Grade the 'Castle' series finale:


  • kathy - 1 year ago

    After all this time it still makes me sad. I still watch Castle reruns in the middle of the night I still hate the last season. However when that last episode ends dismally once again, the next showing is Season one Episode one .

  • Jan - 6 years ago

    I’m STILL upset & angry about the abrupt ending. Can’t watch old epis any more knowing Kate & Castle met such a violent end. WHY was that necessary? Sad.

  • Jan - 6 years ago

    I’m STILL upset & angry about the abrupt ending. Can’t watch old epis any more knowing Kate & Castle met such a violent end. WHY was that necessary? Sad.

  • savage rebel12 - 6 years ago

    whyyyyyyy did castle have to end? it would been better if they cancelled after season 6 but #always . also I don't believe that rumor about stana and Nathan hating each other

  • Miller-Time - 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed the show Castle with the characters, the mysteries, the dynamics, and the suspense! I was very much and still sadden by the way the show ended and no longer renewed for whatever the issues were stated with the actors cause this show was pretty darn awesome, fun and entertaining! Beckett, Castle and the characters on the show are what made the show amazing and entertaining to watch and enjoy! I just wished they had did a better job with the ending and kept this show running with the same formula that originated in the beginning to its success! Sigh, smh, so sad really......thanks for the hardwork and excellent acting Castle Cast and staff! I look forward to more amazing work from you guys in future shows and movies! :-) ;-) B-) #CastlePhan4Lyfe!!!

  • Kate - 7 years ago

    What in the name of all that's good and decent in the world was that piece of unadultered crap!?!?! That wasn't even a decent end of season show let alone end of show. Period. The whole LokSat storyline was weak to begin with, so finding him was anticlimactic as hell. Many people have pointed out the other maddening weaknesses so I won't take the time other than to say what a complete and total insult ur was to the fan base who had hung in there while the writers tried to figure out how to make the show as interesting as it was before Kate and Castle got married and they failed pretty miserably. But fans loved the characters - both of them, together - it's probably just as well the show got cancelled. It's always painful to watch a slow, lingering death...,

  • Wilson Dawson - 7 years ago

    I thought the episode was excellent. The only part lacking in quality was the ending. It seemed like it was tacked on to the end at the last moment. I wonder if the decision to cancel the show came so late in the game that they only had a short time to come up with a way to conclude it, get people back together again, and shoot it. That is what I think happened.
    Otherwise it was excellent.

    I loved the series as a whole. Given what we hear about the two stars not getting along well off camera, I think they did a great job acting like two people in love. It is too bad they didn't get along; but lots of times good people find they cannot get along with other decent people. I wish them both well.

  • Lily - 7 years ago

    I teared up at the ending, but I was confused a little and REALLY wish there was more. Gahh, why did it end????

  • Danielle - 7 years ago

    How does no one question who was burned alive in the car? And why would caleb brown be waiting at castles house to shoot them if everyone thought he was dead?! Also the happily ever after was rushed....they could have done a better job with a 2 hr finale where they had time to give the show a proper send off. really suck at ending may need to find better writers that can properly end a story.

  • Charles - 7 years ago

    Why cancel such a popular show? And what's this about Kate not returning (if renewed)? While I could care less about the gender of the star(s), this was a great show that should have been renewed.

  • Rebecca - 7 years ago

    I have been a Castle fan from day one. I still watch it in syndication every chance I get. I actually think the idea of the ending was a good one. It was, however, confusing. I agree that perhaps a two-part ending would have helped the fans who are mourning over the ending of the series. I would like to have known how they survived and I would like to have known what happened to the other main characters. Thanks, however, for the many years of the stories involving Castle, Beckett, and all! I will miss watching them.

  • joe - 7 years ago

    The Cliff Hanger was Castle and Beckett laying shot on the floor in house. Then in off season they would have decided how to play it with Beckett leaving. Since the show was cancelled they through in the part years later with kids.

    They just threw it together quickly. Like some before mentioned would have been much better if had another hour to clean up all the other characters.

    Overall I wish they would have stopped the show after the episode they killed 3xK

  • lenora - 7 years ago

    I watched Castle because of the strong, intelligent , successful female star and would not watch a show where Beckett had been eliminated. As this seems to be the trend (eliminating strong female stars, Blacklist etc) with networks lately I will be watching less TV, reading more books and finding other recreational activities. Castle (the show)was about the dynamic that the two of them created and the balance that they brought to each other. its not a show worth watching with just one.

  • DBeyer - 7 years ago

    Can't understand why the show was cancelled. Seemed like it always got great ratings. Alternate ending was way too short!!! How do you just zip through 7 years in 30 seconds. FANS DESERVE BETTER ABC!!! Could have had a final show showing what happens to everyone involved, not just Beckett & Rick. Once again, ABC TV Exec's have their heads up their ass!!!

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    I too was confused. I was left wondering : did they die and was seven years later a dream of a dying Beckett or Castle? Or did they live? The "7 years later" spot should have been longer than 20 seconds. Lame ending!

  • ttandme69 - 7 years ago

    Could they not have given us a 2 episode season finale? I felt it was rushed and just thrown together to be done with it all. There were some things that I would have liked to have seen...

    After 8 years...I think the fans deserved a little bit more.

    What about XXX killer?

  • K Blodgett - 7 years ago

    Can't watch until tomorrow on HULU. But watching your little bit here, makes me to not to want to bother. Obviously they were going to let Beckett die on the kitchen floor, and we wouldn't know until next season BOO! And that whole, 30sec, 7 years later bullshit, was just a cop out. Not filming an alternate ending.

  • Leigh - 7 years ago

    @Sharon Yates They lived happily ever after with their kids.

  • Sharon Yates - 7 years ago

    I love this show and wish it could have another season. I did not understand the ending. Did Rick and Kate die or did they live happily ever after and have children. Please let me know.

  • Angeliza Williams - 7 years ago

    Are YOU SERIOUS??? WHERE was this "Alternate Ending"??? It Certainly was NOT the way the show ended on MY TV!!! It ENDED with Rick being driven away in the Cab & he got a Strange look on his face due to the Comment by the "Cab Driver"!!!! While Beckett was going to be Meeting Rick in a short time. So WHERE DID THAT ENDING PLAY??? I went on the Website where they Explained the Ending that was "Supposedly" played on TV tonight...WHERE??? Did the Ending just get CUT OFF in the Central Time Zone?? The TV ending didn't show ANYTHING!! Just the feeling of abandoning the FANS of Castle!!! After 8 YEAR'S we're the ones left Suffering because SOMEONE decided Beckett & Laney weren't THAT Important to the show. With ALL these "garbage shows" that get Renewed because they're cheaper??? While a GREAT SHOW GOES OFF AFTER 8 YEARS because SOMEONE at ABC has their head up their Ass!!! Talk About Making one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES a Network could MAKE... BECAUSE YOU JUST DID IT!!!!!!

  • larry - 7 years ago

    I think it shound go for many year now whit the family

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