Did the teacher do anything wrong?

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  • Hilda Zamora - 3 years ago

    Yes, very intense video but I think, he had enough of This Disrespectful Student. Sad that these youngsters today HAVE NO RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY, FOR TEACHERS/COACHES, FOR THE ELDERLY OR FOR OTHERS...These young kids should be ashamed of themselves and their parents too. I would be embarrassed if that was my son. How he thought he looked cool acting and talling like that. I do appreciate how most students backed up The Coach. Those are smart kids and may be The Future we looked forward toi. But as for the Unhonorable, disrespectful, spoiled children, makes me fear the future of my children. If my kids talked like that to their elders, I would slap their mouth. I dont care who you are, you dont speak like that to Teachers or Anyone who helps teach and prepare our children for life. Maybe parents to disrespectful children shpuld home school their own. I bet they'll see why teachers are frustrated. Then maybe they wont be defending the wrong person at hand. Terrible- this whole situation. But it opens my eyes to Teach My Children- YOU DONT DO THAT... YOU DONT DISRESPECT... HAVE SOME HONOR AND DIGNITY... ugh...kids these days

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