mike and Molly do in this situation. We have missed Mike and Molly. We have also wished it would come back on to do a couple more seasons. We also asked why did it had to end!!!!!!?????? When the show was amazing and wonderful

  • Ami Gestrich - 2 years ago

    I love Mike and Molly. I dont think it should of ended for at least another year or so. Im going to miss it for sure. Its a great show because everyone can relate to it. It made us laugh, cry and most of the time laugh and cry. I wish they bring it back even if its for a reunion special

  • Holley - 3 years ago

    Same ending as King of Queens

  • Hilary Willacker - 3 years ago

    At least they should have had 3 more seasons. Really wanted to see how everything turned out with them being parents and becoming parents again. Victoria and Carl's wedding and everything under the sun. CHUCK LORRE RETHINK THIS!!!!!!!!

  • Tanya Whisenant - 3 years ago

    The ending of M&M affects me on a personal level. My husband and I started dating a month before the series aired in 2010. We too are a large couple and were surprised how we paralleled the show. We got engaged and married and had so many similar situations that it was spooky. To have the series end feels like we are losing a good friend. Thank you for giving a humorous glimpse into the situations that large people encounter!

  • PAM - 3 years ago

    I would really like to know why they ended that show??? The only thing I can think of is money. I just don't understand how they have such a great show and they let it go.

  • Lilblondie1974 - 3 years ago

    Very disappointed!

    I loved Mike & Molly! Faithful watcher to the end! And the ending was so frustrating and disappointing!! They opened up more story lines with the last two episodes and could have taken it so far with many more seasons!

    Why not answer just a few questions at the end?

    Have it close, "one year later", say at Carl and Victoria's wedding, showing the little boy growing up and the new baby (what did she have??)

    ....something, anything!

    It left me a little peeved and I can't believe the cancelled such a simple but hilarious show with a one of kind cast!

    Hope they reconsider and surprise us! Would be nice to see the show back in the fall line-up, but I won't hold my breath!

    Will definitely miss this show! Chuck Lorre, what were you thinking?

  • Suzan Anton - 3 years ago

    How can CBS be so stupid to cancel Mike and Molly. What a hilarious and loving cast of characters! That show was laugh out laugh funny. What a loss - yet the friggin no talented kardashians live on.

  • Cheryl - 3 years ago

    The last few shows were so funny and entertaining!! Too bad it was canceled, great show and great cast!!

  • Kim - 3 years ago

    Too bad it ended the exact same way that Rules of Engagement ended. Couldn't have thought of a new ending to adopting???

  • Cindy - 3 years ago

    I think it's a shame to cancel the good shows and leave on so many reality shows and dimwitted sitcoms. A good example is that 2 Broke girls. I agree that this show could have ran several more seasons. It really would have been nice to see them as parents. Chuck Lorre, you need to rethink this.

  • sharon l monteiro - 3 years ago

    I will really miss this show. I did shed some tears while watching the last episode. It would have been great to watch for a bit longer as the kids grew and all the funny stuff that we could have watched. I'm sick of these production companies axing good shows for reality shows. There's nothing real about all the reality shows anyway- I guess producers think most of us are lame.
    Melissa is such a good actress and so funny. I will watch anything she's in. Good luck to all of them. They made me laugh and identify with alot of things out of my own life.

  • Jowanna Peterson - 3 years ago

    They need at LEAST 5 more seasons!!!! Will really miss this sitcom.

  • Dena Linzay - 3 years ago

    I think they need one more season. Hated it ended without seeing them as parents

  • Melody - 3 years ago

    Wonderful ending of a wonderful season!! It's a shame CBS is not as taken with M&M as I am. It's great entertainment at its best!

  • noitaw - 3 years ago

    Like "Rules of Engagement" before it, Mike and Molly was also a funny show that pulled in good numbers and still got prematurely canceled, and both ending with the lead couple gettting an adopted baby and a surprise pregnancy. CBS is lame, so producer James Brooks gave both his short changed shows the same pat endings.

  • Allen - 3 years ago

    The comments were perfect , WHY end a perfectly good comedy , so entertaining ,. I rarely watch sitcoms but my sweat heart and I have watched the show since Mike and Molly begin . So so sad to have such a heartwarming ending for ever and ever. I bet they will have a little Mike and Molly show down the road. Just want to say Good Job to all of the wonderful cast . Till later.

  • Greg Ryan - 3 years ago

    Great show! Great cast! It should have had a couple more seasons. Certainly better than just about any other sitcom currently on the air

  • Dave Garland - 3 years ago

    I absolutely agree that this well written and well acted sitcom ended way too soon. My only disappointment with this final episode was that it ended almost exactly like how a couple of other very popular sitcoms ended. My guess is that this was done by design to follow a pattern, but I would have liked to see more originality instead of being so predictable. Nonetheless, I will miss Mike & Molly! I really like smart and endearing comedies!!

  • linda jiannuzzi - 3 years ago

    As the person ahead of me said...great ending but why did it have to end!!! Probably some inner politics at work here...everyone in this cast is great!!! Wish there could have been 50 more years...now you just left it with new material not being seen..we want to see how children ..etc played out...hope we get reruns at least

  • Diane McGonagle - 3 years ago

    It ended beautifully but why did it have to end? Exceptional cast, how often does that happen!
    Wonderful blend of humor and soul. Why end it?
    You had Melissa for goodness sakes - why end it!
    Billy - perfect choice.
    Rest of the cast played to them perfectly and had their own great characters to play out.
    I hate it when shows I really care about end no matter if five or ten years. This one should have been ten, I'd settle for eight. Do a movie!
    Missing it already.
    PS I do have a life:) this was just good entertainment.
    PSS I have never done anything like this before. I just wanted you, and you and whoever sees this to know that it is a show worth missing. I will be wondering how Mike and Molly will be getting along with their babies, how their families and Mike's partner will be driving them crazy with all their solid advice...

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