Grade the 'Blacklist' Season 3 finale:

  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    Why does The Blacklist have to end. It is such a great series it should keep going!

  • Sandra Hunter - 5 years ago

    Blacklist: Redemption sounds like a good name. Hopefully, we'll find out whose redemption? But as long as Tom is the main character, I'm in!

  • K. L. Owen - 5 years ago

    Bravo! Beautifully done. The audience inclusiveness of emotions and outcomes especially that of Elizabeth's death. The viewers become cast members in third party, we have knowledge the other characters do not which gives said viewers a sense of emotional value! We see foreshadowing the characters don't, as the above post noted Kate is that the creative beauty in subtle pokes to the viewers mind? It's so well done.
    As for the spin-off I am hoping the characters in a few episodes intertwine with the original Blacklist occasionally the plots intermingle.

    Title The Blacklist: Redemption I like fine , makes me think this may be in the actions of politicians repaying debt to Super PACs and buying offices and if it is based on political transparency or lack there of itll create alot of buzz. Citizens of America often yearn to know the conspiracy behind the curtain, even in fiction its exciting to wonder....
    These 1%ers influence on politicians that the spin-off is based around could open our eyes to the group or network that really runs this country.

    Title options: The Network, Interdependence , or The Blacklist Atonement, The Blacklist Restitutions

  • MeMyself - 5 years ago

    @maryliz - The show has already established that Mr. Kaplan is a lesbian, so I doubt that she is Liz's mother. As for the spinoff, it's hard to pick a name without knowing more about the direction it will take.

  • Diana - 5 years ago

    Love the show! Enjoyed the pilot, however I want Tom and Liz to stay together! Maybe they can still be a family unit somehow. For the name redemption; maybe Tom wants to prove himself a good man, like the FBI agents, for Liz and his daughter. He has done a lot of bad things. Maybe they will have a long distance relationship? Keep up the good work! I enjoy all the actors on the show!

  • Kathy - 5 years ago

    Hate spin offs... Stick with the original Blacklist... I won't watch... You guys all worked and fit so well together... Think about how many spin offs have failed...????☹️????

  • Damina - 5 years ago

    Maybe don't include "Blacklist" in the title at all? I'm thinking from what you were stating in the interview about the premise of the show (Spies behind the scenes influencing Governments, 1%-ters, etc...). The Redemption could be a possibility on its' own as I suspect that there is some tie with the evolving storyline and this particular word? Good luck with the spin-off and Blacklist season 4...I'm very much enjoying these stories!

  • Betsy - 5 years ago

    I absolutely adore this show,,,the storyline is superb as is the acting,,,I'm always wanting more at the end,,,,,I'm worried with a spinoff, as I want to see tom and Liz together,,,and having a spinoff seems to be separating them....I was sure Liz's death was faked,,,and sure it was not by Red,,in fact I had thought Kate was the one......and I also have always wondered if Kate is Liz 's mother....I mean Red and Kate have a relationship,that has never been explored, and I look forwRd to that,,,,,I guess once we know all the answers though there won't be much intrigue left....But..there is a long sorted past to Red....with many different characters we have yet to meet,,,,,I'm excited for the return of season four.!!!!!! Id like to see The Blacklist go back to Monday nites following The Voice,,,,,,I beleive there'd be much larger viewership

  • greta - 5 years ago

    I was hoping that Liz was really dead.

  • Sally B - 5 years ago

    I am looking forward to the new show whatever you call it. just make sure it is on a different night, too much to take in to have them back to back... for me anyway... I think it is interesting to be addressing real life current events as Blacklist does.....I have never missed one episode ! Keep up the great work Mr. Bokenkamp

  • lenard hobbs - 5 years ago

    awesome twist to a great show, the writing and acting are superb, can't wait for season 4 and the spinoff as well. I hope kaplan lives

  • Eileen Reed - 5 years ago

    I thought Red was behind Liz's faked death. I was surprised Red did not know. I think Kaplan is Liz's mother. Perhaps Red is actually the father. Not sure about the Redemption name. I guess the writers will have to show us why they picked that name. Blacklist is my favorite series.

  • maryliz - 5 years ago

    Did no one catch that Red kept calling Mr.Kaplan KATE? Wasn't Liz's mother"s name Katarina? Like in Kate? Just saying...

  • Priscilla - 5 years ago

    I knew Kaplan had her hand on this! She has been cleaning up Red's mess for a long time, and when she told t
    Hi. That she needed to ow the truth - still shocked at the ending. Thought they would reveal Liz was alive in season 4 Who's ready for that to begin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B. Anderson - 5 years ago

    By the way the show had been written in the past, i had always suspected Liz was still alive but thought Redington was behind it and it was his way of keeping her safe. But i was pleasently surprized.

  • Ellen d - 5 years ago

    I thought the writers did an excellent job of writing the shows after Liz's death. I have enjoyed the new roles that have been written for Tom and I honestly thought that the show could of survived without Megan as the story line was that good and all the characters were relating to each other exceptionally.
    Looking forward to more Blacklist and the new spin off as well.
    My best to all the actors for a job well done
    Best regards

  • E Geitz - 5 years ago

    Superb season finale. I guessed it and am thrilled! I'm an Episcopal priest and am not sure about the subtitle redemption. What needs to be redeemed? Who needs to be redeemed? With all the killing on the show, I guess technically that would be everyone. But this is Toms spinoff. For what does Tom need to be redeemed? For lying to Liz and faking his first marriage to her? I don't think that's it. Not sure where this subtitle is leading or I'df it fits the series. BUT I am all for redemption in whatever form it takes.m

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