Grade 'Castle' Season 8 as a whole:


  • Debbie - 8 years ago

    Sorry to see the show end. I thought it would go on for years! The writers always had a twist that we never saw coming. My husband and I loved to watch together. Castle always made us laugh.

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    My wife and I never missed an episode. As many others say, this was a well done show, should NOT be going off the air, should have kept Rick and Kate close - that relationship made a large part of the show. If they don't like each other, they are even better actors than we thought. Thought the ending was weak but at least gave some slight semblance of their future. Overall just really unhappy its ending and have LARGE negative feelings for ABC!

  • Carol - 8 years ago

    My favorite show by far. Rushed home from work each Monday evening to watch. Great cast all around with terrific whodoneit stories. Didn't like the ending and hate the cancellation of the show. Most shows have to have filth to sell- this one didn't. Too bad you're selling out ABC.

  • Lillian - 8 years ago

    I really didn't want it to end I loved the series. Even though the character Becket had decided to leave the show, I feel Castle should have continued. Too bad she didn't like Castle & that they didn't get along. Great acting you would have never known.

  • patty - 8 years ago

    hate that abc cancelled again another great show... watched from the beginning ... if it had to end glad they showed them 7 yrs later with their kids ... when they got shot im like r u kidding me... if it continued .. love Nathan Fillion but the show is them together !!! very disappointing abc!!! putting crap on and taking good ones off ... pretty soon there wont be anything good to watch ...castle and nashville were the best !!!

  • Alfred - 8 years ago

    They abandom what made the show .It both Castle & Beckett working side by side. This season very little working together .They did over kill on the last scene . also left some unanswer question

  • Elopez - 8 years ago

    It always happens good shows get cancelled and garbage shows stay. Castle was awesome, but I am getting used to my favorite shows being cancelled.

    I never watch all those reality shows it is a waste of time. They are horrible and who wants to watch other peoples problems.

  • Trish - 8 years ago

    I love, love, love the show. I don't know why you would cancel such an awesome show. Kate and Rick were awesome together the whole crew was awesome let's face it the show was awesome. HUGE MISTAKE canceling the best show there ever was.

  • Thomas Fitzpatrick - 8 years ago

    Upset that season 7 and 8 separated Castle and Beckett too much and to not have Beckett back for season 9 was a huge mistake. She made the show and without her no one would watch. The finale was okay but should have showed Castle and Beckett riding off into the sunset after they finally killed their nemesis from many seasons back. To not have them live happily ever after that love affair would have been a failure and I would have thrown something at my TV. (kidding), The whole situation with Beckett not returning and cancelling season 9 sucked and I may not watch ABC again, they have nothing to watch. Blindspot on NBC will take over the 10PM timeslot.

  • Barbara - 8 years ago

    I looked forward every Monnday night to seeing the new episode of Castle. It's cancellation was a tremendous disappointment and in my opinion mistake. Becktet gave the much needed balance to Castle's somewhat childestness. Today's fare appears excessively to be including homosexuality or porn in general which gets very tiresome.

  • Olga - 8 years ago

    So sad to see the series end. They were like a modern day Nick and Nora Charles. The whole cast worked so well together. So sad to see it end

  • C Snyder - 8 years ago

    The finale was great until the end. Can't believe they both got shot. And we're supposed to believe they lived happily ever after! I'm very disappointed in the series being taken off the air. Big mistake, big mistake, HUGE!

  • Sherry - 8 years ago

    This was one of my favorite shows. You made a awful mistake on canceling this wholesome show.
    The only reason you took it off is because it didn't have enough profanity, sex, or violence in it Think of
    all the people who enjoyed this show and not the ratings. I' am outraged and upset that you let
    ratings count more then people that loves these shows. Thanks for nothing, Sherry.

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