Do you like the new 90% local music format played on Radio 2000?

  • fanie - 2 years ago

    At least we have to support local talents but you should not not play all day coz we need some bit of mix of international music so we can learn from other talents/Thanks Im a big fan of RADIO2000. YOUR MUSIC,OUR MEMORIES.

  • lisa - 5 years ago

    50 50 ........wud be better maybe this radio used to be super with the Super Ballads it used to play but Now its average .......look before this nonsense its not like u played crapy International nonsense..........I miss Radio 2000

  • Sbongs - 5 years ago

    its nyc and I complimenting

  • The Guard - 5 years ago

    I like african music, so 90% is cool and even 100% african music will be fine

  • Phumudzo Bebwele - 5 years ago

    I'll believe that Radio 2000 is playing 90% RSA music when i hear Colbert Mukwevho or unpopular artists... the initiative should also be about introducing new artists that never get airplay on this specific station... i love the station but feel not represented as a Venda RSA citizen... Thanks!

  • Moshidi - 5 years ago

    It not bad.

  • Gobsy - 5 years ago

    Repitation of same songs everyday

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