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Rate your level of confidence in the Catholic church in Guam. (Poll Closed)

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  • Former Guam Capuchin - 6 years ago

    This situation is always very difficult because we can’t absolutely know the truth. The movie “Doubt” addresses this issue very well. Although when I knew Bishop Tony, I couldn’t have imagined him involved in something like this, I lean toward the victims. The church has an absolute requirement to protect the innocent little ones in her care. Even If a bishop were not a molester, he absolutely must know what is going on in his diocese and take affirmative action to protect children and other innocents. If he does not, he should be dismissed. If he, himself, molested children, canonical and judicial action should be taken for justice’s sake.

    I’m not going to give Bishop Tony a pass on this. When I was in the seminary a priest tried to grope me. I wasn’t a minor but he held a position of power over me. He could say whether or not I should be ordained. In the end, I wasn’t ordained so that tells the tale. The other issue along with age is if one party has a power difference over the other. I never pursued the issue. The priest is dead. I’ve dealt with the issue as best I can. I’m not interested in a settlement so what’s the use? I did leave the Roman Catholic Church and joined an independent Catholic Church and became its Presiding Bishop.

  • Robert De Luca - 7 years ago

    Does not sound like the Tony Apuron I have known since 1968. Sounds like open season on the Catholic Church and her priests all for the love of money. Tell me are the alleged victims asking for compensation for their pain and suffering? I will pray for justice without prejudice for any of the parties involved.

  • Guam Catholic girl - 7 years ago

    Roy, I believe you. Prayers to you and your family on this journey. May God, the ultimate judge, deliver justice. Apuron will get what he deserves, if not in this lifetime, at his death. Evil never wins. I am so proud of your courage, ROY.

  • lol - 7 years ago

    surprised no one said anything about James touching kids back in '05. Wake up

  • Guam parishioner - 7 years ago

    The poll should instead survey people's level of confidence in the LEADERSHIP (which Apuron represents), not the Catholic Church itself. I have NO level of confidence in Apuron, but the highest level of confidence in the ONE TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH which Jesus established and to which I will remain faithful. Katoliku hasta i finatai-hu.

  • Mother of 2 Altar Servers - 7 years ago

    Fellow Catholics, please remember Archbishop Apuron is not our church. It is "US" the practicing Catholics that is the "Catholic Church". We will remain faithful to our "Church" not to Apuron.

  • Basta Umbre - 7 years ago

    I am a catholic and will always be a catholic....all this in-fighting wont change the fact that I believe in God and that's it. I don't knock any other belief, everyone has the right to have their own believes. To end all of this, the Neo should just built their own church or churches and things will sort out itself. every other religion does it and we get along. it may just be a money issue, the power of the mighty dollar which effects everything. Anyway just get your own churches and stop trying to convert and use other believes money. BTW just heard the second collection is to support the bishops I matuna paper! sorry I wont support that. 2nd collection should be for the capuchin priest and building fund for our church. Yona Rulz, don't try to take over our church.

  • Ben - 7 years ago

    Roy be honest with yourself. It's obvious that a team is using u as a pawn to get what they want. Shame on you n all parties involved.

  • PollDaddy - 7 years ago

    I suggest a poll for tomorrow: Rate your level of confidence in PACIFIC DAILY NEWS.

  • Sad Parishioner - 7 years ago

    I watched both TV broadcast on the allegations made by Roy Quintanilla and the denial made by Bishop Apuron.
    I have to say I believe Roy Quintanilla and I applaud him for coming out

    Clearly, I see that this is a Child sex abuse case .

    In my own opinion this has nothing to do about certain group is trying to destroy the Catholic church as the Bishop claims .

    I l remain faithful to the Catholic church, the Bishop's allegations will not deter me from being a Catholic.

    My Prayers for both parties.

  • Outside looking in.. - 7 years ago

    Thank you Roy for your bravery for speaking up for those who cannot or have not.. yet! Apron needs to be accountable. I know for a fact that you are telling the truth. During your time as an Alter boy there were others that were also subjected to Apron's abuse. May Apron feel the Lords wrath and live the rest of his life remembering the faces of all the boys he abused and left scared for the rest of their lives.

  • Islander 2 - 7 years ago

    Ai adai the Arch Bishop should just step down to preserve what's left of our church and its flock . The more he fights this and more victims pop up how stupid will he look ? He's a pedophile ? Just questioning his innocents looks really bad . Are we going to condemn the victim for speaking up ? Just to protect the bishop ? Bishop Apuron has over stayed his welcomE and should step down quietly. If another person pops up claiming in detail how he was molested by the Bishop I swear all hell will break loose and more and more people will look down upon our church for keeping Apuron on as Bishop. Parhetic ! I say castrate him if it's true ! Tao Tao pedophile Hao !

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