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Posted 3 years.


  • Tiana - 1 year ago

    I dnt understand why the would make it so God was dying..didn't like tht at all

  • Jennifer Williams - 2 years ago

    Bring life back don't use dead people use life see if people are car ring bring law in to stop corruption of demons to open gates of heaven Lucifer got to be free he hired and was betrayed by Dr moon the vanpier guy was en out for oratory I would love to write a script for you Sam be I g deceive by wicked family of peace need to get them out of Babylon stone he with false p rofiets witch craft and demons of anti Christ help need not safe see its a good ending love to write one for you

  • Dawn Tomastik - 2 years ago

    I wondered how they were going to manage the ending of this one and I like the ending chosen .. Although it seems hard to imagine what season 12 could start with after this topper!
    I find it amazing that after so many seasons the writers can still come up with interesting and fun, as well as progressive plots, to watch. And even with all the twists and turns one can still follow it well. (Since they are so good at resurrecting I miss Charlie so much I wish they would resurrect her). PS I still watch the reruns every morning on TNT :)

  • Sierra - 2 years ago

    I wish I knew what happened with Sam

  • Tristan - 3 years ago

    This may sound biased. But, you know what? I mean it. Season 11 is the best out of ALL of them. Y'all gotta know how much I'm into higher-beings such as God and/or The Darkness.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    I don't know why I'm always impressed by the acting on Supernatural. I should expect it by now.

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