Which were your favorite performances from 'The Voice' Top 8 Night? (Choose 3!)

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  • Ruth - 5 years ago

    Although I loved Bryan's intensity, I don't care for the nasal upper register that he spent much of the song in. It grates on my ears.

    Alison can also be a little shrill for me and I feel that she could do more to make songs her own rather than trying to match the screams and yelps of the original performer.

    Hannah, Shalyah and Laith are my favorites for being consistently interesting and passionate in their singing.

    I like Mary Sarah and Adam, but feel they could both do more to stand out rather than just singing pretty. Paxton has moments of brilliance, but is not consistent and in the semi fin - he did way too many runs for my liking. Every note should not be embellished or the embellishments lose their impact.

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