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  • CC671 - 4 years ago

    Just curious where are all these gifts that are being presented/given to our Governor going to?

    I hoping it would be displayed at our new museum in Agana for all to see and not at a private collections....hmmmm

  • Alvaro Bo - 4 years ago

    I hope the rest of FestPac goes smoothly, I really do. This is Guam's chance to shine in the sun, but at least provide free water to people if you're going to have them stand in the sun for eight hours! Ay Adai!!

  • Koko - 4 years ago

    Please have another one be the MC. Whoever thought of that guy to be it is a jokester. What a joke. I'm hard of hearing but I can hear him yelling out

  • Asanrules - 4 years ago

    Popeye and Lisa Meno, I'm glad you can sit and complain be cause it is your RIGHT. But I think you may have slipped and fell under a latte stone or been sleeping. I am a physiclly challenged person who wanted to give something to our hospitality. Just to let you know on May 29th Sunday all villiages will be hosting one or 2 of the islands who are participating in FESTPAC. I for one am helping cook for the lucheon for French Polenesia and Samoa as Asan/Maina Community is welcoming them into our village. I am spending my own money and cooking. Oh by the way you are invited at 10 AM Please come and enjoy. BIBA FESTPAC

  • Jo - 4 years ago

    Put the negativity aside and let's move forward. This is not the time for finger pointing. When all of theses festivities are done, they will not say, the governor,committee or Ramsey did not do a great job,or did a great job, its all about Guam. Let's do it all for Guam.

  • Biba Guahana - 4 years ago

    As a visitor to this beautiful island for only a few short months; Thank you to the hospitality of the Chamorro people, and the incredible opportunity to see and learn from so many pacific island nations. Seeing the many nations traditional dances has been nothing short of incredible. I attended the entirety of the opening ceremony, and didn't dare go get food or water for fear of missing something. Could there have been some planning that made it easier to get water or food during the ceremony, sure. Having organized well smaller events myself I know how difficult it is to get every single detail correct and how easy it is to overlook even a small detail. I hope that the organizing committee does not take every mistake to heart and can rest easy knowing the opportunity they are providing to not just the people of Guam, but also the many visitors to learn about the many participants. Don't get bogged down in the petty politics that comes with events like this; thank you for the chance to witness a once in a lifetime celebration!

  • Jade camu - 4 years ago

    Viva festpac!!

  • Jade Rivera - 4 years ago

    Nita Rosario Really? Isnt there something nice you can say. I am not the biggest fan of San Nicolas, but let's be honest here. Who else other than BJ Cruz or Judy Won Pat have actually stood up to questionable politics? Also, most of the FestPac funding came from GVB, and what San Nicolas opposed was the additional funding asked in April to pay for OT. I think the community was asking why a $3M project suddenly amounted to over $13M, and where the publics money was going. I am sure you are aware of the number of self serving contracts that were issued during this period, but where were these other senators you will be endorsing at during this period? They were silent. Mike San Nicolas spoke out, and if there were more like him in the legislature, then the people's money would have been spent on necessities and not in padded government contracts for the committees friends and families. So going back to what you were saying earlier, if you cant say anything nice, then its best not to say anything.

  • Nita Rosario - 4 years ago

    Shame on Sen. San Nicholas for attacking so many hard working members on the FESPAC Committee. You voted against funding for this event and now you want to try to bring us down. Hell NO. We will succeed without you loser. Just stay home San Nicholas and keep your mouth shut.

  • Tropical Breeze - 4 years ago

    Helen Gudall "Please don't blame the people of Guam in general ! Direct your comments to the FestPac planning committee. There were people of Guam who took initiative to go purchase water with their own money and provide water to the delegates and there were also people of Guam who made donations.

    And to all the "Armchair Quarterbacks"
    It's always interesting to me how folks who are not in the job of whatever the job may be, i.e. governor, festpac committee, head coach, etc... always have so much to say about how things are being done or was done. Do you think you would've prevented this situation if you were in the position ?
    We are humans and we learn from our mistakes !

    This was only smoking embers and it was extinguished before it became a huge fire.
    Stop trying to reignite the embers !

  • Al - 4 years ago

    The opening ceremony made me proud to be a pacific islander, however the fact that the delegates had to wait for hours without having access to free water was just wrong. The most basic and most important was overlooked. The planning committee dropped the ball on this one. An apology from our governor should be forthcoming.

  • Helen Gudall - 4 years ago

    I'm so disappointed in the people of Guam. As a visitor and grandparent of three, I'm so fortunate to be here at this most memorable time of my grand babies lives. I just love how rare an opportunity this FestPac is however the worst part of all of this is how nasty and bitter some locals are being towards those who are working hard to organize it all. They're so very mean, resentful, and poor minded in the bigger picture of it all. Sadly, there's nothing so ugly than the hearts of those who would only try to highlight the worst in others attempts at brining joy and happiness to as many as possible. Please stop all the bickering, back biting, and dissent. You're all better than this as I've been told before. Find it in yourselves to be the gracious and loving family and hosts that you're all supposed to be and come together as you have in the hardest and worst of times. Like the times of typhoons and world war you all went through. Your children and grandchildren are watching what you're doing to see if it lines up with what you're saying, good or bad.

  • LongFellow - 4 years ago

    FESTPAC= Facade Everybody Sees Through Politics And Corruption

  • Popeye - 4 years ago

    Thank you Lisa Meno.I totally 100% agree with you.this FEST PAC is messed up!!!.nothing well organized.lack of everything and also big waste of time...hopefully, next time two to three days will be good not two weeks!!!.O.M.G!!!

  • Sorry - 4 years ago

    Come on fire chief can you stop sucking on the Gov. Bags we know that he helped put you in the position your in. LOL just be 100% and you might have a chance when you run for senator. LOL

  • Lisa Meno - 4 years ago

    Guam is known for its hospitality in feeding people during fiestas. Why isn't the committee hosting fiestas for the delegates? So much money was given to host festpac! Why aren't you feeding these people!! Every govguam agency should sponsor a chamorro style fiesta for each country! This wasn't well organized. I have heard complaints of the heat and lack of food and drink. Who ever is in charge isn't even providing our guests dinner! How shameful. Shame on you Guam. Use the money for the delegates, not pocket it corrupt officials

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