Grade Michael Weatherly's final 'NCIS' episode:

  • Connie Limon - 2 years ago

    Very good and interesting show I loved watching it all the time

  • Phiip Hilton - 3 years ago

    The current NCIS team does not live up to original teams actions in the field...only McGee keeps the show worth watching as well as Emily Wickersham ...not forgetting Jethro of course...but all in all...NCIS is not the show it used to be... a very sad state of must admit.

  • sandra - 4 years ago

    I was never comfortable with the insipid " bishop" charactet who replaced the splendid " ziva" character. Now "Tony " has gone and the two new characters , the female character with the hair teeth and mother , in particular , I'm afraid I just watch re runs now ! I've watched this show from the first , have loved it , but either bad casting on the new females or what , I haven't found myself on board with the new series , despite the excellent cast other than the newbys!

  • Susanne Sental - 4 years ago

    If anyone remembered how Magnum PI ended, you would realize how similar the endings were. Same people who did Magnum PI does NCIS. Bellisarious
    They used the same formula of writing as they did on Magnum. He wound up with a daughter and the mother dead also. I noticed it immediately. Big fan of both shows.

  • Robert Wayne Bracey Sr - 4 years ago

    If you had to get rid of Tony you did it I a good​ way.however I think you really should have kept him on.the new characters just do not fill the spot

  • Renetta Jones - 4 years ago

    I do not relate to these new characters. It would be great to bring Ziva back itherwise this show won't be around much longer.

  • AMANDA LAROCK - 4 years ago

    I found the episode to be sad that Seether had been burned but work 10 and then I was saddened again that Tony didn't know that him and Ziva had a baby girl and then I would join when they found the picture and she pointed to her mom and then to Dad and that just made dinozzo's heart full of love and acceptance but he had to take care of that threat I need it I'm going to miss them and Ziva but I've been watching the show and it's okay I didn't think at first that I was going to like it but it's kind of grown on me although I do miss them maybe they'll come back for a couple episodes Nazi bow not zebra because she dead

  • Sarah - 5 years ago

    I have disliked the whole leaving of ziva and toni and will absolutely not watch the show again

  • Julie - 5 years ago

    The storyline was hackneyed and a disappointing end for Michael Weatherley's character "Tony". Certainly one hour didn't seem long enough to properly sever all the character's ties to the others at NCIS. The Ducky/Tony farewell was weird and (forgive the pun that's not intended) lifeless - after all that time that was all they said between them? Same goes for Tim's farewell. All in all, the episode felt rushed and this fan will be jumping ship from now on. 13 seasons is too long a time to invest in characters that then give you such a slap across the face as they shut the door behind them.

  • freeman lewis(sonny) - 5 years ago

    I hated Michael leaving.I've seen commercials of "Dr.Bull and I think that's what its going to be to me "Bull"I know I won't watch it,it is not his role,he doesn't fit.Send him back to NCIS,thats where he belongs.He's like an icon there and i'll miss him a lot and I think the ratings will go down too.You'll see!!Also put ziva back that also hurt the show,I like the blonde but we still need zivz and Michael.!!!~

  • Kathy - 5 years ago

    Very disappointed in the ending. I've watched this show since the beginning. Whoever came up with this ending made a BIG mistake. I'm sure there are tons of TV viewers out there just as disappointed as me.

  • steven - 5 years ago

    why hasn't anybody asked the most simple question how can Tony raise a child with no job? those plane tickets are pretty expensive with no money coming in?

  • michael shipula - 5 years ago

    This ending has been done to death. From Magnum PI to Monk. the story line was good but the whole oh look a kid he didn't know. come on try something were the people are. I never saw that before. or just holy cow I cant believe they did that. I think that was my last season. to bad.

  • Rob - 5 years ago

    It was a twist I did not expect. However, Tony did not really appear to bond with the child. It was more like he had no choice but to now take care of this child and so he felt he couldn't work anymore. That's silly. You need to make up for this to get people to continue watching. Ziva needs to be alive and the three of them need to be united.

  • Donald - 5 years ago

    Anyone who gives the season 13 fannaly anything other than an A rating surey isn't an seriouse fan of the show. It was fantastic as well as surprising in an amazing way.

  • BRYAN CHINARIAN - 5 years ago

    It was awesome....It's not every show that ends 3 key players of the show in one show....I'm not sure about the 2 new cast members....I just don't feel them like I did with the rest of them that have come on board...I was really sad to see Ziva leave but Bishop coming on was a good addition...I just can't get the same feeling for the new members.....Sorry

  • Bob - 5 years ago

    It should have been a 2 hour finale and I didn't not like it at all. Gibbs get "on hands on deck every other time an agent or someone close to him gets killed but this time Gibbs doesn't seem to have that determination and that glimpse of emotion towards ziva like he did for everyone else he has lost. I do agree that the story line was very rushed and no we did not get to that bonding with Tony and his daughter where I though it should have been for him to leave ncis. Highly disappointed and feel that the show has lost its ability to keep me intrigued to continue watching anymore.

  • ERam - 5 years ago

    I agree with the comment that is should have been a 2 hour episode, or stretched over 2 weeks. It felt rushed, unfinished. He didn't convince me that he was bonded with the child. I do like that they left it open to possibilities.. so many people have died on that show thru the years (Franks, Jenny, Kate, Fornell's wife, Leon's wife... the list goes on and on) So it's great that they didn't have something awful happen to Tony. Actors are not the same as characters... just because we all wanted Ziva to come back doesn't mean it's easy to have Cote come back. But I felt his "goodbyes" with all the other characters were flat... there could have been so much more.

  • Ingrid - 5 years ago

    I also hope that Ziva is still alive and will be reunited with Tony and their little girl.

  • Hope Engels - 5 years ago

    This was the worst ending I could have imagined. I get that you have to say goodbye but why couldn't it have been a happier ending where Tony and Ziva are together with their daughter instead of killing Ziva off. I am not going to watch the show anymore.

  • Penny - 5 years ago

    Would like to have Ziva alive. If she would come back to the show, they could have had someone else play her. could have put her in gauze and not allowed to speak from smoke inhalation. It could have ended even happier. After all these years, Tony deserved to have a woman to spend the remainder of his life and to be happy with his wish to have a family of his own.

    At least they didn't kill him off. Thank you writers of NCIS and Thank you Michael Weatherly for not asking to be killed off.

  • marcia - 5 years ago

    Didnt like. LESS professional I had thought. He would not be the only one field agent having a daughter as a single parent. Fornell is there ( or was... ).I think this is NOT a good line of argument to justify the MW leaving.They could be a bit more creative.

  • jim - 5 years ago

    I think the ending was probably the only ending that worked in the minds of Glasberg and the other show's producers...including Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly. Here is the problem that nobody is talking about...Cote de Pablo REFUSED to come back to the show. I am CERTAIN that CBS and NCIS showrunners tried to get her to come back for this episode, but she left pretty much on sour terms with them, and thus, the story had no choice but to be altered. How do you have Tony leave NCIS to be with Ziva if there is no Ziva to act out that part to set it up?!? I do get that...disappointed it turned out the way it did, but once you start looking at deeper inflection of the character, doesn't it make sense? He has a father who walked out on him. He never had a 'serious' relationship throughout the seasons, Jeanne was unique but then again, was ruined because of the job plus she's with someone...and then again, it was always about Ziva. None of the girls Tony dated on screen or off were ever exactly what Tony wanted. Even Ziva it seemed he could never work it out totally with her...but now that he has Tali, it is the one person, more than Gibbs, more than even Ziva (mainly because Ziva could take care of herself), that he feels he MUST take care of. After thinking about it now for a while, it truly WAS the best way to go, given that Cote wasn't going to come back. IF she came back, I could see Tony reuniting with her when she tells him he is a father, but since that couldn't be done, this was the next best thing.

    My only issue is, maybe Weatherly feels like he is 'DONE' with the character, but EASILY could've seen a spinoff show where he is the lead of his own team, say in or around Israel, and play in once in a while with the original NCIS crew. since Weatherly is going to STILL be on CBS, still be on night time drama, it really could make sense to stay890YU

  • Tracy - 5 years ago

    I only gave it a B, because it should have been 2 hours. So much to do and it was rushed. No Ducky and Tony moment at all!

    I know MW has his new show commitments but I am also sure there was a lot of film left on the floor by TPTB.

    The bromance between Tim and Tony got five words?

    A very good send off given the time constraints but I wanted more.

  • Veronica - 5 years ago

    Honestly, this was my favorite show and Ziva was soo amazing. Happy , magical endings are the ONLY good endings. Completely ruined the ENTIRE show with this ending, and sadly it leaves me wishing I had never gotten soo hooked on it. Extremely disappointed .

  • Abbraxxas - 5 years ago

    Leaving for the daughter I never new I had ending. How many times in TV shows have we seen that one. The writers had a years notice that Michael Weatherly was leaving and this old standard was the best they could do?
    Frankly the writing has been lazy for the last couple of seasons, Tony was the best character that kept me coming back.
    Season 14? Well sometimes even the best athletes are slow to recognize when its time to retire. I would rather see the show go out on top that just slowly wind down. ( ER was a good example of a great show that didn't know when it was done). Maybe Weatherly saw the writing on the wall and got out.
    Best wishes Michael, look forward to seeing your next project.

  • sunny - 5 years ago

    i wanted him to go be with Ziva as my first choice, yet if she was to be gone i imagined them having a child. they loved each other and it sucks they can't be together yet their love created a beautiful child which will always hold them together. i liked the farewell family episode as his way of saying goodbye. i am glad they didn't have his last episode of him being killed.

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    After some many years of watching NCIS, Tony has become, somewhat of , a family member - truly all the cast has. Although there could have been "other" endings, this one should not have been a huge surprise to any dedicated fan.
    The illumination of Kort, via a barrage of bullets from everyone present was truly applauding - a proper, and perfect, ending for this character. It would not have been good to see Tony leave NCIS with this slug (Kort) running free across the country.
    I will miss Tony, but there was nothing that the show could do to this character that would surprise any of the fans. This said, I understand, fully, why Tony had to leave the bureau. Looking forward to seeing a cameo appearance in a future episode(s), with Tony and Tali, to see how things have evolved.
    Q: does Tony turn into his father???

  • Yolanda - 5 years ago

    I wish they wouldn't kill Ziva, and I wish Tony and Ziva would it keeps their relationship as very close friends. I always like it, when their were playing with their personal feeling but maintaining their professionalism at NCIA. I rather to make my own conclusions aftermath, than to be revealed by the writer. Other ending. Because, I love them both...Just my opinion.

  • JBW - 5 years ago

    I have read these comments and I am amazed that these folks call themselves fans. This episode was so well written and conceived that there really are no words to describe it. Having Cote return (and yes I wanted it that way also) would have been what everyone wanted. Killing (though who knows for sure) Ziva and having her live on in their daughter to me was pure genius. Michael Weatherly you have given us 13 amazing years and I hope that all your future projects are as will be sorely missed

  • JoAnn - 5 years ago

    Not happy with end. It was bad enough to say goodbye to Tony, but you had to kill off Ziva. I liked finding out Tony and Ziva had daughter (very cute), but would it have hurt to let Ziva live so Tony could join her. It would have taken the sting out of losing both of these beloved characters. Please let us hear that Tony found Ziva alive in Paris. Give us some hope. Pretty please.

  • Aharon - 5 years ago

    Awesome ending. Best line "I've never been anybody's everything before". Wonderful acting and writing.

  • Vikki - 5 years ago

    I enjoyed the episode but I think in light that TonyDiNozzo/ Michael Weatherly was a core member right from episode in Jag for NCIS and was there 13 I think CBS should have made it possible to be a 2 hr season finale to further close relationships for fans with Kate, with Jean, with Paula and even with Jenny. They were all integral parts of Michael's character growing.
    Instead I think it became making up to tribute not just Michael but Cote as well as the writers had so little time to put together a better farewell to her.
    I also think more reference between Gibbs and McGee's relationships with Tony could have had a bit more closure for the fans.

  • Nadine - 5 years ago

    I hung to the end with the hope Ziva would call and say she escaped but hid til she figured out who was after and they could have been reunited and lived happily ever after. We deserved that after having to survive Ziva leaving in the first place. All in all it had some really sweet moments and I think Tony has a bit of hope he may yet find Ziva

  • Randy - 5 years ago

    I stopped watching when they said Ziva died. I'm tired of all my favorite characters dying. Would it have killed the writers to have Ziva contact Tony with the news and have him leave to live with his wife and daughter? All the "killing off" has pretty much killed my interest in the show. It's not fun anymore.

  • Linda - 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me!! After 13 years, every single week, every single episode watching, loving, and living this show, you couldn't have Ziva make a 15 second appearance at the very end!!! Why?? 13 years should have allowed Tony and Ziva to finally have the opportunity, not only to share their lives together, but to share it with their daughter. How dare the writers do this to those of us who faithfully followed the series. Michael was totally amazing...he could not have been better, but the writers left one hell of a lot to be desired!!

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