Is the C-I school system right or wrong in not allowing a confederate flag on the school grounds?

Posted 3 years.


  • Brown thumb - 1 year ago

    All flags are good for only two things firewood an toilet paper.

  • Carilyn Johnson - 2 years ago

    The stunning ignorance of American history shown by the people who flaunted this flag is horrifying. The state of Minnesota was one of the very first places to send troops to fight FOR THE UNION. My family lost several people in the Civil War, and they were from the C/I area. Yes, it's ancient history, but it's ancient FACTUAL history. The "history" these people who support this southern battle flag allude to is false. The quote by the young man makes me fear for the future of America. They're blooming morons.

  • Jackmeioff - 3 years ago

    Flags stand for greed hypocrisy mass murderer and rape

  • Marry Poppins - 3 years ago

    printing stupid shit like this is the reason we have STDs

  • Marry Poppins - 3 years ago

    printing stupid shit like this is the reason we have STDs

  • lawrence groshong - 3 years ago

    It is an American flag so no one should be disrespecting it. just because it was designed and used in the south during the civil war doesn't mean it is racially tied to southern states as so many people/politicians believe. remember at that time there were x many states and the us flag had thirteen stars on it and so does the confederate/rebel flag. it is not a symbol of hate or any kind of evil those politicians are feeding into so many peoples heads.

  • D E Walker - 3 years ago

    The 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg is one of the greatest feats of heroism in United States military history. They fought FOR our country and should be well remembered and honored. More here -

  • craig kvamme - 3 years ago

    The flag stood for a way of life. After the Civil War over a hundred thousand blacks were murdered and this was condoned by the state. this lasted well into the twentieth century

  • Marolyn Schmidt - 3 years ago

    Just because this happened in the "North" does not mean that it should be allowed up there. Here in the South it has racial meanings to it and that is exactly why South Carolina removed it by court order from flying on the Capitol grounds.if it is seen that way in the South, it should be seen that way in the North, the East and the West. It is a shameful flag. The North beat the South in the Civil War so why would a Yankee want to fly the Confederate flag other than for racial meanings. I hope you stick to your guns because this flag has no purpose in our world today.

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