Who Should Raise Douglas and Be His Father?

  • Stacy Fox - 5 years ago

    Caroline was raped if Thomas keeps pushing threaten him that he can spend awhile in prison then be on the sex offenders list.

  • Vicki - 5 years ago

    Make a miracle baby and let it be Ridges baby. Meanwhile Thomas falls in love with someone else and starts his own family.

  • Jo-ann Bailie - 5 years ago

    Thomas raped Caroline.

  • JB - 5 years ago

    Thomas took advantage of Caroline..she did not even know she had sex and Thomas knew she did not agree to sleeping with him..I will even suggest that that was especially...if he gets with Rick to get back at his father then it must come out the type of selfish monster Thomas is for taking advantage of his father's fiancé/wife..remember how Thomas was daydreaming and lusting about Caroline?he was only too happy get back at his father and bad mouth him because Caroline was with Ridge and loved Ridge... Somehow this baby can be Ridge's because Caroline advised her doctor that she had a period after the Thomas incident...they just assumed the baby is Thomas when Ridge told her he had a vasectomy ..remember Ridge' doctor turned out to be shady!!!

  • Toby - 5 years ago

    They both should raise the child together...with Thomas taking a back sit for awhile , until he can grow up.
    And for the love of God , please take Rick off the show and hirer a new Rick, this one has always been
    a sick and dumpy person. I stop watching the show because of him. Get a life, the money started out
    with Ridges grandparents. RICK NEEDS TO GROW UP!

  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    I think Ridge should raise his son because it is his son u have to remember Thomas had sex with Caroline when she was unconscious that's rape she doesn't even remember what happened he took advantage of her and Ridge is her husband an he loves Douglas as his own and who knows after the drama maybe the writers will come to their senses and it will turn out Ridge is Douglas biological father Caroline and Ridge r a power couple they should have some good news

  • Meri - 5 years ago

    Ridge is being a selfish bully. Thomas should have his son. Caroline needs to chill. Sleeping with Rick, then Ridge and Thomas. Father. Son. Brother. I mean enough is enough.

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