Do you think all Metro Vancouver bridges should be tolled?
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  • Steve Peacock - 3 years ago

    Vehicle drivers are already paying high taxes for driving a vehicle. The majority of the taxes collected does not go to roads and bridges. It goes to general revenue. To ask the vehicle driver to now pay a new tax for roads and bridges is punitive and completely unfair. Everyone benefits from roads, bridges and transit. Redirect funds drivers are paying in gas taxes back to the original intension of building and maintaining roads and bridges. Instead of making this a fight between public transit and driving your personal vehicle take a different approach. Build great transit and people will use it. Choice causes change. Transit needs to be funded through the property tax. The better the transit in your area, the higher the tax. At the end of the day we need both larger roads/bridges and a major investment in transit. Shrinking the size and cost of running governments at all levels would free up tax revenues for many projects. Tell your politicians to look at themselves for spending accountability before asking us taxpayers for more money.

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