Should doctors’ competence be evaluated when they reach a certain age?

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Poll posted 3 years ago.


  • Edwin McCampbell - 3 years ago

    I know a lot of incompetent young physicians and a lot of very competent older physicians. Of course, the reverse is also sometimes true. I have been a physician for 48 years. I maintain my cme and licensing requirements and my specialty board status. I continue to win the highest five star ratings by my patients and by independent rating services, while many younger physicians do not. I read journals avidly. I am at the top of my game professionally. What additional testing should I have to endure? EMR? Our group's I.T. guy said I learned our system faster than any of the other physicians in our group. I can (and do) handle all the latest electronic devices. I have over 200 apps on my iPhone and use them with facility. I could easily retire, but my patients beg me not to. Besides, I still love what I do. But if they add another burden like some kind of age-based competency test, that just might push me into retirement. I shudder to think that my patients, who are used to me knowing them and caring about them, providing them with excellent. If I leave the profession, there is a good chance they may have to deal with a younger physician who spends 5 minutes with them, never really listens to them or gives them a chance to talk, and spends the entire encounter staring into his computer.

  • Kevin Sanders, M.D. - 3 years ago

    Why not , my competence is evaluated for other things I do that require a license like drive and fly . I think the defacto competency test will be the EMR . once you loose that ability to fix all the IT issues , you are done. Its not like the old doc rounding on the wrong pts with paper charts at the nurses station anymore

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