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Vote now for the "Best Brewery in West Michigan" (Poll Closed)

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  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    It's really a bummer that you guys have to shame other places and say that it's rigged. This was a public vote. Just because your favorite place isn't in the lead, doesn't mean that they're not a good brewery... And it doesn't give anyone the right to Shame other places. Let's all be adults here.

  • Curt - 5 years ago

    To bad you have to have someone hack poll daddy to win. Pigeon hill is the best in west Michigan

  • Barbara Smith - 5 years ago

    I am voting for Pigeon Hill Brewing! They are the best!!!

  • Patrick - 5 years ago

    Go Cedar! Great to see the community support! So many good breweries out there, but this is a favorite.

  • Danny - 5 years ago

    Pretty disappointing this is hacked. Pigeon Hill is the real winner regardless of the voting.

  • Shirley - Fourth time - 5 years ago

    Yes, Shirley times four! Just fYI: To vote multiple times per Chromebook Computer, click on the three lines at the top right. Click on "More Tools." Click on "Clear Browsing History."Then go to the upper left-hand side, and click on the arrow that is circulating clockwise. You are now all set to vote again!

    Guess what? You can repeat this process and vote over and over again on the computer!

    To have your computer automatically vote for you (which you can program it to do either every 6 seconds or after so many votes have hit the opposition, go to this following site or search Poll daddy automatic votes to find NUMEROUS ways to do this!! http://dynobin.com/polldaddy-votes-hack/

  • Shirley H. - 5 years ago

    Shirley here a 3rd time.... clearly not secure. I will say that I voted for three different breweries in my endeavor to show that Poll Daddy is flawed. Again, just search Poll Daddy Hack, and you will find an abundance of instructional websites and youtube videos!

  • Shirley Handstetter? - 5 years ago

    Yes, Shirley here again. Polldaddy is not secure. One method to vote gain is to clear your browser of cookies and history. Then you can vote as much as you want! If you want to get sophisticated, as some do, you may go online and get the instructions on how to "right click" on the vote area to get the "HTML code" to then input it in some manner that will actually VOTE AUTOMATICALLY for the one you want, whenever so many votes are placed for the opposition.

  • Shirley Handsteeter - 5 years ago

    No need to vote anymore. This site has been compromised. PollDaddy is not secure. Just Google Polldaddy hacker to see what I mean.

  • Shelly Stariha - 5 years ago

    Pigeon Hill offers excellent craft beer, an inviting taproom, and welcoming service! Thanks!

  • Joe Tomasunas - 5 years ago

    Love the Cedar Springs Brewery!!

  • Joe Helsper - 5 years ago

    Love the menus, and it is hard to beat the open mic night entertainment! Oh! Great beers too!

  • Joe Helsper - 5 years ago

    Love the menus, and it is hard to beat the open mic night entertainment! Oh! Great beers too!

  • ray weller - 5 years ago

    the best

  • Casey - 5 years ago

    Cedar Springs Brewing's Food is just as good as the beer. Also reasonably priced.

  • Janet Tyson - 5 years ago

    Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Lovable staff. Outstanding stouts and ales.

  • Big D - 5 years ago

    Place has it all, true passion for the craft!

  • Tammy williams - 5 years ago

    Cedar Springs Brewery #1

  • Chitwood - 5 years ago

    Great beer. Better owners

  • Julie - 5 years ago

    Great Beer, Food and Atmosphere

  • Julie - 5 years ago

    Great Beer, Food and Atmosphere

  • Kasey Jo - 5 years ago

    Vote CS Brew! You won't regret it! (:

  • Pjk - 5 years ago

    Where else than Fetch can you enjoy an excellent beer in an old BANK VAULT?

  • marc alan - 5 years ago

    I vote Transient.

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    If you've not visited Cedar Springs Brewing Company you need to visit and enjoy the original Weiss Bier. A traditional Bavarian beer garden!

  • William Sikkenga - 5 years ago

    Great selection of beers; always introducing new beers to try. Great relaxing friendly atmosphere.

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